Ideas of How I Can I Make Money on The Side?

I’m looking for things that I can do on the side to make extra money to save for a family. I currently work full time but I’m always looking for more to do especially given I have breaks from work throughout the year. Work is super busy but I like to fill any gaps I have particularly when school holidays come around. I don’t have kids and I love being busy all the time so I have time to fill particularly now that I’m on summer break.

I’m a teacher so my skill set is limited as far as being a handyman, and my car is pretty old so that rules out a lot of gig work. I’m good with computers and I’m not sure what else apart from teaching.

Any ideas??


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    1. microinvesting
    2. freelance sth eg pilates classes, language classes
    3. monetise youtube
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      4 . Pretend to be a hot babe and sell your used undergarments on the internet.

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        I pretend to be a hot bloke and advertise my used undergarments everywhere I can at bargain prices.

        Sadly, I don't sell many… :-(

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          Sadly, you don't hear about feminists fighting for equal opportunities (including financial) when it comes to the adult entertainment/intimate services industries, and other areas where women can earn easy (and significant) money. Only when it's convenient to them…

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            @Shiny Mew: Well, they always said they wanted equal rights, not equal responsibilities or consequences. You can't complain when people tell you exactly what they want.

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              @cfuse: They dont want equal rights in everything, only in things thats suitable to them, thats what Shiny is saying.


                @lonewolf: Is that not what I said?

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                  @cfuse: Equal rights implies equal in everything and everything that comes with it. The good and the bad. The pros and cons. Think that's what shiny was saying also.
                  someone seems to have negged us both.

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            @Shiny Mew: It's only 'equality' when it comes to comfortable, well paid, air conditioned office jobs.

            They're not fighting for equality in the sanitation industry, any job with physical labour, anything dangerous or dirty where men make up the vast majority.

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        Sell bathwater

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          What to do with the baby?


      does micro investing mean investing in microcaps?


        No. Micro-investing is about making small and irregular investments from everyday transactions. See Raiz, Commsec Pocket


          Depending on how irregular your investments are, Raiz might actually break even or even cost you… happened to me, only noticed it last year and canned it.

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    Affiliate marketing. If you log out of OZB and check the amazon links you'll notice that at the end of every single Amazon link there is "?tag=ozbargain-22". After someone clicks one of your Amazon links you'll earn up to 10% of anything they buy on Amazon for the next 24 hours. If someone clicks your link for a 99 cent book, then 20 hours later they buy $1,000 worth of luxury makeup for their wife, then that's a cool $100 in your pocket. Not a bad way to make money whilst sitting on your arse.


      This is interesting. Looking into it. Thanks.

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        Amazon's standards are pretty high for websites btw, but they are super generous about applications. They won't even review it until you make three commissions in a 3 month period or whatever, and if they deny you then you can apply again whenever you want after having a go at making the changes they suggest. Most people run a blog, but it can be any kind of site you want. And it's not just Amazon, you can get similar commissions for linking to eBay and plenty of other major online stores. Amazon just happens to be one of the better ones imo because people will click your link and then they buy all sorts of things in the next 24 hours, they can't help themselves they gotta buy stuff when they hit Amazon.

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      Thanks for bringing it to our notice.
      I never looked into the Amazon links posted on Ozbargain so closely until you pointed it out. Looked at the recent Amazon posts and they all have "?tag=ozbargain-22" irrespective of who posted it. Does that mean that when people purchase using the links posted here, ozbargain gets the commission from Amazon?

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        This is huge!
        What a rort?

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          Yes it is huge . As per Dec 2019(as per wiki) there were 1million visitors every month.So you do make a lot of money just through google ads.

          If the affiliate marketing earning is true and if Ozbargain is making 10 percent of each sales out of Amazon, say for instance if some one posts an Amazon product that is selling at $1000 and 500 people bought it.The total amount of sales is $500,000. So ozbargain made a commission of $50,000 on just one listing in less than 24hrs. That's a low end yearly wage of any pass out graduate.

          As you can see there are many Amazon posts,so the commission amount that ozbargain will be earning will be a lot, plus if you add the google ad revenue and other earning from affiliated links it will be in Millions of dollars per year in earnings. That's not bad for a FREE service.

