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Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 $619 Delivered @ Scoot City


Update: Looks like code "scootcity30off" value dropped to from $30 to $5

You can still get $30 off via newsletter - Subscribe to our newsletter and get $30 off!

This is back and even cheaper than previous post for $630. Thanks to Mypally
Enjoy :)

Take the Journey further
Sleek and elegant, portable and safe
High quality batteries guarantee a riding distance up to 45km
Skid-resistant and shock-absorbing pneumatic tires

Also, this one still available [Back order] Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max $669 Delivered

Here Summary of Electric Scooter Laws in Australia by State (Thanks skido2)

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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  • +2

    Is it Aus stock or grey import?

    • Looks like Aus stock.

  • +3

    We proved Free shipping anywhere in Australia.

    I want to see the evidence……!

  • +3

    Scoot city might be trolling. Lol.
    Wonder if those who ordered the ninebot Max will be shipped.
    No indication of dispatch/ shipment date after payment.

  • These guys have decent reputation? I’m tempted…

    • I had this question too, they're apparently based in Sydney In Alexandria.

  • +4

    Too bad not legal in Sydney. I know people do it anyway but still

    • +1

      Yeah all fun and games until you run into a Copper having a bad day lol

  • I have rode this scooter before. It's so fun and torquey. Definitely can recommend

    • Torquey, huh?

      • Turkey, upgraded

  • +3

    Coupon is taking $5 off for me

  • -1

    Dammmm I purchased mine at scootcity right before Chirstmas at $849… Can I buy a new one at this price and return my old one. I wish I didn't see this, can't sleep well now..

    • +2

      thinking about jb 699 with gift card(15%-19%), end up being 594.15 (15% off) or 566.19 (19% off).
      i saw both at jb today, feels like the weight of xiaomi is acceptable, however segway is too heavy to my preference.

      • What gift card is that?

      • Do the price match first and then use the gift cards. You can try online/instore

      • Which GC?

        • Exactly, what and which gift card can get us further 15-19% off??

    • Sleeping pills are cheaper though

    • Scootcity asking for 30% restocking fee and pay for postage fee both ways. Their refund policy is so 10 years ago.

    • Buy same one - but return new one with previous receipt.

  • :3

  • +2

    this is now $644, somehow the coupon only get $5 off, not $30. Still the best price available on the entire internet thought. Tempting to buy one more.

    • Just sign up to their newsletter and get $30 voucher

      • signed up didnt receive the voucher :(

    • +1

      Same here, only $5 off…(((

  • Are these Okay for riding of road, like mostly smooth but grass parks, paddocks.

    • Interested to know this too

    • If it's a well walked track and not to soft it should be ok, but do not expect a whole heap of life out of it.

      If it's grass like a back yard, it will work but not very well. I would be worried about overloading the motor as it would be working very hard.

    • Unfortunately there is no suspension on the M365's, it's a pretty simple design well suited to paths. Mine feels bumpy on even flattened grass.

      • You can put aftermarket suspension on the front and rear

        But yeah fair enough about the grass and off road, maybe I'm better off with something that has a larger wheel like a EUC for off road

  • Does anybody know how many KWs will it require for a full charge from 0-100%?

    Just want to understand how much it will cost me to run given I pay 0.25c/KW here in WA.

    • +6

      474Wh battery
      =0.474 kWh/0.90*0.25c/kWh (~90% charge efficiency)
      ~ $0.13 per full charge.

      quick meth.

      • Thanks mate

  • This or ninebot Max?

    • I bought this because of its weight. Ofc none of had bigger battery so longer distance but heavier. That's my 2 cents. I'm no expert with scooters.

  • I bought https://www.harrisscarfe.com.au/Categories/Seasonal/Back-to-... for $350 + $30 to $50 delivery (have to arrange air tasker).

    • Features: 36V 7.8Ah Folding Electric Scooter, smartphone app, 350W
    motor power, aluminium alloy frame withadjustable handlebar height, LCD
    colour dashboard, LED headlights, anti-skid solid tyre, tyre shock
    absorption, dual brake system includingelectronic and rear brake,
    climbing range up to 20°, cruise control setting, IP65 waterproof
    rating, zero + non-zero start, automatic shutdown, lock scooter with
    app, 3-speed safety maximum speed limitsetting, foldable and portable
    for easy transport, throttle system, kickstand, horn ‘beep’ button

    • Battery: 36V 7.8Ah
    • Charge Time: 4 hours
    • Maximum Ride Distance: 30 kilometres *Distance varies based on riders
    weight and speed.
    • 3-speed Safety Levels.
    • Maximum Speed: 30km/h
    • Maximum Weight Capacity: 120kg
    • Ages: 16+
    • Colour: Black
    • Measurements Unfolded: 101 x 43 x 113cm
    • Measurements Folded: 92 x 20 x 34cm
    • Weight: 12kgs

    Model Number: ES40

    Does anyone know how they compare?

    • +5

      No. Just no. Get the xiaomi or the ninebot. Not that ….. thing…. from HS

    • It can't be too bad if it's normally $800 or $700 at catch?

      • I also bought it based on the fact my uncle had bought it earlier. He has ridden it a few times and think it's good enough to recommend to his friend.

    • +1

      I think this brand is nowhere near a brand like Segway, xiaomi, mearth, kaaboo. These are the mainstream brand in Australia. I think you can easily tell by just looking at the photos, built quality.

  • +1

    Does anyone know the weight limit of the rider?

    So hard finding a good scooter for myself. I'm 6"4 and 110kg. If I was to use this for commute to work with bag plus water id come in closer to 120kg and most escooters are 99kg. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • 120kg is fine. Only thing you want to check is if the handlebars are high enough for you. You don’t want to be slouching when riding.

    • @predj - Ditch the water and drink when you get to work. I doubt a few kg of water would make a difference.

    • With your weight, you need something with strong motors. Try dualtron, zero 11, kaboo warrior 11 or similar for better riding experience

  • Have they improved the folding mechanism in this one?

  • Can we buy tube less tyres for these

  • +2

    Always want to get one of these handy e-scooters . Being not legal in VIC/NSW is really annoying! Retailers like JB can still legally sell them as they can be used off-road at farms and backyards, but no one bought them for that purpose. Saw people riding these everywhere even in the CBD busiest areas. Just wondering has anyone been stopped / fined ever? When they are gonna amend the regulations in these states?

    • +2

      They have, and they probably won't. Heaven forbid we get a progressive government not run by people closer to retirement age than most of us.

  • Surely the Ninebot Max is a better choice? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/593211

    • +1

      Yes it is.. if weight is not the concern.

      • Ideally I'd like a scooter with decent shock absorption and disc brakes, but hey…

        • Disc brake is not better in this case.

        • A true oz-bargainer only brakes with heavy regen :D

    • The problem is that the max is on back order and I can’t really see exactly what that means or when you would reasonably expect to receive it.

  • looks like a good deal

  • +1

    Expired? Cant get $619 anymore

  • Don't forget to open your paypal case.

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