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CLEARANCE on our line of stock


As per PEScience website:

PES Alphamine is one of the most highly regarded fat burners on the market and for good reason better yet. Some of the biggest benefits are:

Appetite suppression
Increased thermogenesis and fat burning
Superior mental focus
Enhanced energy
Incredible Value
Alphamine is the source of energy for anyone and everyone. While energy drinks and caffeine are on every corner, Alphamine delivers unparalleled taste and formula. Now with the human research-backed combination of energy, thermogenesis and leaning.

Each scoop contain a full serving of theanine to provide mental focus, improved sleep, boosted mood and enhanced weight loss.

One serve will have your energy levels running on high and your metabolic engine room running on overdrive, burning more calories than you normally would of otherwise. This, over time, when combined with a sound nutrition and training protocol will get you into the caloric deficit you require to assist in losing body fat. Alphamine will have you energised, focused and in fat burning mode. It even has a kick ass taste too!

Are you lacking energy? Need motivation for early morning exercise? Struggling to lose that unwanted body fat? Finding it hard to suppress those food craving? PES Alphamine Advanced may just be what you are looking for.

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  • These are never a bargain no matter how many times you post them

  • Pro evolution soccer alphamine?

  • does this work? curious

    • No it doesn't. In useless doses. Lose fat by putting the fork down.

    • Would you like to buy a used car from me ?

      In all seriousness, there has been research that shows some correlation between specific amino acids and the feeling of "fullness" which can suppress appetite. However this research is still very early, and there's a connection to the enzymes created in the mouth during consumption of food as well as the taste of the food as well. Certain fats in the food may also help in the process. It's still early days an there's no real results available yet.

      Also - these L-type amino acids have nothing to do with "concentration", "energy" (that's just the caffeine added) or "incredible value" so I guess they're just lies tacked on for marketing.

      So does this work ? You'd be very very lucky if it does.

      Would I try a random untested pill ? Probably not.

  • Caffeine kinda works, it's extremely cheap too.

    I wouldn't waste my time with other stuff other than a good diet.

    If you need to eat less, just drink a glass or two of water if hungry and it's actually not time to eat.

  • None of them are $32.12?

    Lol @ whoever reported this is as illegal