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Sofirn Torches - SC31 Pro $42.49, BLF LT1 Lantern $97.99, BLF SP36 $67.99 Delivered @ Sofirn via Amazon AU


New stock added to the Sofirn Store on Amazon. These are shipped from australia while stock lasts.

Sofirn SC31 Pro Rechargeable Flashlight

Present price: AUD49.99
Deal price after 15%OFF: AUD42.49
Discount code: EQIIYR3R

Sofirn BLF LT1 Lantern

Present price: AUD122.99
Deal price after AUD25OFF: AUD97.99
Discount code: HVCKTBDT

Sofirn BLF SP36 Rechargeable Flashlight

Present price: AUD79.99
Deal price after 15%OFF: AUD67.99
Discount code: 3O7CQG8F

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    is the Sp31pro 5000k or 6500k version?

    • 5000 for sure. 6500k is only if you don't have a clue, completely unnatural light.
      The light has a good interface, unfortunately I found the led and reflector to be a pretty bad choice from the factory.
      I've replaced both myself and managed to build a really good and low cost light with an amazing interface and usb-c.

    • +1

      It's the 6500K version. The description says the Tint is CW (Cool White).

      I asked Sofirn about the SC31 Pro listing via email. They classify CW as 6000-6500K, NW as 5000-5300K and Warm White as 4000-4300K.

  • Great torches. I've got 1 x SC31Pro, 2 x LT1 & 3 x SP36

    Very happy with all of them. When you're not taking them camping, the LT1 makes great bed side light. The SC31Pro is very hand size for every day use and the SP36 fits nicely in your jacket pocket for walking the dog.

  • The SP36 in the NarsilM V1.2 Kit was $73.79 back in Nov last year.

    Any chance you could offer this price again?

    • +1

      I’m not associated sorry. I’m just a customer sharing the deal I received.

      • +1

        You post like rep with the way formatted your post. 👍

  • nightcore i think are way better in terms of quality

    • +1

      Yes, the build quality of Nitecore is a premium but the price isn't. Sofirn is great bang for buck.

      • i have a bunch of nightcores and i use the holsters as a holder in my garage
        price is slightly high but the convenience that i can hang them up is worth it

        • At least double the price for an equivalent model. Agree tho, it's an awesome torch with great accessories.

    • +4

      I had a Nitecore EA41 fail with very little use, which was a shame, as it was a pretty good torch that ticked a lot of the boxes that I wanted. My Sofirn SP36 has lasted longer so far (and has an awesome UI and is bright AF).

      Admittedly, I have a sample size of 1 in both cases, so…

    • For this price point I haven't found anything better quality than Sofirn.

  • The sp36 sounds like a great torch.

    I ordered this morning and arrives tomorrow so looking forward to it coming. They gave me my own discount code been great to deal with.

    Good review on 1lumen.com https://1lumen.com/review/sofirn-sp36/

    • +4

      raises hand

      Reviewer here. I still use it quite a bit. I ended up getting another one and throwing some XPL HI in it for shits and giggles.

      • +1

        Other than your incredibly useful (and wallet stress inducing) web site, what do you use your torches for? Is it just the collection of such useful tools? I've got a reasonable number that I use for SES activists like night searches and storm damage jobs. I've yet to discover the perfect torch, but I've come close. I tend to carry a couple of different ones.

        • +3

          Haha thanks! 1lumen is someone else’s site, I just write reviews for it. But realistically, mainly for fun. There’s a few that I rotate for everyday carry, so I’ve always got a decent light on me. I tend to take some bigger ones out if we have night jobs with the RFS, for if we have to go wandering away from the fire, or looking for things. And others like LEPs and the GT90 for showing off, I guess.

          Always been into electronics, and this is a great site-step.

          Just did a quick round-up and I can put my hands on 59 lights, with another… I want to say 8 on the way, plus a review light that should have arrived yesterday >:(

          • @oweban: I gaze at LEP and GT90 torches with envy. I've always fancied one of that level of torch but can't really justify the expense. I'd definitely win the "who's got brightest torch" pissing contest we have every night training exercise we have though!

            • @banana365: I got one of the “budget” ones direct from China, a little over 200. Battery was about 15 or so. Still a decent heft of cash, but stupidly fun.

      • Ha that's funny.

        Do you have any advice? Mine has arrived so fast. It's not that bright on full which makes me think it's not charged but when I plug it in the indicator is green which I thought means fully charged. I've held down the button while on for full ramp but not great. Could it be faulty?

        Can you help?

        • Full ramp isn’t the whole brightness - once the light is on, double-click for turbo :) it might not be that much brighter though. The thing is, with a short reflector and the size emitter, it’s prone to being floody, so the light will spill more.

          • @oweban: I can't turn it on without it being plugged in. Does that mean it needs to be charged? How long would it usually take?

            I've taken out the other small round bit of paper at the negative end of the battery that came with the torch.

            Am I missing something?

