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iPhone 12 Mini 128GB Black/Red/Green $1199 + Delivery/Pickup @ Officeworks


I've been monitoring iphone 12 mini for my partner and found out that officeworks is having them $80 (about 6.5%) off RRP.

Best discount on (latest) iphone I have seen is 11% so I am still waiting for that.

Just posting this here in case anyone is interested.

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    Great phone.
    Super quick operation & Face ID unlock

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      Surely the selling point is 5G because the XR can do both what you said for 1/2 price.

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        WOW you just saved me money! GOD BLiSS woootwooowoooot

      • Surely the selling point is 5G because the XR can do both what you said for 1/2 price.

        How dare you. Blasphemy!

      • Plus OLED & quicker processor, amongst plenty of other things

      • +10

        The selling point for me is the size, as well as the best in market camera and video recording. Absolutely amazing phone. 5G is neither here nor there unless you download lots of massive files. Web pages won’t load any faster because 4G loads faster than web pages need.

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      I'm using 12mini upgraded from 11pro.
      it's pick of the lot for many users like myself.

      • I am using 11 pro, considering upgrade to 12 mini. Only worry about battery, how is your experience so far?

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          Battery is pretty good for my usage.
          Unless you are a power user like some of the reviewers who have given it negative publicity (I think click baits), I personally haven't found any issues getting through the day.

          I hotspot at work average 3.5-4.5 hours of screen time a day and charge at night.

          Only time I can recall it chewing a lot was using Google maps but then again it's no different with any other device.

          Hope that helps you decide.

        • I absolutely love my 12 mini.
          At first I was a bit hesitant because of the battery and initially it was probably the only down side but not a huge problem.
          Having said that ever since updating iOS to 14.4 beta there has been an amazing improvement in battery life and it is absolutely not an issue!

        • I have had one for five weeks and absolutely love the performance in a small package. Upgraded from a battery degraded performance managed iPhone 7 and I am amazed at the difference in performance of even simple things like scrolling and launching apps. Something you don’t notice until you use a newer more powerful phone but still. Photo quality is fantastic too, and the screen of course is larger in a smaller form factor than the iPhone 7 I had previously.
          There are only two negs for me, and they aren’t biggies.
          I don’t use a case, and the blue glass on the back really shows finger smudges (a case of course would fix this).
          The other is the battery life. This is the obvious trade off for a phone this size, as a smaller form factor must have a smaller battery. That said, it gets me through most days without effort and with half a charge, even using wireless carplay. The only day it struggled to do so, I had web browsed for four hours, streamcasted a a 39 minute Vimeo video wirelessly to a Samsung TV, used wireless Carplay for an hour, travelled in the afternoon to the spotty coverage area of The Channon and took multiple photos and slow motion videos of Protest Falls and Terrania Creek (the late afternoon rainforest is wonderful after rain, and this day was enhanced with a bunch of Brazilian bikini clad backpackers at the foot of the falls, who knew there are still a few around?), a few phone calls and texts and dealt with about 40 emails. It still had 28% at the end of the day.
          But you will keep an eye on charge more than on a larger phone because you know it will be more of an issue than a larger battery in a larger phone. And even though I find it isn’t a problem now, what will it be like in three years’ time with newer, heavier demand versions of iOS and apps than now, when the battery will be getting old and degraded? A first world problem to be sure, but it is a very small back of the mind worry none the less when otherwise you just love using this great little phone.

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        I'm just curious about the logic. You get the 11pro mostly for the camera….3 lenses and especially the zoom.
        I like the mini and have the 11pro. Just wondering why you and belrose think this way.

        Not being critical as I also was interested. I ended up buying a second hand 11pro as an upgrade to my smashed older phone but looked at mini as the alternate choice

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          I did the same - 11 pro to 12 mini - and losing the telephoto camera is pretty irrelevant because most of the time when zooming on the 11 pro it’s actually not even using the telephoto lens as it’s a smaller lens with worse picture. You can test this by covering up the telephoto and then zooming.

