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[Back order] Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max $669 Delivered @ Scoot City


This is my first post -

Great price for a Segway-Ninebot KickScooter Max with free delivery.

Use coupon code scootcity30off in the cart. Credit to doweyy.

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    Seems to be $620 using the coupon "scootcity30off" :)

    • I just used that voucher, thanks!

    • where do you add it? couldnt see it.

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        Just under the "Proceed to Checkout" button in the cart.

        • it is an unusual spot but i got it. thank you.

  • great deal OP

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    Dammit just recently bought this for $799 from JB thinking it was a bargain.

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    I'd buy one but Victorian laws suck

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      so many people ride around the cbd.

      • I've noticed a real uptick of them around Perth too, not just in the city.

      • Last weekend I was on a group ride that went through the CBD and we passed several cops. There were scooters, esk8s, onewheel, EUC. No trouble at all. I pass cops pretty often around home. There are reports that highway patrol will give out fines if they feel like it, so avoid them and you should be fine.

    • Any pointers to the laws?

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        Summary of Electric Scooter Laws in Australia by State

        State Legal? Rules/Notes
        Queensland Yes Riders should wear helmets. Children under 12 cannot ride, and riders up to 16 must be supervised by an adult. Riders must give way to pedestrians. Speed limit to 25km/h
        Victoria - In Victoria, the law allows 200w power output. It also permits a speed limit of 10km/h that can be use on public roads and footpaths. There are no specific laws presented on what requirements to follow but, the Victorian state government set rules on certain kinds of scooters.
        ACT Yes A maximum speed of 15 km/h on footpaths, up to 25 km/h in all other permitted locations. Users must wear a helmet. Slow down to 10 km/h when going across a crossing and give way to pedestrians.
        New South Wales No Currently, NSW does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law permits it on private ground.
        South Australia No In South Australia, the law does not allow riding an e-scooter on public roads and footpaths. However, the law allows riding on private grounds.
        Western Australia - The law does not permit the use of shared paths and footpaths for e-scooters. Compliant e-scooters can only be legally ridden on low speed WA public roads and paths if their maximum power output is no more than 200 watts and they cannot travel more than 10 km/h on level ground.
        Northern Territory - E-scooters that are limited to less than 200w in power output and capable speeds below 10km/h are permitted for use on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.
        Tasmania - The power limit that the law allows is less than 200w for it to set foot on public roads and footpaths. Scooters exceeding this power and speed will require registration.

        Full credits to mearth for summary

        • Thanks mate!

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    who cares? just send it!

  • Wow. So cheap.

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    Just purchased. I missed out on the $799 JB hifi deal, but that just saved me nearly $200.

    I just the $30 off voucher to get it for $620 delivered.

    I'm going to have to learn the laneways around my area incase I start getting chased by the fuzz and need to evade.

    • The fuzz…Hahaha :-)

  • thank you op. Pulled the trigger. awesome deal.

  • if they can do 650, i think jb shoule be able to do that as well. their 799 still makes them more money. by the way, will jb price match them and stack with giftcard, make it 5XX?

    • try price matching and report back? I think you should be fine

    • -3

      Dont buy gift cards to stack.. not worth the 5% discount.. if u need to return it for a refund u wont see the cash just lame gift cards.

      • 5%? i think those should be 15%-19%

    • You better act quickly to try for that price match, if it's out of stock they 100% won't match it.

      • i am not buying one. no more present this christmas. lol

    • They refused price match at JB Coomera. Said it was below their warehouse cost so they couldn't price match.

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    I really want one but whats the point if it is considered illegal on roads.
    Plus I have a motorcycle but I am so fascinated by these! 25kmph! 64km range! They started off as a kids toy

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      Being a motorcycle owner I'm sure you've been a little generous on the throttle here and there. That being illegal didn't stop you from doing it, and I'm sure your discretion as to where you could do it without begging for attention from cops helped you avoid a fine when doing so.

      Then there's also politics being downstream from culture, and culture has spoken. These are great for reducing congestion on the roads, better for the environment than a car and significantly less likely to cause serious injury to yourself or others given equal operator skill.

      I think they are great as long as riders stick to bike paths and follow rules set for bicycles. These do not belong on sidewalks, despite the insane QLD laws stating you're allowed to ride up to 25kmh on a footpath.

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      Moto rider interested too. And comment below is on point(studentl0an)

    • Mine does 34kmph after some software hax

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    This would be so cool… if it was legal :(

  • Fantastic price, thanks OP

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    I saw a father and son ride one down my street earlier this morning. looked like so much fun!

    anyone that would dob them into the cops are un-Australian

    • Anyone who would dob them in would naturally have their reasons. I would never do that sort of thing myself, but you can imagine say someone walking their dog who nearly gets hit by a reckless rider, may suddenly find motivation to do so.

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    For those wondering about the seller, it looks like they are owned by Mearth as they have the same address, amongst other things.

  • Never looked into this. Is this a good product ? What are the laws in Sydney for riding this?

  • Is the M365 Pro 2 a better option as it’s about 4kgs lighter than this one?

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      People seems love this more than pro2, if the weight is not a problem

    • +1

      Not a scooter expert but I'd say the extra range/bigger motor is what is attributing to the extra weight - extra batteries = weight.

