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Dr Martens Shoes / Boots $119 + Shipping ($0 over $120 Spend) or Store Pickup @ The Walking Company


Was online shopping for some quality Leather Shoe for work
and come across this Dr Martens - End of Lease sale by the Walking Company
Join their mailing list to get $10 off
or if you are instore quote the coupon code "LEASE" and you can save $10 too.

all Dr Martens shoes/ boots capped upto $119 only.
There are other discounted shoes too but sizing & model will vary

Free Delivery only applies for orders over $120 though.

Here's the one model i'm considering for…

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  • Made in China now not England I accidentally bought a pair and the leather was horrible, couldn't wear them in

    Unless things have changed, quality is not anything like the old ones made in England and therefore hard to justify premium prices

  • these look heavy. are they?

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      As far as shoes go they are because of the hefty soles. The vegan ones are a bit lighter than the regular ones I think though.

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        thank you

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    Vegan is not real leather either so durability would suffer

    • thanks

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    Brilliant! Thank you for posting, I have been waiting over a year to get vegan Docs in my size but never wanted to pay the $250+ and they never seemed to be on sale.

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    Ignore the haters and buy yourself some nappa lether docs. You don't need to spend 6 months wearing them in, and they feel great. Wear is not as good as the smooth leather, but overall a much better experience - especially at $120. I wear them all day every day at work, and regularly do 15k steps a day. A pair lasts me 18-24 months.

    (Add in some $4 laces to get free shipping - total cost $123).

  • Thanks OP - jumped in and bought a new pair of 1460 - bargain at this price