Android to iOS (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Hi all,

I've been an Android user ever since and have never used an IOS before. Currently using Samsung Note 8 for the last 3+ years and I feel it's done it's life.

Looking to finally make a switch to Iphone 12 as I like their design this year.

Still would like to know from someone who's made a switch from Android to IOS and their experience (without considering $$).

Should I do it or go for the Note 20 Ultra and stick to Android? Thank you so much.

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    iPhone 12 Pro Max
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


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    Buy it directly from Apple and test it for two weeks, then return if need be.
    They have a very generous return policy.

    Many people make the transition from Android to iOS and wish they had have done it far sooner. Many do the reverse and are happy. Many don't care. None of them are right. None of them are wrong.

    Switching from one to the other needs more than just a casual 5 minute play around to get over the initial "difference" of it all, but you have the benefit of going from Android to iOS in that you can have that two weeks to give it a solid go.

    • Thanks for this. I never knew I could return a phone due to change of mind.

      This will make the switch much easier with the peace of mind that I can return if I don't like the experience.

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        You can only return it if you buy it directly through the Apple store. If you buy it from Telstra, Optus, Voda, JB, etc. you can't.

        Like I said, Apple has a great return policy.

        "iPhone Return Policy
        If you are not fully satisfied with your iPhone purchase, you can return your undamaged iPhone to the Apple Online Store within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Please check your Order Status online or call 133‑622 to request a return. The iPhone must be returned in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals and documentation. "

        • Yup, looking to purchase outright so I have no issues going through Apple store directly. Can always get the additional money back through price protection :)

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        or you can sign up to costco ($60) , buy it from costco (at least 5% cheaper than anywhere else) and return within 3 months of purchase if it is undamaged

        • Costco lets you return within 3 months? Thats kinda insane

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    One app that is very difficult to transfer is whatsapp. Otherwise the transition is mostly painless.

    • Thanks. Not really worried on having my older messages across.

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    Apple has been the pack leader for years now with smartphones and it looks like all other Android makers have given up trying to compete on design, UI, overall UX, or real world speeds.

  • I recently tried this, see

    Borrowed an iPhone 8 from my bro, nice little unit (and I do like the latest iPhone 12 hardware), set up an Apple ID, went to download the free BOM app, system wanted a payment method on file before I could download a FREE app.

    No thanks, got me a Google Pixel 5 off Gumtree to play with hoping it's not as fussy as the Samsung S10 I'm using.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks… good information in that thread, cheers

  • Am also looking to upgrade after my 7Plus was water damaged, any deals going on Iphones?

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    I switched to iphone about 4 years ago, and back to android a couple months ago. (sony z3 compact > iphone se > huawei mate 20 pro)
    reason for going to ios was for a small screen phone (iphone se), reason for leaving was because the 12 mini is very expensive and i wanted to explore other options

    ios can be pretty comfortable, but also pretty limited. it has a nice consistent feel to everything, but then itll force you to do things in certain ways too. so for ages it felt like it didnt do anything better than my old sony, and did some things worse. but after a while, combined with tiny screen phone, it felt more like a simple tool, something i could whip out while doing other stuff with my life while remaining in the background

    still dont think it does anything better than android though, so switching back was easy. downside now is that im using the phone much more. could just be that im home more, plus more bored and feeling a bit down (dog died recently), and so this big screen android is getting good use an entertainment device, but im watching more youtube than ever before.

    also ios always wants you to pay more for stuff. apps always seem more expensive etc. gets annoying, and probably makes it easier to use the phone less.

    might still consider a good deal on a newish iphone, but im not missing ios. i think the main thing is just what you feel about a phone. eg im quite fond of my little iphone se, and so i like the look of the 12s
    but i also think the huawei m2p feels great. i recently picked up a brand new samsung s20 FE, and its a better phone, but i just didnt really like the feel of it as much as the huawei and got rid of it after a week

    tldr: you might be annoyed by switching, but phones are phones, and youll adjust it having an iphone is something that appeals to you

