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Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse $40 (Was $50-$60) Delivered @ italy nest via Amazon AU


The Razer DeathAdder essential retains the classic ergonomic form that's been a hallmark of previous Razer DeathAdder generations. Its sleek and distinct body is designed for comfort, allowing you to maintain high levels of performance throughout long gaming marathons, so you'll never falter in the heat of battle.

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  • A great mouse in terms of performance, the only problem are the pads on the sides, they are stuck on with some sort of adhesive and over time they come off if you grip the mouse rather hard like myself after many sessions of CS:GO. I tried super gluing them back on and trying other adhesives, but they just keep coming off, and the pads are kind of hard to get back in their original position and the smell of the adhesive that was on there before is rather rancid once it leaks out. But considering these mice get cheap rather easily, just buy a new one two years later, thats how long they usually last. Just wish they somehow changed the pads on the side to be a little different so they wouldnt come off as easily.

    • Same thing happened to DeathAdder as well, though mine is a higher model :(

    • If you haven't already, try Tarzan Grip, from Bunnings, have had very good results over the past using this.

      Another one to consider that works well is the "Loctite" series of super glues.

  • Need to keep in mind that there are fake/counterfeit Deathadder mouses out there. This deal, although is shipped and fulfilled by Amazon, is not sold by Amazon but instead by a 3rd party seller named "italy nest" which is most likely a seller based in China rather than Italy as the name suggests.

  • not a good mouse, bad quality compared to elite and V2