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Zemismart Zigbee GU10 Smart LED Light Bulb A$25 Delivered @ Zemismart


Zemismart Gu10 Zigbee Bulb Alexa Google Home Assistant Tuya Smart Life APP Remote Control RGBCW
Working hour:30000h
APP: tuya / smart life / SmartThings/ hue
Voice Control: Aliexa / Google Home
Color: RGBCW
Warranty: 2 years

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    Oooorrrr get this from bunnings, for

    1. Has Australian approvals
    2. Easy returns / warranty process
    3. Cheaper


    Granted, this option has no hue support. Just alexa/google.

    • +2 votes

      Those appear to be WiFi however, compared to the bulbs in OP which are zigbee

    • +4 votes

      Ooh the ZigBee!

      Can't compare wifi to ZigBee.
      Wifi normally means dependency on Chinese cloud and internet connection
      ZigBee has the option to run completely local but requires a ZigBee hub or bridge


        I mix and match, I hate how wifi bulbs though need registration and account - its annoying as


        can use Hue hubs, work great


      Where does bunnings have zigbee smart downlights?


    Mark. Looking for replacing all the downlights in my kitchen with smart ones.

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    I know people don't like Kogan but I have a set of 4 bulbs that have been working just fine. Not as good as my LIFX bulbs but a fraction of the cost and work with google.
    The other problem these is that they are cool white and not warm white which may not suit everyone.

    Kogan SmarterHome™ 5W Colour & Cool/Warm White Smart Bulb (GU10, Wi-Fi) - 4 Pack - 29.95


      Kogan is also wifi. Which is OK if you just want voice control and scheduling, and don't mind it being slow.

      But I like my lights to turn on when I press the switch, not 2 or 3 seconds later after a couple of round trips to China.


        Yeah I have a mix of ZigBee and wifi bulbs and my wifi bulbs integrate via a combination of Smartthings and Alexa and due to the number of hops take a few seconds to trigger which is really annoying. But if you use the native Tuya app they trigger instantly. Hoping that one day full Tuya integration will come to Smartthings


      Those are Wifi not Zigbee,
      Zigbee on a Hue hub will work when no internet is available


    I've had a few Zemismart Zigbee lights running off a Hue hub with no issues what so ever