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            plus if you add the google ad revenue and other earning from affiliated links it will be in Millions of dollars per year in earnings.

            especially if you just make up percentages and numbers of people to come up with the end resulting $'s :/

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            @SteveD: Well, you cracked it Sherlock. Time to start your own bargains website and rake in the millions! /s

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            @SteveD: Up to 10%. For most item categories it's more like 1-5%

            Years ago the rates used to be much higher. But it's still good money.

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        The affiliate link doesn't appear if you're logged in. I don't see any problem with a FREE service like ozbargain making money off affiliate links. Plenty of recipe and tech websites do this too.

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        Yes they do, Ozbargain cover their costs with Google Ads + Affiliate links. To me, and at least how it has been presented, it prevents the site from "selling out" and still free. You can read this, and how the site is pretty decent on privacy. It's really a small price to pay (if anything to pay really) for the site to be how it is.

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          There's nothing wrong with making money off OZB or even getting rich off it. Just as long as users, the content creators, are aware that it's happening there is really nothing wrong with making a lot of money and living a comfortable life off affiliate sites.

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            @AustriaBargain: If you sign out of OzBargain you will see that deals with affiliate links say "Affiliate" on the thumbnail. Upon clicking the label you have the option of going through a direct link.

            It's good that they're so transparent about it because the other deal sites aren't.


      As users can post on OzB on any site, what makes amazon wanna be OzB affiliate? They could have gotten it for free?


        Amazon let's any site be an affiliate site, as long as it's high enough quality and follows all the rules (must declare the affiliate status on every page with a link, you can't use Amazon branding, you're not meant to use reviews from Amazon, etc.). They could have gotten it for free but Amazon cannot deny a site their affiliate application for that reason.


      This is interesting. Learned something new today.

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    Tutor in what you teach.
    Become a (man) whore
    Collect cans
    Get job at movies/dominoes/Uber


    Enjoy your spare time as opposed to paying 42 percent tax on your additional income.

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      as opposed to paying 42 percent tax on your additional income.

      as a teacher, I hope his education on our tax system is better than yours :/

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        Well I’m goin with as a teacher they would earn at least 90k, give or take

        So any extra additional income would be 32.5+2+3= 37.5 percent taxed.
        If above 120k (90k prior to this fy) this becomes 37+2+3 which is 42 percent.

        So please explain my lack of understanding of the tax system( or did you just assume I’m a dumb f… who thinks all secondary income is taxed at 42 percent)

        32.5/37 income tax rate
        2 is Medicare surcharge
        3 is lack of lamington/lamito rebate

        Take home after earning 121k is 88893
        Take home after earning 120k is 88313

        Extra 1k of income gets 580 dollars, losing 42 percent in tax.

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          Huh? Are you saying that future extra income for a teacher will be taxed at 42c?
          37c doesn't kick in till $120k now, and even if you are cynical about medicare surcharges (as I am!) it doesn't bring it to 42c.
          Not clear on what you think a low income offset impact would be at this income level?
          So unless OP is a principal/deputy, they will be paying 32.5c for extra income, plus any surcharges, like the medicare one.

          That said, I think the evidence tends to say OP will get more benefit from spending their time where they want to remain "busy" on volunteering or hobbies or other activities, rather than income earning. After a pretty low level of income to cover the basics, spending extra time for extra income is a poor deal for overall happiness/satisfaction.

          Note that doesn't mean having a high income isn't pleasing, just spending more of your time to get it doesn't pan out compared to those people able to gain a high income for comparatively normal hours.

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            @mskeggs: Not sure what u don’t follow, As stated above

            After 120k any extra income is a total of 42 percent tax

            37 percent income tax
            2 percent Medicare
            3 percent in lost lamito rebate ( this ages out out at a certain point)

            After 90k this is

            The same as above except 32.5 percent income tax so 37.5 in total

            My point being if the extra side job pays a crap rate of 30 or less an hour, why bother, when u lose 37.5 percent of it, it’s a shit way of spending your spare time imho, especially if ur spending on petrol to get to it as well.

            I’d say to anyone earning over 120k, to chuck the amount above 120k into super, instant 27 percent return

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              @Donaldhump: Right about incomes over $180k when taxes go to 45%.
              But no teachers except principals and deputies are earning over $120k.
              I think you are trying to muddy the waters to cover up what you initially said about 42% tax.

