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Downdog Yoga/HIIT Fitness Apps A$6.56/Month or A$19.75/Annual (Free Offer for Schools/Healthcare Workers)


Saw this on their site. This is the purchase page (you need to be singed in).
If you already have a subscription, buying this will cancel the existing one without a refund. Confirmed with customer service that subscribing at the current deal price will lock it in for future renewals.

Students, teachers and healthcare workers are eligible for free membership until July 1, 2021.

Paid almost A$79 for it last year. Partner and I use it almost daily for Yoga and HIIT respectively. Good quality app, with very configurable routines, music, different voices, levels of instruction etc. Works with Airplay and Chromecast. Syncs with Apple Health. They are cool with people sharing a subscription within a family/unlimited devices.

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  • Does it gonna work for student ( studying childcare course)?

  • Worked with Utas.edu.au email. Cheers OP

  • Works with qut.edu.au email. Thanks OP. Any idea if purchasing it cancels out the free trial though?

    • Also interested to know this…

    • I would think so. Given that they say even a paid subscription gets overridden. My suggestion would be try out the apps of interest for a week or two and lock in that 75% discount. This is probably the lowest they've ever set the price.

      A single yoga class is around $10-$15 or more. This is currently < $20 for the whole year and also has HIIT and other forms of exercise and meditation. Unsolicited: I think in-person yoga classes are good too as you can get individual attention on posture etc like "Put your feet closer together", "Your back needs to be straighter". But the drawback is that Yoga classes are generally only 1-2 times a week.

  • I opened my Down Dog apps (HIIT/Workout and Barre) and I apparently have subscriptions expiring “10 April 2120” which I assume is meant to be 2021. My meditation one expires 30 June 2021. I am a little bit confused - I definitely did not pay for a subscription. Could it be due to this https://www.reddit.com/r/xxfitness/comments/khg3is/just_fyi_... although none of my apps actually refer to a February date? Anyway, those who already have the apps on their devices may want to check their subscription details before renewing/paying for a subscription.

    Edit: I am not a student, teacher or healthcare worker and I reckon I’ve had these apps on my phone since pre-COVID

  • When I got their workout app around 2 years ago I’m sure it was during a promo where they offered premium for free with no expiry. Since then they’ve offered premium for free a few times with an expiry and now I was forced to update the app, it’s name changed and it’s no longer premium. I only used it once or twice but it was nice to have lol