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1100W Pump $129, Watertank Kit $69.99, Brass Hose Acc. $9.99, Hose Reel Set $21.99 @ ALDI


Garden tools on sale at Aldi from 9th of January.

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    Have one of these - good pump but the controller may not meet your needs. I recently needed to replace my grey water pump so I grabbed this one from its usual duties on the garden water tank. Fail as the pump controller could not cope with a float operated power supply - requires power always on and operates on timer or auto demand (open tap).

  • One can easily find 220l plastic Olive Drums on Gumtree for as little as $13-15, its hard to imagine that a few plumbing fittings are worth the extra $54.99 for the water tank.

    However, we did buy some of the brass fittings and the spray-nozzle from the last sale and have found them to be good quality and work well - wish they'd sell a brass hose-joiner-thing.

  • I bought one of these pumps from the last time they had them and had it hooked up to water tank and a hose to water the garden with.

    It worked really well for about 2 or 3 months, then one night, the outlet of the pump (inside) developed a severe leak due to the pressed together and fused plastic part splitting and a section breaking away.
    I woke up to see the area flooded, it running and water spraying everywhere out of it…….several thousand litres lost overnight.

    I'll never buy another. It contains too many shonky plastic parts and is just not reliable enough to leave on.
    I replaced it with an Ozito that has been running without issue for the last 8 months.

  • I see that they also have Soaker Hose for sale. Anyone used them before and got any feedback? Pretty much all the soaker hoses from Bunnings have pretty poor review. The only soaker hose that gets good review are the Hoselink ones.

  • i already got hose in this house