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Google Nest Mini $38 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ Bunnings (Price Beat $36.10 @ Officeworks)


The Google Nest Mini was $38 or $39 across a number of stores recently, but the price reverted to the standard $79 price. Bunnings and Catch are still at $38.

I got Officeworks to price beat and ended up paying $36.10 - good deal.

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    To be fair, if you haven't already got one (or a half dozen) of these for free, then I guess this is an OK price?

    • I got a Google Mini for free a while ago, how do you get the Nest Mini's for free these days?

      • I got two with telstra points for free. In the past spotify family subscription and my pixel phone came with one (these two were the older models). So four in total, haven't paid a cent.

      • diff between nest and none nest?

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    I got Officeworks to price beat and ended up paying $36.10(files.ozbargain.com.au) - good deal.

    Buy it for $36.10 then take the receipt to Bunnings and get them to price beat Officeworks receipt by 10% or $32.50, buy it.
    Now take the Bunnings receipt to Officeworks and get them to price beat by 5% or $30.90, now buy it.
    Now go to Bunnings again! Well you can now probably see where I'm going with this ludicrous idea!!

    • Would this really work? I mean, you could do it once per store, but might be worth a shot. (Asking for a friend)

    • I would like to know if this really works 🤩🤩🤩

    • Officeworks invoice spells out the price beat details. I might be wrong but I don’t think this will work?

    • @PukeyLuke

      Lol. You Genius..

  • Mind got stuck every few days. Have to do a hard reset which from google (you have to unplug it and wait 3 second, repeat 10 times)

  • Based on @PukeyLuke 's idea I have traveled between Bunnings and Officeworks a few times and the prices down to $13.10.
    Three stitches a broken nose one black eye and a sprained ankle

  • Now $41.47 at Bunnings, which is still a good deal

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