              The $90k you indicated you based your numbers on pays 32.5c for additional income up to $120k. Hard to see a side hustle landing more than $30k, right?
              Add in the medicare surcharge of an extra 1% up to $105k. So they would likely face taxes of 33.5% on extra income, or 33.75% if over $105k total to $120k.

              Please explain why you think a teacher earning $90k would pay 42% tax on extra income. What you have said wouldn't apply until their income got close to $180k.

              I think you just mixed up older tax rates, so I'm not sure why you are trying to mislead, rather than just saying, oops, that was last years tax.

              I do agree with your point that additional income in this income range is unlikely to offer good returns for happiness or satisfaction.


                @mskeggs: I got the caps wrong as they have just moved, I’ve never argued I had this wrong/right and didn’t rule out a teacher could indeed earn 120k, although 90k is more realistic, but initial person assumed I just thought any 2nd job was a flat tax at 42 percent, a figure I picked from my ass. ( which is an ozbargain common claim)

                The effective tax rate above 90k is 37.5, and above 120 and less than 126 is 42, and then 39 above 126. I can’t explain this to you any simpler than what I have said 2 posts back.

                People fail to know of the additional 3 percent the lamito rebate is

                Going back to ur original reply, how do u not see the 42 percent for 120k plus, have u failed to add the 3 percent lamito rebate?

                The thousand dollars earned between 90000 and 91000 results in 625 extra take home pay, losing 375 or 37.5 percent.

                U say

                “37c doesn't kick in till $120k now, and even if you are cynical about medicare surcharges (as I am!) it doesn't bring it to 42c.”

                Yes it does!!!! Up to 126k

                37+2+3 is 42

                For the record my mate is a teacher and gets 110kish a year, lead teachers get 128k in Qld, and my main point is would u deliver dominoes pizzas for 20 an hour only to get 12 of that 20, it would completely retarded to do so unless you don’t value your time,

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                  @Donaldhump: Plus losses of any other middle class welfare.

                  A broken system where a large percentage of the population are reliant on taxes paid by others to fund the lifestyle they believe they are entitled to.

                  As the poster above infers, this sucks incentives to improve productivity.

                  Unfortunately people don't realise they would be better off without middle class welfare, a system which benefits high net worth individuals by the trickle up effect.

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                  @Donaldhump: This is interesting. But you can get away with it by making the whole thing a personal super contribution. You pay 15% tax instead

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                    @od810: That’s the only way I’d bother doing it.


                    @od810: @od810, This, I feel like this is like a big secret most people don't know about when it's one of the few ways a regular employee can significantly reduce your tax (the more you earn, the bigger your reduction).

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                      @Ultimate Gattai: Yeah, pretty much each year i max out the concession contribution and also max out the spouse contribution as my partner is not working. I mean i can understand some people don't trust the super system, but it's the best way to save money legally and without much effort.


                        @od810: I use both (portfolio outside of Super), in-case something happens before I can withdraw Super, I made a big contribution last year and the tax return was massive, this year I plan to max it out to, I just worry about having enough for retirement even though I'm only 32.

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                  @Donaldhump: There's some nuances to the discussion that I'm going to drop here, not so much to correct you, but I think the general reader of the thread should appreciate.

                  1. The 32.5 versus 37 cent rate discussion and tax thresholds covered above related to Taxable Income (which is your assessable income after allowed deductions are applied). You would pay only 37% tax on the entire income from your 'extra' job that pushes you over the line into the new tax bracket, if you had no deductions relating to that job whatsoever.

                  Side note on deductions: The above Teachers/Dominos Pizza example is a prime case where taking on new type of work will open up a new class of deductions allowed in your return. Domino's requires you to use your car for travel and wear a uniform - boom, now there's travel, uniform and laundry expenses in your tax return, dragging that Taxable Income line down further.

                  2a. Having said that, this is why it's not very helpful to think about being pushed across lines from one tax band to the other - unless you've got a mental catalogue of your entire income and deductions at that moment in time - you're not going to know where you are anyway.

                  2b. And even if you do know you're exactly below the current tax line and can't earn any more before crossing that line, why exactly are you stopping yourself? Remember the tax man only gets a portion of your extra money - your bank balance will only increase from this moment as you continue to work. Choosing not to increase your bank balance at all to prevent the risk of the tax man getting extra money just seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. (I knew a coworker years back who steadfastly refused paid overtime work (and its bonus rates) because of "all the extra tax").