      Xiaomi: 474Wh
      Segway: 551Wh

    • It's better if you are using the scooter for commuting and/or have to carry it up stairs. I tend to use my scooter for long 3-4 hours trips so the Max is more preferred for me.

  • MAX Payload: 220 lbs (100 kg)

    I'm too heavy for it.

    Waiting for the Zero 10 to go on sale

    • +2

      Nah, you'll be fine. I was like 108kg back in March when I got this scooter and it performed flawlessly. Once, in a park, my niece insists on riding it with me and she's around 20kg and this scooter handled 128kg quite reasonably.

      Obviously, the extra weight will impact top speed, acceleration and range but the max payload number is conservatively rated.

    • I often pickup my son from school with my Ninebot Max, I weigh 95kg, he weighs 30kg so 125kg all up plus school bag. It goes up hills at about 15-20kph and sits on 25kph on the flat, no issues. Also the scooter does not seem to suffer under the weight either, no funny noises even if we hit a bump or pothole.

  • Just curious, if they are illegal how can places like JB sell them?

    • +4

      you can still ride them on private property

    • +2

      Not everyone lives in Melbourne

    • Same reason smoke stores sell bongs…

    • They are not illegal to own, just illegal to ride on public land.

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    Is this scooter the same one as the Beam scooters in Canberra? Rode those when I was visiting and they were awesome!

    • +1

      The Beam ones are based on this same model but have a number of upgrades that aren't available at retail. Theirs have front wheel shock absorbers that this lacks, but this units air filled tires do a pretty good job at absorbing bumps. I think the Beam ones also have a larger batter for even more range.

    • +12

      And then there are people who don't care what others think about them, they generally lead a much happier life.

  • Good deal, this was 999

  • -1

    Still a lot to pay when you can only ride it on private property.

  • Anyone removed the speed limiter on these ?

    • I did for ES3.
      Only goes up to 32kmh though. And causes a bit of jerk when you go off and on throttle again when moving.

    • Yep, very easy, mine goes about 32km/h. Also modified throttle curve and startup speed limit

  • thanks op, this is actually a good deal unlike that mobileciti “pricebeat”

  • +3

    Will be returning the one I got from JB 2 days ago, they refused to refund the price difference. This is a good deal, ordered one!

    • Does JB accept change of mind returns?

      • 14 days if the unopen box.

        • 30 days according to their online policy

  • -1

    Thanks OP Purchased using Afterpay which because I use it so much requires no payment at all ! This will go nice along with my Tesla Model 3 SR+ ^_^

    • +1

      Are you paying your Tesla using Afterpay?
      Well, I like to ride my Max on my yacht:))

      • Nah Peppers Finance has interest in my Model 3 at this point in time, I use Afterpay because it's fee free provided you aren't falling behind payments, I also use it as I own shares in (AFT) Afterpay which so far over the past few months has been a wise move, same said for TSLA (Tesla Shares)

        Also when I mentioned in my previous comment about no payment required, I meant nothing owing till 14 days after I submitted the order :)

  • I know it's illegal riding on roads in NSW, but do people ride this wearing a helmet?

    • +2

      You would want to wear a helmet regardless.

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    Thanks OP, this is an excellent deal. I've had this model for a bit over 3 months and put 1600km on it. The range is fantastic but note that it would only go 65 kilometers under ideal circumstances. My commute is 25km with a sizable hill and uses a little over half the battery. Really well built, but a bit heavy to carry. All in all, very happy with mine.

  • Changed price while placing order. Increased by $200!!!

    • Yep same here! I had two in my cart.

  • price back to 800?

    • Yer I was just online to jb and the price changed!!! Nuu

  • This is a bargain - ordered one to replace my well-used xiaomi m365. That one is currently being used to go to work every day and paid itself off long ago compared to public transport. This one looks like a good upgrade. Must have got in just before the price increase!

  • +1

    Showing as $850 less $30 now… Price error ?

  • +1

    feels like a price error haha

  • Deal is now expired and showing as $850 👍

  • damn! please honour lol

  • Think I got thr last order in at 11.35am aest haha

  • +1

    Now at $779 or $749 with $30 off
    They prob realised so many selling so upped the price. They have changed price 3 times now so doubt it was an error to begin with

    • and showing as "back ordering"…

  • $779 now

  • This is like Amazon's pricing model on steroids!

    • It's ridiculous

  • Brilliant deal I grabbed one for $620 at 11am ACDT, Noticed it went up to $850 now.

    I am 30% under the max weight capacity (before christmas lunch) so should fly. Only with helmet etc.

    Thanks OP

  • I got one. Hope it'll be honoured. Does anyone know Scootcity's reputation in this regard?

  • +2

    For late readers, it was $620 this morning. That was a deal.
    Much higher pricing now.

    Lets see what Boxing Day brings.

    • Now… I wonder if this was a price error, or a loss leader stint to bring traffic to their sale.

  • Now it's 699, all over the place!

  • $669 now for back order

  • $669 with above coupon on backorder. Still damn good deal.

  • 669 now 🤙

  • +3

    699 now lol
    This (profanity) is trolling us

  • bought at $669 they better not drop the price again lol ill rage

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