This was posted 9 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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50% off Australian Venue Co Pubs and Restaurants 5pm-6pm Daily (WA 4.30pm-5.30pm)


This great deal is back! As long as you order your food using their mobile site between 5 and 6pm, it's 50% off! See website for list of venues but for Brisbane, thoroughly recommend The Royal at Nundah!

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    You beauty.

  • Looks like the time for Perth venues is 4:30-5:30. Fantastic nonetheless!

  • This sounds like a really good offer. Has anyone used it before? Are the prices when ordering via mobile during that time just cut in half or how so they make it work?

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      On the tables in the venue is a QR Code that takes you to a website to order and prices are reduced by 50%. The venues in Qld even had option to pay via PayPal

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        Thanks! I think upfront reduction in prices by 50% is an awesome offer as opposed to cashback / bonus for future orders etc.

      • Once you do the mobile order, do they automatically bring the meal out to you or do you have to get a staff member’s attention to show them you’ve made the order?

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          You order enter the table number and they bring it to you.

    • I have used it in Darwin. Amazing deal!

  • Is there an app to order via a mobile?

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    Super easy to do! You scan a QR code in the venue and it takes you to a menu. After you add items to your cart, it half's the price in there. Excellent deal!

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    The Royal in Nundah is absolute shithouse.

    Once a great pub, now a trashy Italian themed cafe.

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      Actually I went a few months ago and found the food to be rather average. Could have been a bad night though.

    • Haven't been there for a year or so, previously it was good for a family friendly kind of place.

      • We've enjoyed the Royal as a family with a small child, it's nice to have an alternative to standard pub fare.

  • Bruce Dixon is a top bloke

  • Limited choices in Syd - however be aware not all the places offer food via MrYum.

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    Never heard of any of the Sydney places. Are any of them good?

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      I have only eaten at The Rook. Others mostly drank at.

      The Rook has a good lobster roll.

    • Heard Untied is alright. I'd try that one

      I went The Rook years ago and it was really loud but yeah they are known for their lobster roll, which was small.

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    As a chef that works at one of the venues, i hope my pain is your pleasure ;)

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      Are these types of deals a necessary evil to spread out the patronage? Assume you'd still make a profit considering drinks etc?

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        I believe we do take a loss on certain menu items, and some venues take a loss but overall the head office comes out on top,
        Must say it doesn't run well with anyone in the kitchen

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          So would you rather us to go to your venue or not?
          And wouldn't the people in the kitchen get a constant salary irrespective whether customers pay full price or discounted price?

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            @leiiv: Come to the venues for sure, Pretty sure almost all of the venues have another source of income other than food (Gaming, Bar etc.), so what they lose in food, they definitely makeup in gaming,
            And yes we get paid the same, but trying to feed a whole day's worth of people in 1 hour isn't pratical in any means, Last time this promotion was on, every day there would be line ups just trying to get seated, let alone food, puts uncessary stress on the venue IMO

  • Damn i am going to get even fatter by the end of Jan!

    Every single one of the pubs i go to is on that list ha!

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    I assume you can't order for food to come out later?

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      I don't believe so, you have to order for the food to come out between 5-6pm
      But might be venue dependant

  • Does it work if you order through the app too not just website? Also can combine with the specials menu?

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      Yes the discount is showing up in the AusVenueCo app too (at checkout, not on the menu screen).

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    Does it mean that you have to sit in between 5 to 6, eg finish by 6, or you can order by 5:55 and take your time to finish your meal?

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      Yes, as long as you order between 5-6pm

      • Looks like dinner sorted for entire of January. Can I book a table everyday in advance 😆

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          Definitely, see you there at 5.01pm ;)

  • Do we have to wait until 1st of January to book? Is it certain locations on each day? Is it only drinks ordered in the 5-6pm window half price?

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      For the whole month all of their venus of which there are a heap. Food and drinks ordered between 5-6pm. You also get $10 credit for a new account.

      • Cool, thanks. When I click the book now button, nothing happens.

        • Try booking through the venue's website (a lot in Qld use The Fork for bookings). You don't need to use a special link to book this special.

  • [Sydney]
    Promotion Period:
    Every day, for a month (1 January 2021 - 31 January 2021) between 5:00pm 6:00pm.