                  To take an extreme example, if someone offered you a million dollars to rake up the leaves on his lawn, would you say "And pay $500K in taxes? NO THANKS"

                  I agree with mskeggs' comment that it's ultimately a quality of life decision. I personally believe taking on casual work in a different field can feel 'different' enough that it doesn't feel like a continuation of the regular drudgery.

                  And don't make decisions based on how much the tax man's going to get out of you - he's always going to get his share. Death and taxes, remember.


                    @CrowReally: Of course I’d mow someone’s lawn for 500k, everyone has a price point, guess mine is 100 an hour before I’d bother.

                    But the money would be payable to a company taxed at 30 percent, then I’d quit work and pay myself 50k a year or whatever for the next 10 years, as an employee of bullsh.t mowing Ltd., assuming you can get rebates on the tax already paid, and that would do me for life.

                    But we all know that example is stupid.

                    One other smart way would be to claim the commute from job a to job b.

                    Going back to the dominoes example I doubt it’s worth your time even after deductions.

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                      @Donaldhump: And then you'd get a little tap on the shoulder from the ATO and a reminder that "PSI" stands for more than just pounds per square inch, but we digress. [Short version: No, that idea wouldn't work. Also, you were asked to rake up leaves, not mow his lawn. This sort of attention-to-detail mishap is why you're not making the big bucks. Meanwhile, Raking It In Garden Services is figuratively cutting your grass, confusing the metaphor even further]

                      The example isn't stupid, it emphasises the emotional and rational disconnect between earning extra income versus paying extra tax. Given tax is a constant across all your income from all sources and is unavoidable, it's stupid to add "but the tax" to a list of negatives when it comes to earning extra income. Extra income is always a net cash increase, period.

                      You nailed mskeggs' sentiment in your beginning and ending sentences: the individual personally decides what their time is worth. Note that tax isn't part of that sentence.


                        @CrowReally: Get a few more clients, psi problem solved.

                        I don’t make big bucks? Pretty bold assumption, happy to compare if it is an assumption you want to clear up.

                        Extra income isn’t always a net increase. If you drove 2 hours to earn 5 bucks I think you would have a net decrease. , given the commute isn’t tax deductible.

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                          @Donaldhump: The fact that you hadn't even heard of PSI (which has been around for twenty years) and tried to show off your clever planning in spite of this, suggests to me you aren't well placed to discuss the tax landscape. Something someone said at the start of this thread. Stick to discussing what you know — or did you pick that username for a reason?


                            @CrowReally: I know psi, hence the few more clients comment, or did I pluck that out of my ass too? it’s the same as ir35 in the Uk, another stupid assumption, anything else

                            The whole reason I do no more than 40 percent work at one client.


                              @Donaldhump: Alright, so when you said "Aw, me company would earn that money, then pay me a yearly wage, and I'd somehow get tax credits back (I think?)"

                              You really meant "Well, I'd do something I know for a fact hasn't been permitted for 20 years, also, I've don't know what franking credits actually are".

                              Stop proving to all of us you have no idea about any of this. I'm embarrassed of AND for you, and I'm sure there's other prepositions lining up for a chance.


                                @CrowReally: I know franking credits,

                                But my business always pays out full 100 percent every year between family members so never had to carry it forward.

                                I certainly apply franking credits to dividend income, but I pay an accountant to do my business and personal taxes

                                Psi isn’t permitted, but if you satisfy certain rules your not doing psi. Have 2 clients at 50 percent income each hour not doing psi.

                                • -1 vote

                                  @Donaldhump: Yeah, he's the one who should be on this thread, #yourwelcome


                                    @CrowReally: What’s next , so psi legally avoided even though I know nothing about it. Franking credits applied even though I know nothing about it. Took a couple of years off and got all franking credits back, even though know nothing about it. Thanks f… labour didnt get in. But I wouldn’t know of that.

                                    Happy to compare life if you need me to quell your assumption I’m not on the big bucks.

                                    I know nothing of this? Quiz me oh guru.

                                    For mskeggs had his effective tax rate wrong and never answered guess he couldn’t fess up, even though he drilled me for having the recently moved tax bracket wrong.