    • Thank you for sharing your journey.. appreciated

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    I have a Pixel 5 and an iPhone XS Max. I have always been an Android user. The reasons why I couldn't stick to the iPhone are:

    • Music pauses when you receive notifications
    • Cant use advanced app such as Wifi monitors to get channel information as the OS does not expose this information to apps.
    • NFC not available to apps
    • Siri is useless
    • Background refresh of third party apps is unpredictable (more on this later)
    • Sync to Google photos is not good enough - Only syncs when the app is open or plugged in for charging
    • No actionable widgets. On Android, for eg, on a todo list widget, you can check off items directly from the widget. iOS doesn't support this
    • Carplay maps are not always accurate. Voice recognition is inferior to Android auto
    • Gif keyboards are a pain to use

    The primary reason I stopped using is due to the fact that support for Gmail and Google Calendar are not great (background sync limitations).
    - The default Mail and Calendar apps dont support push got Gmail and Google calendar. so emails and calendar events are synced only once every 15 minutes
    - One could use Googles mail and calendar app but due to the limitations of the OS, the apps don't always update on time. If you delete a bunch of emails (from another device) and open the Gmail app, you will see the app syncing at that moment you open, so for some time you will see the unsynced version of your email list. Same with the calendar. On Android, apps are allowed a lot more flexibility to sync in the background which means that your app contents are ALWAYS up to date.

    I also rely on the calendar widgets to keep track of what's next on my calendar. Due to the limitation of the OS, the widget is not updated in real time. Try this - add the Google calendar widget to the iPhone and your Android phone. Send yourself a calendar invite from another device. Your Android widget will immediately update. The iOS widget will update only if you open the app.

    This is the primary reason why I cant switch to the iPhone. In the 6 months I have used it, I have missed multiple office meetings due to this.

    Irrespective of these limitations, I have to admit that the app experience on the iPhone is much superior to Android. Apps are far more polished. The OS animations are extremely smooth. Nothing stutters. The display is much better and password manager integration on the iOS is infinitely better. Third party password manager integration on Android (like lastpass) is TERRIBLE on Android.

    These are my experiences. YMMV.

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    Depends on how much you value battery life.

    I went from IOS to android a couple of years ago because of the miserly battery performance from the Iphones. I thought they solved it with the 11 series, then they went and made the batteries smaller and added 5g which crippled the battery life.

    Yes the OS is nice and intuitive, but personally i'm not ready to sacrifice the battery.

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    Wait a few weeks and see what the new Samsung s21 will be like…

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    I've been using an iPhone 6S alongside my Oppo Reno 5G for the past few weeks as I'm looking to switch to an XS Max for two main reasons (among others). Not a complete stranger to iOS though as I used an iPad throughout my ~4 years of studies.

    None of these are related to the hardware - mainly to Android and I've had the same issues with my past Mate 20 Pro and Galaxy S8+.

    Firstly, the background battery drain. Do note that I'm quite a heavy user with a lot of apps installed, so this won't reflect everyone's experience.

    Have the same apps installed on the 6S and Android phone (all Facebook 'lite' apps on Android as they're the main killer). On Android, I'll manage to drop anywhere from 2-5+% per hour when moving around on 4G in my pocket, which is poor considering the 4000mAh battery. On the other hand, a 5 year old 6S with background sync enabled (push with 2x Gmail and an exchange account) manages to drop only <1% (~88% battery health). Without this background drain, I'd be able to match/beat most iPhones for screen-on time.

    The other issue I've found is with poorly developed apps in contrast to iOS. I've run into issues with a lot of apps (crashes/bugs) such as in Snapchat/Amazon/for work and nothing really feels as polished. It's not something I noticed before trying iOS though.

    Also, general consistency has been better on iOS from my experience - no jumping out of the multitasking window, no frame drops, no need to reboot every week or two because there's been memory leaking somewhere etc. Having a 5 year old phone (6S) still receiving major and minor software updates is something you won't get from any Android manufacturer.

    I'd definitely suggest giving iOS a try by buying it from the Apple store as others have suggested and returning if you're not happy - give it at least a week. It's not for everyone and you might come back with a completely different opinion!