  • It says 4:30pm-5:30pm for Perth.

    Simply head into one of the below-participating venues & order via your mobile during 4:30 – 5:30 pm to claim the discount.

  • awesome, probably the best month of the year to use this anyway

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    I went out so much during August when this was last on! So amazing it includes drinks too. We would arrive early, order drinks and entree at 5pm. Then mains and next round of drinks and making sure to order dessert and last drinks at 5:55pm. Jindalee Tavern was my pick for Brisbane if you're in the south west area, they had the best menu when everyone else still had a limited covid menu.

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      wait a second, it includes drinks, so I can order a pink cocktail with a mini umbrella in it without feeling guilty?

      • Yup, sure does….cocktails and whatever is on the online menu - half price!! Great deal, we went twice last time.

        • awesome, someone didn't like my comment about Pink cocktails?

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        Think I read tcs exclude spirits. Not sure about cocktails but check first before you order

        • Depends on the venue what's on their menu re spirits but at the venues we went to, it was definitely 50% off the cocktails that were on the menu. You can see the discounts before you click send anyway to check :)

      • Can confirm that all drinks including spirits are half price at the Waterloo.

        • I’m looking to take advantage of this offer at the Waterloo. When you arrived, did you then have to book a table via thefork site? I can’t see on the hotel site where you can buy food and drinks.
          Any help would be appreciated.

    • +1 for JT! Kenmore tavern is good too, equally large menu.

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    Can you pay for these with Good Food voucher?

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      Mr Yum website doesn't accept them so I would say no, unless your venue allows you to manually pay the restaurant instead of online when you order.

  • I wished I lived next to the city again, moved out west of sydney. But awesome deal

    • Pretty sure out west have some good food as well.

      • Checked the NSW list, nothing in west Sydney. All in the CBD :(

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    Went to a place at Southbank the other day with those qr scanners for table ordering. The kitchen got smashed with everyone ordering at once and the kitchen closed for a few hours (apparently the main chef walked out).

    Admittedly it was a hot sunny day, where there was an influx of people for hours with no one leaving, and this wasn't even 50% off. Less people would be going between 5-6pm I guess.

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      @Chef Freeman 😁

      • Yeah probably underpaid for that type of a swamping or badly managed. Bit like kitchen nightmares lol

  • Seemed to be a limitted menu last time, hopefully full menu now that Covid is under control

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      There was a Covid contact at European Bier Care in Melbourne….

      But they have been doing half price all taps deal on Mondays for years now. Would recommend, if only for the opportunity to drink fresh Leffe and Hoegaarden.

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    Are these the types that turned good pubs into trendy exposed brick everything black overpriced beer and food ntz ntz dance bar monstrosities?

    Richmond pubs are still great, but not these ones.

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    Used the offer at Middle Park hotel, Vic. Fantastic deal and only $55 for 1 entree, 4 meals and drinks, will be returning for sure

    • Does the amount automatically calculated on the App?

      • The menu is on the hotels website, you book through there, its easy

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          Went the same. Nice Food Excellent service
          Had a real good time

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    Yep, great deal!!! Half price food and drinks until Victoria gets shut down again in two weeks. Thanks OP!

  • Salt Bar at Kingscliff in nth NSW is on the list. Great pub, 50 metres from the beach and good for kids.

  • Used this at the Everton Park Hotel in Brisbane, great option for kids. Food was ok, certainly wouldn't pay the full price which I suppose is the intent of the deal to bring in such customers.

  • I made a reservation for the dining room tonight at a venue, just read the t&c's that it excludes dining rooms. Is this correct? So do you need to eat your meal in the bistro or bar?

    • Best give the venue a call to make sure

  • Thanks OP, just booked the Lake Club.

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    what time QLD is it? since we are 1 hour behind sydney is it 4 to 5 pm or is it still 5 to 6pm qld time ok?

    • 5 to 6

  • 16:30 to 17:30 for Perth is a joke. Only suits retirees who have dinner at 1700 and sleep at 1900.

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    worked a treat at Barangaroo’s Untied - have to pop in code “HAPPY50”
    when I went to The Winery last year, the discount applied automatically but looks like they’ve added an extra step now

  • Great deal but limited locations in SA :(

  • $50 Food And Drink Vouchers in Sydney when Dine & Discover starts.