Ideas of How I Can I Make Money on The Side?

I’m looking for things that I can do on the side to make extra money to save for a family. I currently work full time but I’m always looking for more to do especially given I have breaks from work throughout the year. Work is super busy but I like to fill any gaps I have particularly when school holidays come around. I don’t have kids and I love being busy all the time so I have time to fill particularly now that I’m on summer break.

I’m a teacher so my skill set is limited as far as being a handyman, and my car is pretty old so that rules out a lot of gig work. I’m good with computers and I’m not sure what else apart from teaching.

Any ideas??


        • This reads supercalifragilisticexfialidocious to me.

        • A poster TLDR.

          Also time for a new keyboard, appears the [Enter] key broke.

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    Buy in bulk from Grays…
    Sell for more to Gumtree floobies !

    • floobies? I'd love to know what that means

    • Beau is that you?

    • A lot of legwork…

      • Which is what makes it interesting.

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    Offer private tutoring

    Take on a student teacher (not sure how this works exactly but my wife used to earn a bit of extra dough during the year when she was assigned a student teacher)

    Sell the answers to exams before the test (j/k)

    If you are good at writing, start a blog and monetize it

    Setup an online store selling teaching/pedagogical resources

    Mow lawns

    • Thanks good ideas. Not much going on in the school ‘off season’ at the moment. I’m thinking about the blog idea. Could be a good option.

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        Plenty of countries where school is not "off season" or people like to learn English from an Australian accredited teacher. From 5 billion internet users there must be at least like 10 who'd like to improve their English and can pay for private tutoring online.

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    Free podcast: "Write a Non Fiction Book On the Side":
    Actual e-book for free here:

    Basically the step by steps on how to make a short but helpful ebook on a subject you're knowledgeable about, then drop it on Amazon for $2 and get some clicks to earn passive income [for as long as you leave the book up there]. Doesn't require setting up a blog and annoying the shit out of everyone with clickbait updates on your mailing list and socials every 8 seconds, just write the book, kick it out the door and that's that.

    The author seems to be a genuine sort of person [as opposed to the USE THESE ECARD FUNNELS TO BECOME A INSTAGRAM INFLUENCER, I DID IT, AND YOU CAN TOO IF YOU BUY MY COURSE], and I was impressed with the cohesive steps and arguments put forward when I read this during Xmas break.

    I'd recommend downloading the e-book and reading it for twenty minutes - you'll decide if it's for you or not by that stage.

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      If you were to write a few such books yourself what would you write about CrowReally?

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        Well, the "best value" books are to write about areas in your own profession because you have a solid knowledge on the subject base, you know the sorts of problems you/your coworkers experience and if you start to get popular there's at least the option to advance your career because now you're "the published expert on X", which leads to more work in that field, and so on.

        Being a crow, my books would be

        • Black is the New Black
        • Caw Blimey: Sounds To Make When You're Surprised, Annoyed and Everything In Between
        • Tool Making: Not Just For Humans Anymore
        • Red Food, Black Feathers, White Dumps: The Internal Food Processing Colour Mystery
        • How To Host A Murder
        • Not Everyone Can Be A Soprano: Finding Your Place In Nature's Choir
        • You & The Writing Desk: Similarities
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          I feel like you deserve to be appreciated for the stunning body of work listed above… Whether the answer to a hypothetical or otherwise.

      • How to start an onlyfans account and make millions.

    • Thanks. I’ll think about this.

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    Crypto is being posted a lot here lately. You know, those coins that yoi can't physically hold but are worth $30,000 each.

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        • Bitcoin has had two profound peaks (Dec 17 & Now)

        • It has only really been around 5 years (whilst it was created about 10 years ago, nothing really happened in the first 5 years)

        • You would be better of buying it after its next crash. But in saying that it's possible it goes up a lot further in this peak so you should buy now whilst it's only $30,000. I wouldn't though as you have a lot less to lose if you buy after the next crash.

