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LIFX B22 MINI Day & Dusk Twin Pack (Smart Light Bulbs) $13 @ Bunnings Warehouse (In Store Only)


$6.5 per globe. It could be the cheapest homekit compatible smart light globe I can find in Australia (and even cheaper than any kinds of smart light globes?)
I bought two packs for myself. one from Rydalmere, NSW (3 leave after I bought). one from Lidcombe (1 leave after I bought). The picture I took was from Gladesville. so I suppose this price is for NSW wide or maybe for nationwide. but some shops may still mark it at a $25 price tag.

Lifx globe supports Homekit, Google Assistant, Amazon alexa, Microsoft cortana, IFTTT etc.and not bridge needed.

I only used it for homekit. it's super easy to link without using the Lifx app. One inconvenience is. apple home app can't save color temperature after edit. you need to install the Lifx app just to update its firmware.color temperature should be solved after firmware update.

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Bunnings Warehouse

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  • Have you seen any with the E27 screw?

  • can i pair it with a hue dimmer switch without using a bridge?

  • Amazing price. Generally $35 each for just one bulb

    • It says was $25 per twin pack.
      Edit: yes other sellers show as $35 ea.

      The twin pack is not on clearance at the burnings near me and is $25

      • You can try to show them my picture to match the price. I did the same at Libcombe, NSW. Even they can't match it, $25 for 2 homekit bults. still a good price.

  • I liked this that it dims. But really annoyed when google shits out and I can't turn off my light anymore.

  • Why are they so cheap now?

    • Bunnings do random clearance prices I guess

      • Ahh ok thought LIFX were being discontinued

        • According to my local Bunnings, some LifX line items are deleted/discontinued.

          Be aware that if you find the box on the shelf, it doesn't mean they have them stock.

    • Pretty sure Bunnings is discontinuing LIFX in favour of the cheaper brands.
      I picked up the LIFX+ floodlight bulbs for $25 each a couple of weeks ago.

  • Still $25 at Caloundra

  • Great deal. Just bought 3 for $40 on FB marketplace which I thought was quite good

  • Wish they had a similar sale on the colour bulbs!

  • Bunnings have completely random clearance pricing across stores so this is hit and miss.

    Last week I saw the Hue tap click for $15 with no stock. Store said another store 20 mins away had stock. Drove there to find $29 each and flat out refusal to match the other store.

    Been to 4 different Bunnings last week. Every store having heaps of cards for the Hue Calla Pedestal going for $40-79. No stock in either but they continue to have the cards on shelves and keep putting yellow clearance tickets.

    Have given up on Bunnings deals.

  • I emailed the CEO of $BUD (Owner of LIFX) and he told me that Bunnings is clearing out stock of the old packaging models in preparation to stock the new packaging due in the new year as they don’t want to mix and match.

    New packaging can be seen on an ASX announcement from a couple of months ago and looks really good!

  • Also have LIFX+ in BR30 and A19 for $35 and $32

  • No stock what so ever

  • Why did you go to two different stores to only pick up "one" each?

    Wouldn't it have been easier to pick up two from one store…. Unless you bought 5 each (not judging, I would've too…)

    • I bought two different days. yes. I was thinking to take all of the stock but thought that I needed to leave some on the stock to allow me to submit a deal to ozbargain :-) .

  • Where to find a lamp that uses B22?