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Fitbit Versa 3 $273.33 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Meet Fitbit Versa 3—the watch with everything you need to just go. Track your pace & distance—and leave your phone at home—with built-in GPS. You can also get call, text and app notifications, use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa Built-in and control Spotify and Deezer when your phone is nearby. Plus with Active Zone Minutes, 20+ exercise modes and 6+ day battery with 12-minute fast charging, you’ve got all the motivation you need to reach your health & fitness goals.

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  • I was eying this, but decided on a Charge 4, as it seems to have all the core functionality (incl. GPS, heart rate sensor and contactless payment), similar battery life, but at $149. The Versa looks great and has a bit more "smart watch" functionality, but not worth the extra $$$ to me.

    • As someone who had a Charge 3 and now has a Versa 2, I can confirm that personally, I don’t find the difference in features worth the price difference, some may prefer the GPS/Music/general look of the Versa though!

      Solid choice with the Charge 4 :)

      • Thanks for confirming :)

        Had to get up "early" this morning to get my 12% cashback before 8am Perth time, bringing it down to $133.

    • Charge 4 is also $149 at Amazon which was JB Hi-Fi's pre Boxing Day Sale price (it's now $199 in their catalog).

  • Owner of Versa 3.. but highly recommended charge 4.. value for money , battery life

  • Mi band 5 does really well for $50 but took like 6 weeks to get from HKG

  • was interested in versa 3 for having GPS so that don't need to take my phone out for a run, then realise that it does NOT allow storing your own music, which Versa 2 does. They purposely remove the feature from the watch, shame on them!

    700+ vote on the missing feature and they did nothing.

    So you either have no GPS on verse 2 which can store your own music, or have GPS and pay subscription for spotify…. sigh!

    • This company knows what it's doing. They seem to purposely hold back features.

      If you look back at the pebble smart watch. These more modern smart watches are still missing so many good features.

      You could even read Reddit on the pebble from way back then and more.

  • Just a quite note for anyone coming across this in future:

    It turns out that Fitbit does not use its GPS to calculate distance and speed, even if some bits on their website on forums say so. It actually uses "stride length" and "stride rate" to calculate distance (length and frequency of steps). I got alerted to this when data synced by Fitbit to Strava resulted in different distance and speed values - they were several percent off. If you open a PCX file exported by Fitbit, each data point has the correct GPS location, but the distance does not match up to the coordinates. Supposedly it uses GPS to finetune the stride length, but even that is questionable and inaccurate.

    I am returning my Charge 4, and warn anyone looking to accurately track their distance and speed to avoid a Fitbit.