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[VIC] Pinnacle Heavy Duty Compact Workbench $99 @ Bunnings Box Hill


Pinnacle Heavy Duty Compact Workbench has been reduced to $99 (Original $229) at Bunnings Box Hill VIC

300kg weight rating for benchtop on box
Bunnings item code 0197753
12 remaining at 17:44pm

Located on the left hand side when entering store from the main entrance; continue walking towards nursery and you should see it on your left hand side about 2/3 down before reaching Nursery entrance door

Merry Xmas

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    Love the spelling error on that picture.. "pegobard"

    Anyway, can the "pegboard" be removed at all? That would interfere with the rails on my mitre saw.

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      This workbench isn’t listed on the Bunnings site.

      But the smaller version’s product assembly sheet shows you screw the pegboard onto the bench.

      Hope this helps.

  • Looks Like the one i bought from aldi a few years back. I installed some Coaster's on the as well as another shelf underneath. It was $149?

  • I have one, very sturdy. They have been on clearance for 2 months ish. I paid $150 :(
    They also have an almost identical model too which is a light-weight version.

  • Will check out in the morning.

  • Would anyone be kind enough to help me get one if they are too? :D

  • A few years ago I didn't think I'd ever be saying this myself, but if you're after something that is actually sturdy for "mechanical work" like sawing, sanding, etc. then better off and building your own workbench (I followed Steve Ramsey's basic BMW design). You have to be bothered though ofcourse lol.

    I have what I think is the alternate or previous version of this which had 2 shelf levels and cupboard instead and it is a good general work top though. Just not great for a lot of actual heavy duty jobs.

  • had trouble finding it but managed to find this one instead online.

    For 10 bucks more you get a wood bottom too.


    • Looks similar. The one you’ve shown is 180kg capacity. OP’s one is heavy duty 300kg capacity.

  • Thanks OP
    Picked up two this morning for the new shed. 9 left at at 1000 hrs now down at the front of the store to the left slightly hidden.

  • Thanks, got one, around 6 left at 11:30am this morning. Took me a while to find it as it was in the front of the store towards the counters, not in the storage section. Scanned at $120 for me but the rep changed it to $99

  • +1

    OP you just saved me!!!

    I just called around 5 stores trying to find the sku to those Montgomery 4 tier shelves in the background!

    They're by far the best shelves so thank you!

  • @Combo64 How would you compare it against Rack It or Pinnacle heavy duty?

    • The rack it are extremely durable and hold more weight. I just want good quality storage for my garage and they're good quality.

      This will be the 3rd set I've bought but these are a promo item. I know the Bunnings nearest to me has sold out

  • Thanks OP, picked up one in Gungahlin ACT (got the usual "we don't price match other Bunnings Stores" from one of the guys though), but thankfully, managed to head home with one of these. Going straight into duty as a 3D Printer work stand.