                                    My accountant is a female, your sexist and full of assumptions

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                                      @Donaldhump: Look, I'm sure some of us are comfortable taking hot tax law tips from people who forgot about PSI and then said "look, just get 2 clients, they can't touchya mate, I'm not bovvered, try an' nick me guvna, got 2 clients, nice try taxman, that's how you fix PSI".

                                      The rest of us might be thinking things like "Maybe this guy doesn't know what he's talking about", "Maybe the law is a bit more complex, and there's reasons why tax accountants and lawyers earn salaries dealing with these issues, and why there's million dollar lawsuits around these very cases still being decided", "Maybe if this was all so simple the dude himself wouldn't need to admit to paying his own accountant to do it for him".

                                      Even ruder people are thinking things like "What sort of idiot answers the question "How can I earn extra cash?" with "Don't, just relax and enjoy your spare time", but I'm not going to humour their plainly unkind thoughts here. I'm sure your answer, and the clusterscramble of incorrect tax advice you gave away following it, serves a purpose. Maybe to take a grain of salt your future wisdom? (shrug)

                                      Who can who's actually right, after all. It's a mystery, frankly unsolveable, so I guess I'm giving up?

                                      Oh, before I head off for good, any medical tips while you're at it? Toss in a few of those, might as well, right?


                                        @CrowReally: Use a warm knife, not a cold one to remove the penis from your head.

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                                      @Donaldhump: "For mskeggs had his effective tax rate wrong and never answered guess he couldn’t fess up, even though he drilled me for having the recently moved tax bracket wrong.

                                      My accountant is a female, your sexist and full of assumptions"

                                      Imagine if ms keggs turned out to be female. Imagine how ridiculous you would look.

                                      • -1 vote

                                        @CrowReally: Well luckily I know he is not, or has portrayed himself as male, any more assumptions? You assume an accountant is male is sexist as it comes. You need to address that mindset.

                                        You assume I am not on Big bucks, I’d love to compare payslips etc.

                                        Even ruder people are thinking things like "What sort of idiot answers the question "How can I earn extra cash?" with "Don't, just relax and enjoy your spare time"

                                        Well if you paid attention to the answer instead of calling me an idiot, you would see I gave multiple valid options, with the last of relaxing being the or option.

                                        • -2 votes

                                          @Donaldhump: Did a sneaky little "or has portrayed himself as male" get edited in to your first sentence, Donald? Getting a little nerrrrrrrvous about being proven blatantly wrong on an assumption of your own?

                                          For my own amusement, do you actually believe these little lies you tell yourself to avoid somehow being wrong?

                                          Crow: Would you earn 1 Million to pay 500K in taxes by raking a lawn?
                                          Donald: Yeah, of course. But I'd actually pay it into a company, and then to me, over several years, as a clever idea to give myself a company tax rate.
                                          Crow: You're not allowed to do that, there's rules.
                                          Donald: Y-yeah, I know about those rules. (quick Google) Well, I'd have 2 clients, you can do it if you have two clients.
                                          Crow: Well, there's actually a lot of rules.
                                          Donald: Yeah, but let's focus on the 2 clients rules. I could have 2 clients earning me 50% income each, no PSI.
                                          Crow: Oh, so the other client's paying a million as well?
                                          Donald: Y-yeah, there's 2 of them now. Successful business.
                                          Crow: You know if you want to take advantage of that rule you need to "make offers to the public", you know, run ads, have a website.
                                          Donald: Y-yeah, I already was doing that. Before the guy with the leaf problem came along.
                                          Crow: That's pretty clever planning, Donald.
                                          Donald: Exactly, I already had that business in place, established, with a million dollar raking client, before the guy spoke to me, and THAT's why my original answer wasn't wrong.


                                            @CrowReally: TLDR

                                            I thought you were going out, or was that a lie? You really can’t let shit go, I’m just stoked you find your time going out less valuable than ranting to a stranger which in your pea brain is full of lies. Demonstrates the lack of life you have. Made my day.

                                            Maybe you should do overtime.

                                            • +1 vote

                                              @Donaldhump: I was giving up on trying to discuss the complexities of the tax system with you. So we'll never know whether what you said was actually correct or just factually incorrect garbage (Narrator: Actually, the audience did know).