          The 12 mini also takes better pictures from its main camera than the 11 pro.

          I got the 11 pro for the size mainly too, the third lens wasn’t too big of a factor since it’s such a small zoom and yeh had read it usually doesn’t use it.

          • +2

            @MrFunSocks: MrFunSocks is spot on and I can not agree more.

            Exact same reasons I justified the upgrade.
            Telephoto is not very useful as I learnt after reading up and comparing side by side with my mates 12mini and the extra juice and camera upgrade is well worth it especially in that compact form factor.

            The weight distribution and design of the mini is unreal.

            I have the California poppy wallet with blue apple case and just love it.

            I find it just the right size for one hand use. It's the best iphone I've owned since the iP7 (but that's just me)

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          I got the 11 pro as it was the smallest iPhone with the latest specs. I sold the 11 pro last month, got the 12 mini and couldn't be happier.

          I was seriously considering the 2020 FE as it got the latest specs at the time and fingerprint unlock (face id is useless with masks).

        • wow, thanks for the replies

          sounds like an awesome phone

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      I got the 12 Pro Max, but my second choice would have been the Mini. The Mini is the right size for a phone imo. The Pro just had the right camera for me.

    • +44

      Exactly! They finally made phone for people who prefers tiny phone!

      Happy to see that happens!

      • Dw phones in the future will integrate with your hands

      • +6

        This. I was looking for a replacement for my partners OG iPhone SE, was hugely disappointed to see how much the SE 2020 had grown in size.

        The 12 mini comes somewhere in the middle of the two and while she'd still prefer it smaller, it's at least smaller and lighter than the SE 2020, yet has a bigger display. Really a perfect phone for someone who doesn't watch movies/play games and just wants a working communication device with a decent camera that doesn't need replacing every 2 years to keep getting security patches.

    • +18

      mini even, one might say.

      • +1

        claps and plus votes for you, good sir.

    • +1

      It's not tiny - other phones are too big!
      You can use it with 1 hand which is most important thing to use a phone and it doesn't damage pockets , u can always get an ipad to watch videos with the extra bucks …

      • i can use plus with 1 hand… whatchu sayin'?

        • What about Max? you will need to swipe from top and bot which needs to move your hand position.

      • sounds like you just have small hands

        • +1

          I can use ipad mini with 1 hand too, my point is comfort .

        • It prob makes things look bigger

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    Was literally shopping around for one of these last night .. but no blue! :(

    • +10

      Buy a blue case

      • +5

        I go caseless - livin' on the edge haha

        • Get a blue skin for it?

        • +5

          I concur. What is the point of a sleek phone if you're just going to cover it with a bulky case.

          • @wellzi: Plenty of slim cases that offer good protection, e.g. -

            • +1

              @MiscOzB: You're not wrong. I've had my iPhone 12 Pro fall out of my pocket on several occasions now, hitting the metal feet of my chair before floorboards. Not a mark to be found!

              • @wellzi: Depends on how it falls. The metal legs on my office chair (the thing which the wheels are connected to) are exactly what shattered my phone screen (even with a TG protector).

        • Steve Jobs thought metal looked beautiful when it wears through use. Thought it was a shame to cover up Apple's beautiful phones with a case that hides most of it. I use a bumper because I don't want to cry like a baby if I drop it, but I see where he's coming from.

        • I'd recommend one of these
          A bit pricey but they go on sale/have discount codes pretty often.

  • Where did you see the 11% discount before?

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    Wow been 16 minutes now and still no clowns.

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        I don't know whether to be scared or aroused…

        • Well the clown isn't wearing anything underneath, so you have your answer.

      • Looks like a happy Green Goblin

    • Plenty of clowns from your circus mate

  • +4

    Mini phone with mini sales.

    • +1

      That will likely change once word gets around how good it actually is.

  • Ty got three

    • why not four?

      • Not flexing until you buy 7 for each day of the week.

        • +2


        • +2

          Umm the page says limit of 5 per customer.

          • @Trishool: But, my 2-year old niece is a customer - of course it'll work!


