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Kaspersky Premium Total Security 3 Device 2 Year License Key 2020 $19.90 @ DeviceDeal


I was looking for a Multi-device family security for my devices, and just found a better value 2 years deal than these 1 year deals posted before here and here.

Multi-device family security – with antivirus, anti-ransomware, webcam security, password manager, VPN and 87 more technologies – all in one license

  • Blocks viruses, cryptolockers & other threats
  • Protects payments, with bank-grade encryption†
  • Secures passwords & images of personal documents
  • Encrypts data you send & receive online – VPN**
  • Stops webcam spies watching you in your home*
  • Helps guard kids – advanced parental controls

† PC and Mac only
** VPN service protects up to 200MB of data traffic per device, per day

Activate within one year.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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      As far as I know the incident you mentioned was in 2017. Kaspersky has recently moved several of its key operations, servers and facilities out of Russia. Its legal teams, production teams, operation, and servers are now located in Turkey, the U.S. and in Britain, where they are subject to third-party inspections and the governing laws of those countries. There haven't been any accusations or reports of foul play since this move. Additionally, Kaspersky's lab continues to be one of the best organizations for detecting new malware threats, especially emerging ransomware files, alerting government agencies and business of these threats, and creating anti-malware measures to implement in antivirus software programs.

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    Yep you should only trust "democratic" western companies, eg Cambridge Analytica or Palantir.

    High quality AV. Far safer, is more trustworthy, and has vastly more integrity than say a Trump administration for example.

    SaveOnIT has similar deals fairly on a regular basis

    • -2 votes

      A good point, but if Trump wouldn't leave the underpants under your Christmas tree this year, which other foreign leader would be the next most likely? Facebook using your data to sell you stuff you probably already want probably isn't the same as murder, cyber-crime and espionage. I know there is a little more to it than that, but its not exactly the same. At least in Western democracies, stuff like this gets exposed and is generally dealt with if it breaks the law or prevailing moral opinion. The big tech companies have been fined billions and have had to attend all sorts of Senate enquiries etc. Just watch when Facebook's share price has been cut in half when this stuff has been exposed. They keep getting threatened by government to have much of their business squashed and broken up if they don't yield to concepts derived from public opinion. The journalists that wrote about this in the US did not go missing and there were no executions and secret trials that you found about 2 years later. Can't believe that we've got to the stage now where you have so many anti-vax, anti-5G, flat earth people espousing the virtues of communist dictatorships over Western democracies now. Try living in these places and exercising your freedoms of speech - you'd either disappear or be sent for re-education and torture. Trump and the US are our allies - they're not secretly seeking to take control of our institutions like universities to brainwash our youth, and they're not paying off scum bag, disgraced politicians under the table like Sam Dastyari to further their interests. China is trying to buy us like they have bought off much of Africa. Some Chinese developers have somehow agreed to take control of some beaches in Queensland now with the help of the state government there and they're trying to have people evicted from neighbouring properties by the imposition of rules that they set themselves while we're distracted and obsessed on things like Trump's hair. "Integrity" aside, how has the Trump regime negatively impacted your freedom and security? Nothing is perfect but I'd much prefer the lesser of the 2 evils. I know he's got his detractors but comparing Trump to Putin is an absolute joke. At least one had the legitimacy of being democratically elected and then removed after only one fairly uneventful term, punctuated by some pretty good economic growth. I mean there have been far worse scandals, wars etc to talk about during other presidencies, rather than the internal wranglings that went on between individuals in his administration. I mean, he never put poison in sleepy Joe's undies. You can also not disprove that Covid-19 was a biological agent that escaped from a facility working on it in Wuhan. There were a few arrests of people connected to providing assistance to this program at US Universities who were either members of the Chinese army or US Citizens bought by China, but it has all been largely hushed up. I'm just saying that it might be risky typing stuff like this using software that could have a back door to a hostile regime, but I guess for most average people this isn't such a big deal if they feel they're beyond reach and don't have much to hide.

      • -1 vote

        So after all those words what you're saying is that democratic nations are generally somewhat better/more transparent than those run by despots. Incredible insight. I agree. Home grown despots and corruption are much more palatable. There are many powerful and dangerous "regimes" across the globe which you seem unaware of or are happy to turn a blind eye to. Brainwashers like News Corp for example.

        Sam Dastayari was foolish and got what he deserved imo, but his slate is clean compared to plenty of federal and state conservative politicians - which is why the fed cons won't countenance a federal ICAC which can investigate past (but contemporary) corruption. Even when they're caught with their pants down (ever heard of the McKenzie, Berejiklian grants rorts where taxpayer funds were used as though they belonged to the party?) they know they're safe, such is the hypocrisy and lack of integrity of modern politicians.

        In this country we often slag off the corruption in Indonesia yet "we" have a fabulous record in that business. The AWB, the RBA, the federal govt spying on East Timor on behalf of big petroleum being just a small sample. Time to open your eyes and mind to what goes in your own country.

        Addendum: btw who (govt and Minister's names please) established the FTA with China and leased to it the Port of Darwin against the advice of Aus intelligence agencies?