                                              Summing up the desperation with which you've grasped at straws rather than admit you're wrong is a separate matter. I'm quite enjoying this bit.

                                              I'm fine with your personal estimates of my own abilities, preferences, presence (or absence) of life and all the rest of your feedback - I've seen first hand how worthwhile your "wot i rekkons" are.

                                              If only you were gone January 21 as well.


                                                @CrowReally: So you going out or was that made up?

                                                P.s. I really don’t understand your rambling, and what is January 21? You will have to explain with an explanation as I don’t make assumptions and I’m an idiot remember, yet you feel the need to converse with me, as opposed to living life, so I guess that makes you have little value on life.

                                                Happy to upload any doco to quell your desire for factual financial standings in life. Have offered this several times, but you seem scared to take me up on the offer.


                                                  @Donaldhump: Apologies if you didn't understand. I limit this apology to purely what I have said, if I have to apologise for everything you don't understand I'll be stuck here all day.

                                                  Re: the date, I made a mistake, I meant January 20 - the date when the person with a similar name, Donald Trump, is 'kicked out' (or in the least replaced by Biden). Also, note how easy it was for me to admit to a mistake. No "but what I really meant" weasel words and writhing on the ground to try and remake everyone's view of what was said. Just admit a mistake, and move on. It's a rather elegant solution to the problem — but your psyche needs to permit it.

                                                  The reason I didn't bother with your real life doco nonsense is, well, pick one:
                                                  1. It's moving the goalposts (why is this now about how much we make - is someone keen to change subject and no longer discuss the thing they're currently being roasted on?)
                                                  2. It's irrelevant (if you ended up making $20K more than I did, does that make your blatantly incorrect answers $20K less wrong?)
                                                  3. Real life doxx, ew.
                                                  4. "Hey everyone, time to discuss how much I'm actually worth, and I'm well known for telling the truth and speaking plainly on here"


                                                    @CrowReally: So are you going out? That was an hour ago.

                                                    I’m only offering my info because you harp on about everything being fictional but make arrogant statements about not being on big bucks or not having a business etc. I’m just putting your tiny brain at ease, so you can move on and go out to your fictional social life. Seems like you happy to slander someone but when it comes to the crunch you have no balls. I never made it about this, you did!

                                                    You can also quiz me on any tax rules etc since you are the self professed guru and I’m an idiot on the matter, I want you to teach me and I want your guidance, as maybe I have been failing my whole life.

                                                    Hit me give me a short quiz.

                                                    • +6 votes

                                                      @Donaldhump: You guys want us to vote on who we think won the battle?

                                                      • +4 votes

                                                        @Calam05: yeh im keen

                                                        but the vote will be fraudulent if i lose


      Do people pay tax on side hustles?

      • +2 votes

        Donaldhump is doing it wrong.


          If declaring, but if you want cash in hand, and to forego the super, insurances that come with valid employment and risk an audit go for it.if it was so simple to get cash in hand why not do it mon to fri?

          Or why bother at all, enjoy life, you weren’t put on the planet to be working every dam day.


            @Donaldhump: You have super etc from your proper job. Cash money made on the side is the cherry in top.

            • +1 vote

              @brendanm: Until the ato bends you over, or you injur yourself at your side hustle, or cause damages with no insurance.


              @brendanm: Technically you could make an after tax contribution, having said that, I wouldn't bank any cash I got in hand because that makes it easier for the ATO to track (I imagine it would be hard to hid from the ATO if you earn a decent amount for a side hustle).


        Depends if the ATO know about it ;) I know that PayPal will warn you about tax obligations if you're getting close to having $1000 AU sitting in your account.

        • +3 votes

          ATO knows of all your paypal activities.

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            @plmko: Depends if you are engaging in a hobby or a "hustle".
            Pretty easy to demonstrate a hobby, if you spend time at it being paid less than your employment hourly rate, even if it makes some inconsequential income.

            If you were earning, say, $5k a year at a side hustle, I would suggest it would be hard to say it was a hobby only.

            The flip side, of course, if you could reasonably engage in a few hobbies that all made a bit of money.



              Pretty easy to demonstrate a hobby, if you spend time at it being paid less than your employment hourly rate, even if it makes some inconsequential income.

              Pretty much this!

