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Dyson V10 Motorhead Grey Import $648 Delivered @ Kogan


Dyson V10 grey import. Warranty would be provided by Kogan not Dyson Australia.
Not the cheapest price it’s ever been. But cheapest I can see historically checking Ozbargain similar v10 motorhead selling for is $518 back in 2018. But as of now best price you can get v10 Motorhead for that I can find.

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  • Don’t forget can get further 6% off if combined with Suncorp eGiftcard.


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    Kogan Warranty is an oxymoron, but nice price

  • Good price

  • Kogan warranty??? Good price but

  • Reviews aren’t very good, I will get from Dyson directly instead. Two hundreds more though.

  • Still using mine from the 2018 Amazon deal, dyson's international warranty is legit

  • I kept jumbling between this deal or the Jet 70 complete for $600 at appliance online Australia for like the past 2 days. Eventually didn't think to need an upgrade yet and just wait until the Dreame V9 is put to good use.

    But if I were to pick between the two deals it would be Jet 70 complete just for the better value in accessories. Although you lose a little in battery life. Best compared to power of Dyson V10 and battery of Dyson V8 based on specs.

    Other smaller differences you don't have to read but in case anyone wants to know that I could find:
    - bigger bin than V10
    - also lighter than V10
    - cooler colour imo
    - changeable batteries
    - led screen info similar to the Dyson V11

    • I am in similar boat can't decide between Dyson V10 jet 70 or dreame v10

      • I've had a V10 for a few years but can't speak on the others.

        It's good on carpet and ok to bad on hard floors. It's suction ability is actually very low without the powerhead, it basically entirely relies on this head. Even the fullest power without the powerhead is a bit meh, like cleaning the inside of couches and things like that.

        The powerhead is garbage on hard floor for any debris that isn't dust sized. You have to switch to the other head but that one sucks at dust sized and gets really dirty.

        It's a total pain in the ass to have to go around the house twice to get some spots or just spend a long time trying to get the powerhead to pick up bigger debris.

        Carpet, the powerhead works well, deeper thread will require medium power, so factor in to battery life. It comes back to the suction level being actually terrible, so any sort of groove the powerhead brushes can't flick or reach, will not move. Long carpet would probably be an absolute nightmare, I have a shaggy wool rug that if the Dyson touches, it tangles up immediately.

        It's a 6/10 vacuum but is 8/10 for convenience factor.

  • More to the excellent post above by eagerfisherman

    Anyone buying one these stick vacuums needs to be aware they will not do as good job in deep cleaning.
    Or complete clean as mains powered vacuum like Miele c1 or c2 or C3 or Sebo premium or Henry numatic or Shark upright or Dyson upright like the current Dyson light ball. Virtually any very good quality mains powered will always clean carpet especially high pile carpet much better as they just have more suction power.

    Dyson V8 Dyson V10
    Suction on Low Power 28 Air Watts …v10- 15.8 Air Watts
    Suction on Medium Power N/A ….v10- 33.8 Air Watts
    Suc.Maximum Power 115 Air Watts …. v10- 151 Air Watts

    Run time for v10 Low Power with Direct/Torque Head 40 min.
    Medium Power with Direct/Torque Head 20-25 min.
    High power torque head 6-7 min.

    Suction power. Miele C3
    250 Air Watts
    Can run vacuum unlimited of course because mains powered(obviously) ;-)

    Convenience factor. - 10/10 and hard quantify