Ideas of How I Can I Make Money on The Side?

I’m looking for things that I can do on the side to make extra money to save for a family. I currently work full time but I’m always looking for more to do especially given I have breaks from work throughout the year. Work is super busy but I like to fill any gaps I have particularly when school holidays come around. I don’t have kids and I love being busy all the time so I have time to fill particularly now that I’m on summer break.

I’m a teacher so my skill set is limited as far as being a handyman, and my car is pretty old so that rules out a lot of gig work. I’m good with computers and I’m not sure what else apart from teaching.

Any ideas??


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      Graphic designs using latest BMP technology

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      I collect inheritances from wealthy Nigerian princes.

      • What's the best email address to get their attention?

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      • Thanks! I think i might've seen this early this year but forgot about it

      • I’m interested to know how much dough OzB gets in referrals from Amazon a year!

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      buy price error items from ozb and re-sell

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      Nice try ATO. We all declare all our extra earnings.

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        Damn you got me!!

    • Crypto

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      Check the coin return tray in vending machines…

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        Or pay phones… Wait they're free now :/

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      I cook soups and other meals that can be frozen and reheated.
      Low salt, fresh ingredients, no preservatives.
      i also make jams, pickles and occasionally , a cake on order
      I sell to friends and their mates
      not a booming business but sufficient to keep me busy, and pays for visits to my dad in Qld

      • That's pretty cool, how did you start selling it to others?

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          started out selling to a mate, who had been around for dinner
          suggested i start selling meals, 3 generations of his family now eat my cooking from rabbit in mustard to plum and port jam
          he told other mates down at pub..voila

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      Always lurking in Facebook and Gumtree looking for those rare deals where the person either doesn't know what they got or really need money so I can swoop in grab a bargain then pass it on to the next person make a little profit each time 😄

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      I call places like SCA and buy up all their discontinued stock. Then I repost it on eBay and make a 2000% profit. Then I post about it on OzBargain and argue with everyone that says anything… about anything… to anyone…

      Did I tell you that I’ve been banned from buying from so many places because I buy so much of their stuff… I had to buy an aircraft hanger at Tullamarine just to house all the stock that I have bought…

      • Mate, reckon you could get me a cordless drill with your Trade Account? Cheers :)

      • Then I post about it on OzBargain to brag and argue


      • Awesome idea.

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      I collect cans and bottles for recycling. . I always have bags and have usual places to go, eg gas stations, shopping centres, car parks, bin nights