  • Only Green left. Probably not the most desirable colour.

    • Shows all still in stock…

    • Are you looking at the 64GB version or the 128GB version?

      • 128 GB version. Just checked again and can see other colours now. Not sure what happened :/

  • Damn, just bought one. Surprised to see a discount at all?

    • +1

      Maybe because they are not that good from the non-biased reviews. Battery life sux.

      • +2

        I have one. Battery seems fine? What is your experience? Being able to use with one hand, easily fit in pockets with the latest in cameras, dual sim sold me

        • Dual sim?

          • +1

            @spedohero: 1 esim 1 physical sim

            I use an AU esim and NZ physical

      • The battery life is fine.

      • Is that from personal experience or someone else’s opinions?

        I’ve been using it and battery life has been fine considering it’s performance.

      • The battery life is quite good for the size, in fact impressive given the screen size. But it will not last as long as bigger batteries in bigger phones. I am surprised people aren't aware of this laws of physics trade off and say it is a neg.

        I get down to 50% most days, which is a bigger consumption that my wife’s XS Max but light years’ better than my old iPhone 7 which was bigger and had a smaller screen.

  • Wife has one, seems pretty solid so far. Particularly the camera, knowing it has less bells and whistles compared to the pro but it captures some pretty great shots.

  • +4

    If you go JB, they'll beat it and if you have GC's, even better!

  • was looking to buy a 128gb red 12 normal earlier and it sold out in my cart :/

  • Man remember these used to be $999?

    • You mean $729, right? 😂

      • -1

        Not worth that, but fools be fools!

  • +5

    I have the green mini from launch - first time iPhone ever after Google Nexus, Pixel 1, 2, etc.

    Why I got it:
    - It's the right size, it's not small at all. Have a test feel in an Apple store.
    - It's light-weight, the Pro versions are so much heavier.
    - It's really snappy & optimised - the same processor as the rest of the lineup; the apps have not crashed a single time.
    - The Apple haptics is amazing!

    What I dislike about it:
    - Fingerprint unlock is IMO better than Facial.
    - Battery life is allegedly 1 hour less than the 12 regular.
    - Lightning charging cable is a hassle sometimes (vs type C).

    • +4

      Glad Apple did this so the dumbshits in china-copy-land realise not everyone has eye sight issues and a phone that is 7" in size.

      • +1

        To be fair the 6.1" iPhone 12 is smaller than my 5.8" Nokia 7.1. Screen size does not translate to the phone size as the edges are still getting smaller.

    • +1

      Given you experience with this iPhone, and prior experience with Google phones, which would be your pick between your current iPhone 12 mini and the pixel 5?

      • My main reason to stick with Android is Google assistant is better than Siri.
        Although I'm finding google not always answering on my S9.

      • +1

        I have read/watched a bunch of reviews before buying, I too compared especially those two.

        The reviews I have watched deem both cameras to be excellent - which is important to me.

        My previous concerns before 'making the switch' was not bad. Apple has made an app to bridge the transfers from Android - the current UI is even quite similar to Android's. I continue to use Google Drive/Photos/Gmail/Docs etc., on the 12 mini.

        I probably would have stuck to Pixel 5 (which has excellent reviews) if I didn't also want to try the Apple series 6 watch - which has been life-changing to me, it is a really good watch (and it doesn't feel Apple) it's just got a lot of good functionalities on the wrist.

        • I have usually been very keen to get the latest iphone, but not feeling the want with the current iphone. Seriously considering the pixel 5, hopefully next time JB have a new Telstra promo with a $99 pixel 5 on a 12 month plan

    • Your 3 dislikes are easily fixed.
      I use a MagSafe charger and have disabled face unlock. Update your iOS to 14.4 and battery not a problem.

      • it doesn't have fingerprint sensor, does it?

        • No but I don't lock the screen. The benefits of simply swiping up far outweigh the perceived risks as I don't leave my phone lying around in public spaces.

  • +2

    It's smaller physical size than the iphone 8 but with more screen real estate… best of both worlds.

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