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        You don't necessarily need to pay tax on all income but you generally would need to in most instances. Some income could be classed as capital gains and would still be taxed at your marginal rate, but you might be entitled to a 50% discount if the asset was held for more than a year. If the activity can be classed as a hobby, then it is tax free and you're laughing. If ever relevant, this ATO link will help you start making the distinction between being in business and a hobby and includes some other links to tax rulings etc. for further clarity. There is a link regarding online commerce and another to a decision making tool to help choose between business and hobby. If ever in doubt, the ATO utilises a few indicators to form a subjective opinion that you should be aware of. I believe that there are opportunities to take advantage of this rule, mainly if you're doing something creative or artistic, but you could possibly argue that selling produce at a market, promoting products on Instagram or even doing something like buying and selling classic cars could tick some of the boxes. If the government information is not enough, you can always google tonnes of articles and websites devoted to the topic, and if you're ever serious and in doubt, contact a tax professional for some advice. It is probably not applicable but I just thought it might be helpful if you are still trying to come up with ideas. There are of course also plenty of people who earn cash and don't report it but the ATO is collecting a lot of data these days from financial institutions and online platforms to catch some of these people out. My advice would be just to bear in mind that there could be a few considerations to not only be made around income tax, but also registering for GST and capital gains tax. For instance, if you rented out one room of your house on Air BNB and provided access to the pool, dining areas, bathroom etc. to your guests, then you could be up for CGT on the portion of the home that was used for income producing purposes. Record keeping, assumptions and apportionment calculations on top of the tax commitment might just tip the scales in favour of not participating in the activity. Just in terms of ways of generating a second income, I don't have many suggestions but I do work in business and know that there are quite a few people out there with transferable skills that could possibly be put to use. Not sure if you are primary or secondary, and if you hold a degree in a certain discipline and a Dip. Ed or if you just did a straight teaching degree, but that could affect your options. My thoughts were to possibly reach out to some recruitment and labour hire firms in areas you might be interested in to generate some ideas. There could be some project-oriented work or just plain data entry stuff that could be thrown your way. I did think about stuff like lawn mowing etc. but chances are that any customers you acquire would probably want a continuous service throughout the year. I noticed that someone has suggested utilising Social Media to generate income. I recall a maths teacher was on ABC a couple of months ago who initially setup a YouTube channel for some of his pupils but it inadvertently attracted a ridiculous number of global subscribers because he was pretty good at it. Just thought that might help if ever considering the opportunity that may exist in that space, but I guess you're not limited to any topic or content really. While looking into some work-related stuff regarding Social Media, I did come across what I recall were in-demand emerging freelance opportunities for people with skills in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). I think there were some online courses available to get up and running in these areas after quite a few hours of training and study, and the thought of being paid good money to work from home for a skill in short supply sounded somewhat appealing. Might be worth a look but sorry I probably can't be of much more help.

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          Phew! I can now breathe…

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            @RockyRaccoon: Huge untapped market for Editing and Proof-Reading particularly inserting paragraphs.

            Also, lesser known occupation of rescuing people from under wall of text.


              @holdenmg: Sorry I don't post much here and I didn't know if adding paragraphs was possible. I assumed that clicking enter might possibly post an incomplete comment, as I have experienced before in other online forums.

              Just had a few ideas to help the guy while I was a little tired and answer some misconceptions stated in this thread regarding taxation that may mislead users. I knew I'd cop some flack from other users (I know it is a fun topic!). I didn't want to be too be vague and I only posted the info for the guy and other people who might be truly interested.

              I mean, it would suck if the dude eventually sold his house and got hit with a $250k CGT bill just because no-one pointed this basic stuff out.

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          you lost me at "you don't" …


          Dude…you know there is a writing device called a paragraph? They make your work easier to read, separate ideas and will not put people off reading what you have to say.


          This reads supercalifragilisticexfialidocious to me.

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    Buy in bulk from Grays…
    Sell for more to Gumtree floobies !


      floobies? I'd love to know what that means


      Beau is that you?


      A lot of legwork…


        Which is what makes it interesting.

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    Offer private tutoring

    Take on a student teacher (not sure how this works exactly but my wife used to earn a bit of extra dough during the year when she was assigned a student teacher)

    Sell the answers to exams before the test (j/k)

    If you are good at writing, start a blog and monetize it

    Setup an online store selling teaching/pedagogical resources

    Mow lawns