        • There is a good chance after the next crash, it will have another profound peak. But:
          a) You don't know when this will be so be prepared to hold for many years until it happens
          b) Nothing is guaranteed. It may crash and die.

        • When Bitcoin peaks, altcoins become popular again. These are an easy way to lose money as 99% of them will go to shit. But if risk and day trading is your thing, they can do crazy things in the short term and you could make a lot of money. You just need to get out before the music stops.

        • There are two referral offers going on which may be a good way to get started even if you just keep the small amount in BTC. At least you have your foot in the door (note there may be other promo offers for the two below links which may be better or that you may be able to combine):
          a) Luno: $20 bonus Bitcoin with $199 purchase of Bitcoin:
          b) Celsius: USD $20 bonus Bitcoin with USD $200 purchase of Bitcoin:

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        Bitcoin is the only currency you want to buy, but never sell. It just keeps going up in value.

        Sounds like a pyramid scheme to be honest, no thanks.

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          Yes it is. Once Tether blows up the price of bitcoin and all alt coins will plummet. The only question is when.

          • @Cluster: People have been saying this for 8 years. Meanwhile our government is printing money (this devaluing your hard earned money) and no one bats an eye.
            It’s not a pyramid scheme. Please look it up before making these unhelpful comments.

  • Lego.

    • what's your 75292 price on ebay?

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    Mowing lawns?

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      Thanks, scanning air tasker. Not much happening in my local area.

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    Get free stuff off gum tree and classifieds and repost for a small fee.

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    Only Fans


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      All you need is a good pair of feet too!

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        Long feet or foot long

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    uber driver prob the easiest

    • Easiest to replace with automation soon enough.

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        google alphabet own uber i think…you really think they would allow automation to occur? costly millions in infrastructure when they can basically earn money without evening paying for any sort of infrastructure etc

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          Google have spent billions researching self driving cars which makes the millions to operate a fleet one day look like a rounding error.

          • @AustriaBargain: TBH it would be interesting to see how much of that money is actually spent on civilian self driving cars.

            Wouldn't be surprised if most of that technology is going to the military, AI etc - where they would earn a lot more and still keep their uber for civilians.

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              @funnysht: It only took three years for the microprocessor to go from being a top secret hugely expensive experimental endeavor for the F-14 flight and targeting controller, to appearing in mass produced calculators you can buy in any shop.

              • @AustriaBargain: Yes but expanding their use wouldn't necessarily be a financial disaster for the company that produces it?

                • @funnysht: I'd think the demand for self driving cars is greater than the demand for microprocessors was in 1970. Everyone keeps saying self driving cars will never happen in our lifetime because of safety reasons and we'll need to re-lay all our roads with microchips and such, but why would Apple, Google, et al. invest billions in something that isn't going to happen any time soon. Google is taking billions more in external funding according to that Wikipedia article, what are these people investing in, it can't be just for the near future military applications.

                  • @AustriaBargain: Yes it can be.

                    The Defense Department will also spend $21 billion on munitions and $107 billion in new technology research. Additional funding goes to each department for readiness development.

                  • @AustriaBargain: Google taking external funding. It isn't like they are short on cash. Just might mean they can't make it work and derisk by keeping a small stake rather than have to plough cash into something that has a long shot at working.

      • Maybe in Austria but not in Austraya…

      • While self driving developments by Google and Tesla are incredibly impressive, we are a long way from a vehicle that can handle 99.99% of driving situations. 'Hey passenger, I can't handle this situation, you drive!' is not a viable solution.

        • Yes.

          Like the idea of self flying planes. Would people feel at ease of they knew there is no pilots and the code is written by coders on the ground that have never flown?

          People should read up on 737 Max and how accident happened because software was used as a solution to a problem with recycling an old design. Then you don't tell the operators (pilots) what you did.

          • +1

            @netjock: You could also read up about the quality assurance shortcuts that were taken in the process. Not telling the pilots was the last horrible mistake in a long list of them.
            And still most planes fly today almost completely autonomously with very few crashes (737 max excepted).

