This was posted 9 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PS4, Preowned] Resident Evil 3 & More $9 Each @ EB Games


Not bad price for a good game. Its pre owned but at this price I think it's worth it.

Also thanks to all comments bellow:

Desperados III (preowned) $9

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (preowned) $9

Borderlands 3 $9

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe for $9

Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4 (preowned) for $5

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    Desperados III (preowned) $9

    Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning (preowned) $9

    There are a few pretty good games pre-owned for $9 by the looks.

  • thanks got a copy

    • Great price. Free ps5 version as well.

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    I watched a mother of 2 pay $99.95 at EB in April for this.

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      It’s how they’re still in business

    • How old were the kids? This game is not really for kids.

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        Seems parents don't really care these days…

        • -2


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    As short as the game is, and despite content being cut from the OG RE3, it is absolutely worth checking out for that price.

    • So this is just remastered original RE3? same storyline and play?

      • no, a complete remake like 2019's RE2, the overall storyline is roughly the same, but some changes/addition/removal here and there.

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    Delivery $14.95

    What is EB smoking?

    • Thanks for saving my time…

      • It's a full remake, not just a remaster. Ie along the lines of the excellent RE2 remake from the year before. Just much shorter, by all reports (I haven't played it myself).

        Here's hoping they remake Dino Crisis next :D

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          Err.. Sorry, that was supposed to be a reply to the comment above. This is why we don't comment on stuff at 2am, kids :P

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      Means it's being shipped from a store via a courier. They charge $5.95 when it's coming from their warehouse via AusPost which is a lot slower.

    • Yeah I was loving $9 until that popped up. I can wait.

  • Got one C&C. Thanks, OP.

  • This is the price for the PS4 version, seems to be heaps of copies. But for Xbox One, seems to be rare.

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    Also Wolfenstein: Youngblood (preowned) for $8

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      The deluxe version is $9 new

      • Looks like some kind of Summer sale kicked in as we were commenting

    • Is this game any good? Reviews seem quite mixed.

      • It's actually not too bad (I only played the campaign). If you play it with a view of a playing an expansion pack to the original Wolfenstein s then you won't be disappointed….

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    Maybe put platform (PS4, XB1, PC, Switch) into title, as appropriate, please.

  • Thanks OP! Got RE3 :)

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    Thanks OP for the updates.
    I also absolutely have to recommend Dishonored Definitive Edition PS4 (preowned) for $5 if you haven't played it on PS3.

    It's an incredible game (think Assassin's Creed in FPS) (and I don't really like AC). It's very well done and you have countless ways to finish every level, choose between stealth and carnage.

    Also looks like EB has Prey (from the same developers) for $9.
    For once, EB is cheaper than my local Cashies.

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      Prey was $2 only at EB only a little while ago. They raised the price again which is quite interesting.

      • Ooh thanks for letting me know, I'll definitely keep an eye on it.

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    $10 - $20 is about right for RE3 considering how short it is and no replay value.
    RE2 remake was a huge success but instead of investing more money in the RE3 remake they lowered the budget and rushed it out. It's too disappointing, they had the blueprint to make a remake that would become a modern classic.

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      RE3 was done by a different team alongside RE2.

      It's why they're miles apart in quality. I finished RE3 in 2 hours on the Nightmare difficulty my first play through. It was a joke.

      I always thought RE 3 was a lamer version of RE 2 (no dual playthrough etc) but these guys took it to a next level. And Nemesis was less scary than Mr X…. -_-

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        RE3 was a huge let down coming off the hype of RE2, but at $9, why the hell not (I paid $29 a few months ago iirc).

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      They figured the multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance would make it worth it, but the problem is that game is pretty much dead in AU.
      Shame because it seems somewhat fun, but they should have sold it as a stand-alone $20 multiplayer game and put more money into making RE3 worth full price.

  • Thanks OP grabbed a few games. Had monkey King on my wishlist for some reason so for 5 bucks it should be ok

  • Cheaper then a Big Mac meal, why not. Ordered one , thx

    • And the disc and packaging would probably provide better nutrition, too :D

  • Any Special price on PC Version ??

  • Just finished this game. Good game at $9, I paid $39 new which is probably not worth it given it’s only really 10 hours of entertainment (however the cinematics are quiet good)

    I’m after President Evil 2 which is supposed to be a better game which is on sale new for $29 at EB but there aren’t any copies left anywhere. Ridiculously though EB has them preowned for $36 and refuse to reduce the price to match new

    • PS4 or XB1? JB have XB1 version for $29. No listing for PS4 but your local store may have some left?

      • Sorry PS4 copies all gone. Apparently it’s $29 at JB too but I have EB gift cards to burn. Another option is to use the EB gift card to buy PS store credit (it’s $21 on the PS store) but I’m not sure you can do that?

        • I'm fairly certain I have used EB gift cards to buy PS cards before.

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      Which President Evil are we talking about? Trump or Biden?

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      President Evil 2 fortunately does not happen as President Evil must leave office on 20 January 2021!

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    Borderlands 3 preowned also $9 on Xbone -

    Saints Row IV Re-elected preowned $9 on Nintendo Switch -

  • Why no Xbox deals in these?

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    Also $4.95 for Darksiders 3

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    No costume MOD no deal

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    My ps4 collection has really built up this holiday/black Friday season. Keep em coming, thanks op

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    Can highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles 4 for $5.

  • just picked my copy up, it says 9 dollars on the sticker. Has it been on 9 dollars for a while?

    • Sticker was probably stuck on the game just prior to notifying you to come and pick it up.

  • Not many for the $9 pre owned.

    $20 on Xbox One however:

    Picked one up with C&C. I almost bought this game on the Xbox store for $31 last night. Glad I didn't haha.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Picked up Borderlands 3. Not a huge fan of the series but for $9 and a free ps5 upgrade, it had to be done.

  • EB online get rid of the worst of their pre-owned stock, the stuff that looks too scratched up to sell in-store. I usually receive the ones without original case.

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      I was lucky😀 original case and disc is in perfect condition.

  • Thanks, OP.

    Picked up Resi and Borderlands. Contemplated Kingdom Hearts 3 and The Handsome Collection at the same price, but didn’t pull the trigger.

    Few more decent titles (new and pre-owned) for <$20. Worth a browse.

  • Should probs add the 14.95 shipping. At least desperados didn't have any pick up available in Melb. Why don't they come to their senses?

  • Thanks, bought RE3 and Kingdoms of Amalur locally. Thought about Borderlands 3 but I'd rather play it on PC, and performance on PS4 split screen still doesn't seem great from what I hear.