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[VIC] BIG W Broadmeadows and Box Hill Closing down - 50% off Storewide


Big W Broadmeadows is closing down. 50% off storewide. Started today apparently.

I haven't checked yet but I would say there's no chance gift cards are included in this.

Happy Shopping.

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    Any PS5s in stock? :P

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      I wish. First thing we checked

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    Went another bigw closing down sell last year.
    Way better than box day deals, a lot of items were more than 50% off.

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      I'd assume they would start at 50% and then gradually go up from there. The problem is that everything good get taken before the discount gets too high.

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    Big W closing down in Broadmeadows. Broadmeadows giving Big W the cold shoulder, who would ever have thought.

  • Any Lego?

    It's a long way to go for me, but I'm tempted.

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      Lego is on sale. We have some in our cart.

      • What Lego ?

        Was there much in other toys there ?

  • TVs and electronics?

    • Yes, storewide. They don't have the greatest selection of tv brands though so take that unit consideration.

    • No TVs left. All consoles sold out, plenty of ps4 games on the shelves. Some stock left for small kitchen appliances. Books and CDs appear untouched, as does the confectionary section.

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    Big w box hill closing mid January if anyone prefers to wait

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      Please let us know if they're stuff on sale

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        I went to box hill big W last week, most of the shelving has already been dismantled, there isn't much left

        • i went there a few days ago and it looked normal to me

    • Got any more info on this? Do you know where I could confirm a more firm date, closer to?

      • It’s around 15 jan from memory

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    I’m here now. It’s crazy busy. Minimum 50% off.
    I just found Jurassic park entire series on Blu ray for $2 (save $68)

    Lego area has been thrashed - although some stuff still left.

    • -1

      Can you still get a car park easily and push a trolley around, or is it at complete insane level? Been considering the merits of the drive for a couple of hours or so and it is not productive!

      • +1

        Yeh I got a car park in 20 seconds. Yeh it’s not crazy crazy busy, but it’s definitely busy. At least right now, you’ll easily push a cart around.
        The wait time though for the registers is easily 15-25 minutes minimum

        Edit: I wouldn’t bother driving a few hours for this though unless you are content with potentially walking out with nothing.

  • Just got here also. Got lucky with carpark but queue is long to get in. Oh well I'm here now.

  • Pretty good stuff. BOTW fire emblem $35 each Xenoblade and tmsfe 20 each and ff7 $15

  • Any coffee machines?

    • Saw few left 2 hrs ago

  • Saw a guy snag most of the wd passports, Fitbit and point n click cameras

    • +2

      Probably the same guy who took around 7-8 wd passports, 5-6 Navman and yea camera's as well.

      Absolute nightmare there today. But yeah did score a bargain or two.

      • Yeah, i asked him to leave me a hdd to which he gladly agreed. He ended up spending over 1k on tech only

  • Got the nespresso vertuo plus for $100, breville Silhouette flatbed microwave for $95, russell hobbs steam power for $55 and cygnett mag mount for $10.

    Not bad!

  • +1

    We're all for bargains, but some people are mad. A lady told me she spent 1.75 hours in the queue this morning, only to come back in the evening to fill up another trolley full of stuff. Honestly, just rubbish. From the tool section, she literally had one of every tool. As well as nappies, containers, completely useless stuff that IS the price she paid for at Kmart or Bunnings all the time.

    We got a couple of handy things. Thanks!

    • +1

      Probably to hock on Facebook marketplace

      • Or Scumtree

  • +1

    Major items I managed to get ( 1 each)
    UE Megaboom 3 for $149 (still had 2-3 left when i left)
    WD Passport 4 TB 104.50 ( last piece because I asked the guy to leave one for me who was buying all of them)
    Instax SQ6 Taylor Swift Edition $75
    And other smaller items

  • Thank you for this post!

    We grabbed LEGO, board games, Nintendo switch games and some camping gear.

  • Wonder if there is anything decent left now

  • Just left the Box Hill closing down sale. Most popular departments such as electronics, toys and homewares gone. Limited clothing and footwear left. Still quite a lot of movies, video games, pets, office supplies, books and food left. Brought about $190 worth of stuff and only paid $95.

    • They are going to restock for me tomorrow :)

      I wish .

    • How about fishing stuff?

      • +1

        Couldn’t see any fishing gear while I was there.

  • Not sure if mentioned above but gift cards won't be part of it (of course). For some reason birthday cards, wrapping etc also aren't included.

  • Just left Broadmeadows. There’s a few ps4 and Xbox one games left. Plenty of dvds, blu rays and box sets. No LEGO sets left, there’s a few beanie babies. Most wool is gone but still enough that it might be worth checking. Dmc floss 310, Blanc, and b5200 all sold out but plenty of others for $0.50/skein.

  • +1

    Left Box Hill tonight. Almost everything interesting is gone. It is very bare. The tech / electronics section has been cleaned out, except for dvds and a few games. There are still books and some beauty products but there is not much there. No men's clothes left to speak of. No lego of course. I got a few face washes etc, nothing too much. I wish I had have known earlier.

    • -1

      Box Hill already started their closing down??

      = ( Seems like I missed it.

  • hello from Dupe,
    should've merged

    • Lol. TA would be mortified for not picking up the dupe.

  • Merged from [VIC] 50% off PS4 & XBOX Games @ Big W (Broadmeadows)
    Go to Deal

    I know there was a post about the store closing down a few days ago. Plenty of games still in stock. Note that you're going to pay 50% of the current Big W price for the games.

    Some notable bargains:

    Doom Eternal (PS4/Xbox One): $19.50
    Dirt 5 (Xbox One / Series X): $29.50
    Star Wars Squadrons (PS4 / Xbox One): $14.50
    Fifa 21 (PS4 / Xbox One): $19.50

    • Hey OP how much stuff is left? i went on boxing day and allot of the good stuff was gone

      • For the games I mentioned there was some stock. There must have been some 20 copies of Doom between the two platforms, 15 of Star Wars Squadrons, maybe 6 or 7 for Dirt 5 and 10 for Fifa.

        • -1

          how about as a generalisation?

    • Pics

      • Next time

        • next time it closes down…

  • +1

    Box Hill Prices here

    Sackboy $49
    Cyperpunk 2077 $49
    Watch Dogs 2 $34

    (PS4 and Xbox both in stock 10 mins ago)

  • Broadmeadows is all but done now. I did manage to buy the kids some nail varnish sets for 69c. They now have 75% off any remaining stock and DVDs are $1.

  • Does anyone know if Box Hill is now doing 75% off? Might be worth another visit if they are.

  • Picked up from broadmeadows yesterday

    Good boys blu-ray $1
    It chapter 2 blu-ray $1
    Zombieland 2 blu-ray $1
    We can be heroes dvd set $1
    Ps4 Pga tour 2k21 $5
    Ps4 Doom eternal $5
    Ps4 Lego batman 3 $5
    Ps4 VR worlds $1.25
    Ps4 Crash 4 it's about time $5

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