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Baseus Braided USB to Type-C Cables From US$0.69 (~A$0.91) @ BASEUS Official Store AliExpress


Update: Back in stock.

To get price in title:

Get seller coupon US$1 off US$1.01

US$1 Coupon can also be used to purchase other lengths.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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  • I'm confused is this Type A to Type C or Type C to Type C?

    • +4

      Type A to Type C.

  • Edit - ignore me :)

  • Damn no 25cm in stock

  • +1

    Best I can seem to manage is $1.50 shipped? Black 50cm from China? ($2.70 something with $1.30 something discount)

    • 0.25m was $0.91 and has already sold out.

  • +1

    50cm is back cost US$1.10 / AU$1.52 delivered after coupon

    • +1

      Yep, got the 50cm black. Perfect for the car.

      • +1

        how big's your car!!

  • If you use the Android app and have coins to spare or Aliexpress coupons, you can get the 50 cm black cable for around AU$1.35 delivered.

  • got one, hope it ships

  • Estimated delivery : 30 - 50 days 😂

  • +1

    100cm one shows up as $0.37 for me :O I've never shopped Ali Express btw so may be a new customer coupon automatically applying?

  • +1

    100cm shows as AUD 4.39 to me now

    • Same :[

  • +3

    Please note these cables light up in the dark, which is funky and awesome at first, but annoying when your trying to sleep next to one

    • agree with this, but handy in car though

    • Thanks, will give this a miss then.

  • +1

    Pretty much freebies to get you to sign up + data mining.

    • +1

      Data mining during the signup/cookie process, or via the cable?

  • +5

    AE got so many vouchers, coupon and stuff..confusing as hell sometimes

  • +1

    BS, shown USD 30 cent+ at checkout, but charged $3+ after receiving an email confirmation. Cancelled order

    • +1

      I wish to rescind my negative vote. The email confirmation did show USD 3.81+ total but I only charged USD 81cent (not 30cent as mentioned above btw) only in my cc. So I guess just the way the invoice is issued is confusing to the consumers. ( you have to look into the financial tab to see the breakdown)

      • Check your bank account first to see how much you were charged.

  • Shipping is showing as us$3 for me. 100cm black cable 0.28 but then shipping $$$$

    • Did you adjust the quantity to more than 1?

      Reload the page, it will revert back.

  • 100cm Red showing $3.62 after coupon code.

  • Is it safe to put payment details on Ali express? I was told by someone not to use this website as card details and other personal details may not be safe.

    • Yes it's safe, they also accept PayPal now if you prefer.

      • Minimum spend is $1.50 for PayPal

        • Someone mentioned that if you change currency to US there's no minimum spend.

          • +2

            @adr8: Minimum spend is USD$1.00 or AUD$1.50

      • Great, thanks.

    • ZIP single-use card

  • Back on stock, just ordered one

    • Have removed expiry, thanks!

  • $0.70 USD :( But got it anyway :D

  • When I went to pay it showed total of $1.48. After payment was made the "My Orders" shows the amount of $5.43? Anyone else getting different amount in "My Orders"?

    • It shows full amount. Check Financial tab to see all discounts/vouchers/coupons applied. Also check your bank statement.

  • just $0.24au per item for shipping on my order … thanks OP
    (was a few cents shy of the $1.50 min paypal spend required….so decided on a 25cm to add to the 'original' 50cm)

  • I can't see the seller coupon. Expired now?

    • Yes, worth checking again tomorrow as they may issue more.

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