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[PC] Total War: Three Kingdoms (Royal Edition) - $9.95 @ EB Games (C&C only)


Sigh - I bought this a month ago for $36 from Amazon.

I believe this is the cheapest price ever. And there is a good amount of stock at the time of this deal too.


The Limited Edition is still $69.95. How's that for a price comparison…

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    Great find! Interested in this game and my local EB store has copies available.

    • Yeh pretty stoked to find a copy at my local, especially since I missed the deal last time around

  • +2

    None within 100km of me in Melbourne unfortunately. Thanks for posting none the less.

    • thanks for scouting, saved me the trouble

  • None available in Tassie.

    • +3

      Order from another state and have them read you the cd key to activate on steam.

      Can do this all over the phone.

  • Is this a digital version or a physical DVD version?

    • +5

      Technically, it's both.

      You get 2 DVDs and a steam code. All in one slick package.

      It is definitely worth $9.95.

      • +1

        just out of curiosity, a lot of nowadays PCs don't have DVD reader anymore; are those PC games sold by brick & mortar stores in Australia normally have Steam codes?

        • +2

          Yes they have.

  • Grab one. Cheers.

  • +1

    Is Eb shutting down? Some of these sales are crazy.

    • Nah - just this game is not so popular as Total War Warhammer 1 and 2 were

      • Yeah I bounced off it pretty quick.

    • They're just clearing out stock. They do it every year. EOFY will be the next round of sales.

    • -1

      GameStop not looking too healthy. Would be surprised if EB lasts past April 1

  • +8
  • No stock for CC or delivery for me :(

  • Great game, very polished.

  • +1

    What a crazy price, no stock near me unfortunately.

  • I think this is better than the limited edition? Limited edition only got the full game with a poster, but this one has full game + 8princes dlc

  • Is this game good?

    • +3

      I'm just gonna say that yes, it is a good game and worth $9.95. Honestly, I don't feel too bad paying $36 for it either.

      I've never gotten over watching all my archer units reign arrows down on the opposing infantry.

      • Thanks unfortunately it is out of stock near me.

      • bought it for $36 dollars too! I agree I don't regret the purchase! :D

  • Caved and bought at an eb farther away.
    Came down to around $16 because of travel costs.

  • +13

    You can buy it online, call the store and ask them to read you out the CD key then activate it on steam.

    I've done this with a store that's 400kms away.

    Let me know how you go. :)

    • +2

      Haha just did that for two copies and worked for me. Thanks for the tip

      • +1

        FYI ring the store before purchasing. One store was no issues. The other store was kinda reluctant

    • Thank you this worked wonderfully, I did call up the store first to check they were okay with doing it over the phone.

    • This is great! Thanks.

    • Thanks for that. Called up 7 stores and only the last store agreed to do it (he said he had one left and someone else did the same thing before me hah). Activated in steam fine.
      Definitely call up first as most stores don't

    • Thanks I purchased from a store 2000 KM's away.

  • Does anyone happen to know if this version will work on mac?

    • I bought it and I can redeem the steam key on mac just fine :)

  • Basically zero stock. Sad.

    • Read two comments up

    • Check my comment above and let me know if you have any issues. If a store says they can't give you the cd key, say other stores said that they could.

      • Some employees said they were willing to do it. However, when purchasing, it would say "Unfortunately the items below are unavailable for Click & Collect at your selected store. Please choose another store to collect from."

        • You need to select all states in the store option and call the stores that say they actually have stock. Don't limit your search to your state of origin.

          I hope that helps.

          • @mrtee: I called another state store with the game in stock and they said they would do it. It's just the website would not allow me to click and collect even though it is advertised. This has happened for two stores so far. Will keep trying

            • @gamesdead: Yeah, it happened with one store for me, and when I called they said they had just sold the last one. Maybe it was a lag between actual store stock and online reflection of current stock.

  • +3

    I managed to get one from a store in another state, and I'm in Brisbane :)
    The employee asked his manager and even said it's a bloody good idea!

    Called me back in 10minutes after I put through the order, and I activated it via Steam no problems.
    Downloading it now - it's approximately 21.33gb

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    Called up Mt Isa and Port Lincoln branch, they don't read out the codes. Rest of the stores are NT/WA so not open yet so couldn't check.

  • I called up townsville or cairns yesterday from sydney (forgot which one, they’re the same to me!), 0 dramas worked perfectly.

  • Thanks to Ozbargain, only Mt Isa has stock left!

  • Completely sold out! Great work, Ozbargain.

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