            Self driving cars are not a distant reality.

            • @AncientWisdom: Tell it to the families of people who died. It is easy to type if you didn't have a loss.

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                @netjock: What about all the families that died in car accidents that would have been avoided if both cars involved were self driving cars with the technology we have today? Must be many thousands of families who suffered avoidable deaths. Thousands every single year in Australia alone.

                • @AustriaBargain: Avoidable by whom? The human hands of the driver (they paid the price and responsible) or some coder sitting a desk in some offshore IT centre (they get away and company might get a fine or pay compensation)?

                  Outsourcing the responsibility for your safety and expect perfection is just a dream.

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                @netjock: Not sure what's your point. The losses are a tragedy, whether caused by computer malfunction or human error.

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      My car is 15+ years old.

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        The best way to save money and also save the planet is to keep your old car as much as you can…not what car dealers want ppl to know

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        for food delivery like ubereats, you only need to have a car built after 1990

  • sell body?

    • Sell your soul?

    • I'm pretty sure grave robbing is no longer a viable side gig.

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    Change main career

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    I work a primary job and also have two side hussles. I'm only working the primary until I can replicate its salary with either one or both of the side hussles for a year.

    At that point, I expect the hussles will be stable enough for me to resign from my primary job.

    What is your vision for side hussle or indeed your long term working plan?

    My side hussles have me working a lot less for greater return when compared to my primary job.

    The above is in addiction to property and share investments.

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      The above is in addiction to property and share investments.

      Addiction sounds about right

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      Would be helpful to OP to mention what your two side hussles actually are

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        two side hussles or hussies?
        hussies can be a hassle…
        get a hustle or two…

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        you would think that.

      • Spell checking?

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    Tutoring after hours or weekend

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    Sell feet pics on OnlyFans

  • Selling your soul/butthole on onlyfans seems popular..

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    Sell anti-5G cream online

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    Sex work.

  • How much do families cost? Where do you buy them? Do they come with a warranty?

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    Sell all your stuff you don't use on Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.
    I cleared my house, not only it looks less cramped now but I also made quite a sum doing it (please don't tell ATO!).
    Rememeber - CASH IN HAND ONLY, no bank or PayPal transfers or you deserve to be scammed.

    • +1

      Thanks. I’m pretty minimalistic so I have very little to sell. I will do another search though!

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      Pretty sure selling your unwanted stuff is not counted as income to the ATO

      • -1

        Sounds like a loophole waiting to be abused.

        • Make a painting yourself as a hobby
        • Keep in your house for half a year, another half a year in basement because you don't need it anymore
        • Say you got tired of it and decided to sell on gumtree
        • It just so happens someone is willing to pay $20,000 for it (you have no affiliation with the person buying as far as ATO needs to know)
        • Get $20,000 tax free because you are selling unwanted stuff
        • I'm not sure that it applies in this particular example, but there are many examples where if the intent is not running a business then any windfalls are tax exempt. The reason for this being that there are entire categories where the ATO don't want to allow tax deductions, and that means they don't tax capital gains on them either.

          As an example, I bought a luxury car at auction about a year ago. I really enjoyed it as a weekend drive for a year, and then made about $6k profit when selling it. Since ATO doesn't want you to claim capital losses on vehicles, they don't tax the gain.

          Again, the catch here is the intent (or pattern) where if it strays from being a hobby you could get yourself in hot water.

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    what area are you in?

    • Ballarat

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    Sell teaching resources on teachers pay teachers
    I buy second hand stuff, repair, and resell on eBay. Make about an extra $1000 a month before tax doing this.
    We have an investment property that is almost positively geared just due to interest rates atm. Cant say we are making much of a return though tbh. Not sure if it is worth the hassle.
    Bitcoin… that has been good to us, bitcoin reached all time high a few days ago.

