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Intel Core i7 10700KA CPU $519 + Delivery/Pickup @ Computer Alliance


Not the cheapest it's been but the cheapest I could find at the current moment.

Edit: same price at Umart

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    Hard to get too excited about this when it's been as low as $429 recently: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/585832

    for under $450 it's a worthy CPU to get IMO but above that it's hard to justify over a 5600X (unicorn supply issues aside).

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      But whats the likelihood that another sale that is going to bring the CPU to around the $450 mark is around the corner, but I understand what you mean this post was simply for people who dont want to pay full price and dont want to wait for a sale :)

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        Likelihood is pretty high given Intel 11th gen is being released in Q1 this year. Not negging the deal, just adding some information for people who might be interested in grabbing this. :)

        • Is Q1 confirmed? I had a brief search and couldn’t see anything concrete

          Edit: found a presser from Oct suggesting lateQ1

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      you should compare this to 5800x and not 5600x, not a like for like comparison

      even then 5600x at MSRP of $469 vs 10700k at $519, 10700k is the better value between the two

      • I want to buy the 5800x but I just don't want to give amd that much money because its overpriced. My 2700x will do for a couple of months or so when the price comes down.

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        The 5600x will outperform the 10700k in gaming though, while falling behind in multithreaded stuff. Its a pretty reasonable comparison.

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          Not really though. 5600X may slightly outperform the 10700K in synthetic testing when all browser tabs are closed and all discord channels exited and no other background processes running. But the real world, 10700K is going to provide a smoother, more consistent and more enjoyable/better gaming experience. Every. Time.

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    bad timing to build a gaming PC at the moment, hopefully by March everything will return normal.

    • Out of curiosity, why is that? Im looking to get a friend to build a pc for me soon.

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        no stock of high end CPU's or GPU's,

        if your building mid/low spec for around $1000-1300 then you should be fine,

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        Various stimulus packages creating more discretionary spending, people working from home more and buying PC components during 2020, plus COVID (and manufacturer) supply and logistical issues. Add in new and desired products released from AMD and NVidia and more scalpers than ever and you have the perfect storm for price gauging and low component availability.

        As Rod M says, if you're happy to go with a more mid-range system then you should be fine, and I'm confident that's pretty much all OzB would recommend anyone build at the moment. Mid-range is awesome these days and runs everything anyway, besides running games on displays worth thousands at frame rates beyond human sensory comprehension.

    • Yeah just have to wait out the storm of PC component demand.

  • avengers special edition

    that was the wrong horse to bet on… just like square enix

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    10850k was $591 @Computer alliance..

  • Btw, mwave now has this one at $519 till 10/01/2021

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