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Xiaomi Dreame T20 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Au Version $599.00 (Save $100) Free Shipping @ Gearbite


Dreame T20 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 150AW with Intelligent All-Surface Brush Australian Version

$599.00 (save $100) from Gearbite with free shipping.

Was hoping Gearbite rep to post a deal for the new T20 but it doesn't seem likely given then they sell out really quick.

Most of the reviews for the T20 I've seen are quite positive and mentioned good value for the money. I've never had a stick vacuum before so I was waiting to get this one was ages. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.

It comes with an all round brush for both hard floor and carpet.

Details and specs on the gearbite website/link provided :)

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    Still haven't gotten mine… (From Indiegogo)

    • they are reaching our shores this week.

      hopefully tracking will be available next week.

    • It's a couple of weeks overdue so you can't really complain that much. Plus it was half the price of this!

      • +3

        Yeah, commented that trade war is out of their hands and the Karens on the campaign page downvoted the comment into oblivion.

        It’s like they haven’t heard of Covid-19, border closures and the Australian-Chinese trade wars, and are demanding refunds every few hours.

    • Yeah me too

    • My T20 (ordered 30/10/2020) arrived today. Seems good so far.

      One thing I did not expect - the charger is not incorporated into the wall dock - have to plug in the charge cable (round barrel connector).
      It can be charged while its docked - just have to remember to unplug the cord before walking away with it.

      • +1

        There's a socket on the right of the dock for the barrel connector.

  • is it same as Dreame v11?

    • Seems to be an slightly upgraded v11. same suction power and motor speed but the T20 also has "intelligently adjusting power" and also swappable battery.
      If you already have v11 then I don't think its worth the upgrade. v11 would be better value if you manage to get a discount/deal - I wouldn't pay full price for it.

      • T20 also has a carpet roller which many people missed on the Dreame v11.
        I'm waiting for reviews on that before deciding on the T20 or waiting for a v11 deal.

  • Does anyone have an informed opinion on this vs the LG A9 Zero thingo?

  • Please enlighten me as to why at this price point anyone would consider a Xiaomi over Dyson?

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      Dyson v11 is $1200?

    • +1

      I’ve heard this sucks….

    • +1

      Battery dock… and this is the top of the line Dreame, How much is a dyson? lol

    • +1

      This is a direct competitor to the V10 and V11

      Most people with hardfloors are buying the V3 (the weakest and cheapest Dyson has to offer with only 100 AW Suction power and 22 minutes of run time). v3 costs $300, I bought this for around $260 from Catch.

      The V8 is a mid-ranger with 40min runtime and 115 AW suction power and this already costs $500 when it's on sale.

      The V10 is higher end still with 140 AW suction power and roughly 60 minutes of runtime, which rivals the Xiaomi but at a price tag of $849 (Boxing Day price)

    • +1

      What a dyson V7? Why would you consider bottom barrel dyson over this when it's on the level of the cheapie $200 dreame v9.

    • +1

      This is competing with the v10/v11. Would crap all over an equivalent priced dyson v7,v8 etc.

    • same here - which is better long lasting Xiaomi or Dyson?

  • Wow this was about $430 on launch with an extra battery. Kicking myself for cancelling my order.

    • If you ordered this, you'd probably receive it sooner than the early backers though.

  • +1

    What about the proscenic P10? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Proscenic-P10-Cordless-Vacuum-Cl...
    Anyone tried these and can comment? Has similar stats and same suction power at least (150AW)

  • Specs looks great, anyone know how to how to order an extra battery. Looks like battery life may be the only downside.

  • +4

    The official AU site has it at $599 RRP. So I don't know what the $100 saving is for.

  • +2

    Finally got the chance to sit down, do some research on this, talk to the wife about it, decide yup, going to pull the trigger…..sold out.

  • How do these compare to, say a lower end corded vacuum cleaner on carpet?

    • Depends on what you deem low end? You can get those corded, upright vacuums with belt driven carpet heads. Between $200-$400.

      Those upright vacs would deep clean much better on carpet than any cordless vac. (One exception could possibly be Dyson v11) But they're super bulky and inconvenient. Cordless is easy and Hassle-free.

  • Back in stock.

  • Ordered + 3.5% shopback

  • now i'm reading reports that the main brush could be faulty.. has anyone else heard this?

    • I hope not, just when I finally decide on a stick vacuum, better not have got a dud.

  • I have just received mine from indiegogo, but wifey still wants a dyson v11. Therefore I'm selling my T20, still new in box and unopened. Anyone interested can pm me for a good price.

    • Hi curik, I'm interested, but your pms arent turned on.

    • i am interested to get it , NIL

      • Sorry! But it's no longer available. Sold it already last night

  • Dont buy this product.

    I have received mine this afternoon and i am already facing issues.

    the main brush is only moving forward, not moving backward on carpet. sometimes the roller looses its suction for a second.

    • My wife said she saw an error code 3 on the screen, after a few seconds of use, but so far that was a 1 time issue, and works every other time.
      Keeping an eye on it…
      These have a 2 year warranty ?

  • I also got mine this afternoon in qld. someone mentioned the display coming off!? I could see this happening if you yank the sticker off thats firmly stuck on. I had to spend time removing the sticky residue left on the screen. As lazydesi said the main brush had trouble rolling backwards but seemed to loosen up over time. it came 38% charged and i fully charged it to 100%. i've just been using eco mode over the low and high carpet and was surprised by how much red dust it collected. quickly tried the med/auto mode but the suction made it quite hard to move over the carpet. never had a stick vacuum before but it feels like you have to treat them carefully or i could see something breaking

  • +2

    Had this for a week. Same for me pulling off the sticker pulled the display off! Bizarre.

    Feedback from my wife who has no skin the the game

    It’s no Dyson. Coming from a V6.

    Complaint primarily when pulling back on carpet it judders, jumps. Pretty annoying tbh. This multihead is not so good.

    Will see how it goes. V6 with new batt has gone to the in-laws. This may end up in the shed and buy a V8 as the wife not keen on the V11 weight, head size

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