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[Pre Order, eBay Plus] Apple AirPods Max All Colours $809.10 Delivered @ Titan Gear via eBay


If you are not interested in Apple products, ignore this post and move on.
If you are in the market for a pair but don't want to pay anywhere near RRP, read on.
Use eBay gift cards to pay less: Celebration Swap>Ebay gift cards from Shopback App with 5% cashback, you'd pay ~$772 net.
ETA mid Jan 2021.

Original Coupon Deal

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      LOL, Apple just creating their own water damage issues now.

      • Watergate ?

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    So, how good are these? Looking at the price, one would assume these are the best in the history of mankind.

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      It's Apple, so it's a shinier version of something 30% cheaper, using tech that's been around for years but marketed as new and amazing.

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        Couldnt describe it better.

        Like their Bokeh commercial.

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    Hmm, might be worth paying the extra $27 and get them from Costco (when they are back in stock) for the warranty. Thoughts?

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      They are both authorised sellers so warranty should be no different. Take them to Apple store for the fastest service as they have the tools/training for diagnosis, they would replace them on the spot if can't be fixed (my experience with Apple products).

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        If you purchase from Costco you have 90 days change-of-mind return policy.

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    imagine paying $800+ for overpriced headphones then having to carry it around in this lol

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      Honestly, even if they were $300…I just don't see any way of excusing that case and the fact you HAVE to use that case…

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      Tim's Manbag?

  • only when it drops to $450…

  • Can people confirm the Ebay GC can stack with promo code? would be interested to get a pair thanks

    • I have used EB GCs with EB discount codes before. They don't have limitation like Catch.

  • Where is only this world heading in pandemic?
    Am I dreaming of some kind? Sales volume or profit here?

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      Just Apple with their exorbitant pricing

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    Yeah nah

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    Waiting for 20% - then will stack with 10% off GCs I got during Zip Saturday’s ;)

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      still overpriced :)

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    People are gonna whinge about price for a year or so then this price will become normal because it’s APPLE

    • Well it is a fair bit egregious. You would expect them cost to a bit more than Bose 700s and Sony XM4 as they are apparently a bit better on sound, ANC (both pretty subjective though) and build quality, and well, Apple.
      But they are not that much better and that price is ridiculous and Apple need to be pilloried for it every chance anyone has, and even more so, not buy the AirPods Max so it gets the message.

      It’s like the HomePod all over again.

  • hahahaha obviously them boys are waiting for this kind of boys. OP said move on, but look at them.

  • How Pre order works in eBay? If I buy one item, seller saying the item will ship after 45 days. If item send to me after 45 days and incorrect. eBay only offers 30 days money back guaranteed, will eBay still protected the deal.

    • 30 days after delivery I would assume

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    Plenty of sheep out there

  • Just checking - anyone that did buy one (I did) - did you receive an invoice from Titan Tech for M2E Pro? It's completely incorrect and even has the wrong method of payment.

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