    In terms of saving, read the barefoot investor. Join your local buy nothing group on Facebook. Bulk out your regular meals with veggies to stretch them. For example we eat beef patties at least once a fortnight. I add grated carrots and lentils to the meat to make it go further. Shop the specials and buy up when your staples are half price.

    • Good ideas thanks!

      • Do you work in a private or government school? You cannot sell your resources you use for your class (on sites like teachers pay teachers) as everything you make/use for your class belongs to the department.

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    I'm not sure where you are located but if you are in Victoria the Department's tutor program might be something worth investigating.

    At this stage there is limited info about how it will operate. We are looking at running it at the end of the school day (adjacent to the day) and also as a withdrawal/remediation prgram for identified students. Of course something like that would be unlikely to suit you if you are already full time as a teaching staff member, but perhaps some schools will be organising evening classes. Also - need to check out the requirements/limitations for being a tutor if already emplyed by the department.

    take a look at info here if you are in Victoria.

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    Tutoring and/or run school holiday programs/group eg maths, science, handwriting, creative writing - whatever you feel competent to teach that you think there’s a market for with as many kids as you think you can handle.

    Start a cleaning business, once you get a good enough customer base hire others to do the cleaning, you take your cut run the marketing/bookings etc.

    Casual job doing something totally different, car park attendant, bar work, cleaner, night fill, labouring. Bonus if you can find something you enjoy or learn a new skill.

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      Do camps, parents would give an arm and a leg to get some peace.

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    A lot of people are saying tutoring but I have private tutoring a go and it was honestly shit.

    Parents would cancel at the drop of a hat and recouping money was hard. Plenty of times I would receive texts on the way saying they had to cancel etc etc.

    • +2

      Ask for money up front. Have a cancellation policy. Teach parents like kids, the ones who don't listen expell them.

      • +1

        In my experience it was hard to ask for payment upfront unless you had a serious tutoring resume. Proof of ATAR scores, referals etc. Starting off nobody seemed interested in paying before, hence it was so easy for them to cancel.

        By all means OP should try it if they are good at a VCE subject, particularly english or maths but it isn't as easy as people think.

        If I was to do a side hustle now it would have to be online involving minimal human interaction.

        • +1

          True but lucrative businesses are hard to establish. It is like pushing crap up hill.

          • @netjock: Very true, once established it can be quite rewarding and require minimal effort, like most things!

        • +1

          If someone else was managing the scheduling/chasing payment/telling parents late cancellation - soz sirs you've forfeited your fees, would that have improved your experience with doing this as a side hustle?

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    It's probably been said a bunch already but one way is to find something you can buy and sell for a profit.

    If the profit margin is low you will have to rely on a high volume of sales. Otherwise you can buy and sell a lower volume if your profit margin is higher

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    Do Uber Eats food deliver. Don't believe there is a car age limited. They even let people deliver who can't ride bicycles or have no brakes.

  • +1

    Furry porn can be extremely lucrative. So, y'know, if that floats your boat…

  • +5

    whichever you do, don’t take on anything that will make you very stressed, is not worth your spare time.

  • +6

    Wasn't Walter White a teacher too?

    • +1

      Are you a Science or Chem teacher ?

  • +2

    Applying for a job in the army/defence force reserves might be a good option for you.
    Tax free pay, work in the evenings or weekends only, $600 or so dollars each year for 'health' allowance (can spend it on whatever though).
    Your breaks during holidays would be perfect to attend the training courses ( usually 2 to 4 weeks).
    Potential for lots of additional income by taking up various jobs to support full time staff ( eg as a driver or in admin).

    • +1

      I wouldn't recommend joining the ADF for finanical gain. You'd be better off getting a weekend job at a bar or cafe (when open again).

      • Considering his primary profession, this might not be a bad option as I'd assume teachers would receive extra paid leave for reserve courses (I know government employees do).

        I agree though that financial gain shouldn't be your primary objective for this line of work or you might be disappointed.

  • +2

    Particularly group sessions.

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