    Sorry for the massive wall of text…

    • Thank you so much for your recommendation. The poll is cutting really close with 18 votes for Iphone and 16 for the Note :)

      Since I have an option of returning the phone, I think I will give Iphone a go just for a change as I've never used iOS before and see how it feels.

  • I too am thinking of switching to iphone from my Samsung s8+. I just find less issues when i use my wife iPhone 7 plus. Im thinking of getting iPhone 11 Pro max as my sim only plan with optus doesn't have 5g so no point spending extra on iPhone 12 pro max. Do u think i should get iPhone 11 or 12?

    • iPhone 11 for sure. Benefits of iPhone 12 over 11 aren't huge at the moment and AU models don't have real mmWave 5G chipsets yet anyway.

      If you can hold out till Sept for the iPhone 13, I reckon that's going to be a significant improvement although quite a way off.

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    Left hand drive or right hand drive. That’s about the difference. Once you get the hang of it you will be fine. Once upon a time changing phones of the same manufacturer used to be an IQ test.

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    I'm thinking of going back to Apple, solely bc I want to get the new AirPods Pro II.

    But, the current phones are not that good.

    Look…. don't get sucked into the hype of 5G. We do not have proper 5G in Australia thanks to minion Morrison and his Cold War games with China.

    You need mmWave 5G, otherwise just stick with 4G.

    All my computers are Apple, but never liked their phones - still don't.

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    Went from Samsung - > apple - > Samsung again.

    I don't get it when people say 'but Iphones are so easy to use, just one button' well if you only press the middle button on Android it ll be the same no? Absolutely hated the fact that Apple needed to be Apple everything, I couldn't even charge my phone without an Apple head and the cables kept breaking. Hated the fact that I couldn't just plug and view my photos or transfer stuff without iTunes (I know they've taken that away now but not when I was using it) so I had a 128gb phone that I couldn't transfer my shows to watch on holiday. I have a Macbook so it does this sync thing with my photos but couldn't on PC because of the iTunes being linked to somewhere else.

    It did last longer than my previous Samsungs in terms of speed/lag and battery life but my Samsungs now seems to be doing alright. Depends what you are after.

    • Sorry but you have no idea about iPhones
      None of your iphone complaints are warranted nor exclusive iPhone issues.

      Just a tip for you in future.
      Download and use 3uTools instead of iTunes on your PC. (You still need iTunes installed)
      So much better and much more freedom to do same as android connected to a PC.
      3uTools makes all the difference in the world for accessing all your iphone files, photos, music, ringtones etc
      It even removes Apple DRM and converts downloaded apple music to MP3 so you can play them anywhere
      3uTools also allows you to UPLOAD photos to your iPhone and much more.

      • Like I said that was years ago (iPhone 6) and I'm a basic user, like most people around . I would have felt hesitant to install a 3rd party software that promotes jailbreaking (from what I just saw on a search) on an Apple phone. Also, I shouldn't have to go through such lengths to access/use a phone I pay for.

        The whole cable + head is exclusively iPhone. Here I am using 3rd party heads and $3 cables from Aliexpress and my phone is still fast charging. Yet when I brought in an original cable that frayed at the end they refused to replace it because it "looked well used" (no sh*t a white rubberised cable picking up black marks)

        Thats my experience with it as a take out of a box user, I don't play around with my phones and reinstall UIs or whatnot. There are some aspects of the phone I did like, but to me an Android just works better.

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    I strongly suggest you buy a used iPhone from 6s up so you can try out the iOS system
    A good used iPhone 6s will cost you from $100 to $150.
    A little more for the bigger PLUS version that is equivalent to the Samsung note series.
    Whats important to know is that All iPhones work exactly the same!
    The only advancement past the iPhone 8 is the dropping of the home button and adoption of facial recognition similar to what Samsung has done.

    Then if you like using an iPhone you can make the transition to the latest iPhone

    But all it will give you is a fancy camera you will never need to use and face recognition instead of fingerprint.