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Humble Indie Bundle 4! Pay What You Want for 7 Awesome Indie Games!


This is definetely the best Indie Bundle, with Super Meat Boy and Bit.Trip Runner being big big indie games, as well as a few smaller titles that are making big waves, such as CaveStory+ and NightSky HD.

As always guys, please be super generous!

Full List of games: Gracious Space Battles, CaveStory+, Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, Super Meat Boy, Shank and Night Sky HD.
First two are only if you pay over the average which is currently $4.97.

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  • I am humbled yet again…

  • Are NightSky HD and Nightsky different games? I already own Nightsky

    • As far as I know, yes

    • NightSky HD is an "upcoming free update to NightSky". So buying it as part of this bundle just means you get to try it before others.

      • So do you get Nightsky as well as the update? Else it's not useful unless you already own the original Nightsky.

        • My Steam install just shows Night Sky. Off to work so I'm too lazy right now to see if it is different to the direct download.

  • Super cool bundle!

  • LOL Gracious Space Brothers, I had to double check the other game titles for intentional mistakes but no, just that one. Still hilarious!

    I think you mean Gratuitous Space Battles.

    Great bundle.

    • So, uh… lets just move along, nothing to see here.

      Haha it was around 5.30 or something when I submitted it, was tired as hell. Now can't sleep due to CaveStory+.

  • Great bundle - I picked up the original one, but didn't play many of the games, so didn't bother with bundles 2 and 3, this one on the other hand has some titles I'm definitely interested in playing!

  • I have all of them (except the introversion one), this one is the best.

    They are going to make huge $$$ - Already the average price is up around $5, even the windows people (me included) are paying a good price this time!

    • Just wait till word gets around that a new bundle is out, then all the tighta**es will bring the average all the way down to ~$3.

      • Well so far the tighta**es are losing fortunately.
        But you are right, I wouldn't be surprised to see a horde of 1c purchases.

        I know they like the "pay what you want" but I would totally support a caveat where you have to pay at least 1/2 the current average.

        Price has gone UP to 5.30 average now. 159000 sales too, not bad for day 1.

  • awesome will keep the kids entertained for a while :)

  • First time I've not received my bundle key immediately after purchasing, will be interesting to see how quickly they can remediate.

    • My email took about 23 mins - way slower than normal.

      However, after I paid with google checkout, I clicked from the confirm page to go back to Humble Bundle page and my key was there, so it was immediate. I had all the games installed on steam before I got the
      order receipt email.

      They sold close to 100000 in the first few hours, might be causing problems.

    • +2 votes

      I got mine straight away, paid with Paypal, and shortly after I posted my earlier post (only 9 mins before you posted this)

  • Strange, I paid and unlocked via Steam but it looks like Jamestown and Nightsky didn't appear in my games list on the Mac and Jamestown didn't appear at all (on Mac or PC)…anyone else had this problem?

  • Picked this up, looking forward to Super Meat Boy. Shank was awesome fun too. Cheers :)

  • Question.. I have never purchased a humble bundle before, do you get the installer so it can be saved and re-installed after i reformat my hard drive?

    • you enter the product on steam. it then becomes like every other game that you can install and uninstall :)

      • Or you can download directly from the link they give you. I don't have steam :(

    • Yes, and you can redownload it as many times as you want. My download page for Humble Bundle #2 from a year ago is still available.

  • I buy them whether theyre good or not, humblebundle put two awesome things together, Games and Charity

    • Game streams like Desert Bus are also a good way of combining games and charity.

    • Yeah. I only ever give a few dollars but I don't think from all the bundles I've got I've actually bothered to play any of the games, and those that interested me I had already purchased.

  • Can't wait to play Shank >=]

  • Hope i wasn't too tight, spent the minimum $5.15 to get the extra games and gave $2.80 to charity.

  • Sweet, more cheap games. NightSky is awesome, got it from one of the Indie Royale Bundles. You guys should be happy there's a HD version included with this though! I had to play it in this tiny little window :/ Even fullscreen it was tiny…

  • I haven't even finished Super Meat Boy on the Xbox, but what the heck… I'm still getting this. For charity, of course.

  • For those wondering what a "good" pay rate is, there isn't one. The best rule is to pay what you can live with, and what you can afford.

    Myself personally, I tend to buy these bundles for about $15. I figure it's about the same as a movie ticket, and I really enjoy both the charities.

  • I've been meaning to pick up Super Meat Boy for a while. Now I have, as well as a bunch of other very interesting games. I am humbled at the thought of how much time it'll take to play them all.

  • Hnnnnnng

  • Holy crap they have added VVVVVV now. This is easily the greatest bundle of all time.