            • @bluedufflecoat: Okay, if there’s nothing stuck to either end of the battery, make sure everything is nice and tight. Failing that, clean up the electrical contacts (including the bare metal bits at the end of the body tube). If that’s still a no-go, then that’s a bit odd; on charge, the button light should go red while charging, then green when it’s done. If it never goes green, then it might not have solid contact.

              If you’ve got a multimeter, check the battery - full is 4.2V (or around there), and 3V is considered pretty low.

          • @oweban: ok thanks I'm guessing something may be wrong as double clicking isn't amazing and doesn't even get warm. Only thing I can think is not charged properly or faulty - is it charging if light is green?

            • @Captain Hindsight: Check my comment just above - make sure all electrical contacts are clean and free. I’ll take some pics soon to show where I’d be checking.

              • @oweban: ok but just to be clear im getting a green light whenever i plug it in so its definitely not charging?

                Only way I can make it go ready is when i turn it on while charging

                • +1

                  @Captain Hindsight: Okay, I think I get it. When you’ve got it plugged in, it’ll still work - it’s taking voltage from the charger and using it. It sounds like it’s not charging at all, and not getting electrical contact to the battery.

                  I’ll just finish lunch and take a bunch of pics for you.

                  • @oweban: Thanks must be getting contact as works without being plugged in too. Just no great

                    • @Captain Hindsight: Hmm. Dang.

                      I made a quick album:


                      It mainly comes down to electrical contact, and then voltage of the cell. At 3V it’s going to stay really dim, but when it’s at 4.2V, it’ll shove a bunch of current through.

                      • @oweban: Great thanks, must say looks clean to me will try wiping down otherwise sadly will have to return unless any other ideas.

                        Guess that’s the advantage of buying over AliExpress

                        • @Captain Hindsight: Have you taken out the little round paper from the negative side of the battery? It stops the battery from connecting to the torch ang powering it.

                        • @Captain Hindsight: Hmmm. I mean I've got lots of ideas, but I don't think many people have the kind of electronics setup I do at home. I'd be checking the battery with a multimeter, then giving power directly to the driver (bit at the head with the spring and ring) with a bench power supply to try and see where the issue is.

                          Also check all these contacts are clean, and that the body tube is tightened down to the head too. Because the threads are anodised (black coating), they need to be down tight to make electrical contact.

                          • @oweban: Quick update, it seems to be charging now, tried everything you said may have just needed the slightest tighten, TBH not sure but anyway will see how it goes. At the moment I'm not overly blown away by Turbo compared to the el cheapo Wuben we have at 1200 lumens but see if full charge makes a difference.

                            Thanks great support though.

                            • @Captain Hindsight: Not a problem! Glad you've got it working. Let it charge fully to 4.2V and see how you go. To reiterate though, once the light is on, double-click to turbo :)

    • They are fantastic torches

  • -3

    Estimated delivery: Feb 18, 2021 - Mar 3, 2021

    Jesus (profanity) Christ.

    • +1

      Not sure where you’re seeing that - the three items OP linked are all AU stock.

    • Everything says this Friday for me.

      • Just ordered. Arriving tomorrow.

  • +1

    How is the SC31 compared to the Wurkkos FC11? I was looking at getting the FC11 but then I saw this for a similar price.

  • I ordered a couple of LT1's via Sofirns Aliexpress store and they kept going back and forwards from factory to chinese customs time and time again. They wouldn't let them out of the country. Had to settle on a refund which was a shame as they were going to be Xmas gifts the lads.

    Do these come via a different route?

    • Aussie stock from Amazon. The last 2 I ordered arrived in less than 24 hours

      • I guess that's what you get for the extra $30, actual delivery.

  • +3

    Torch deals are bad for my marriage.

    • Same
      Ordered the sc31 delivered tomorrow.
      Questions will be asked

      • +22

        My biggest fear is that when I die my wife will sell my torches for how much I told them I bought them for.

        • Haha, so funny. I'm in the same boat. Probably 100 lights, boxes of parts and hundreds of LEDs I haven't yet installed. Somehow she's convinced they didn't cost me much….

    • Glad I'm not married yet :)

  • IPX8 Work

    For the first torch, does that mean it can be submersed in water like a diving torch?

  • Anyone using these as bike lights?

    • +1

      Yeah. I used the SC31 Pro in an Olight FB-1 mount as a bike light. Now I'm using the IF25A. It has more capacity, but it's heavier too.

  • Sc31 worth the purchase as my first "proper" torch that's good enough for everyday use? (Usually just use my phone torch). Thanks!

    • +1

      It depends… have you heard of r/flashlight? Down the rabbit hole we go…

      I got the SC31 Pro as my first Anduril flashlight. But now I rarely use it.

      I went ahead and bought an Emisar D4V2 Sand XPL-HI V2 5D 4000K. And a Sofirn IF25A 4000K. IMO the IF25A is a step up from the SC31 Pro. It's like a cheaper version of a D4V2.

      • +1

        I accidentally the whole /r/flashlight

      • I'm on the fence about getting an Emisar D4V2 - how are you finding it?

        • +1

          I love the build quality and tint. I got the Emisar D4V2 Sand XPL-HI V2 5D 4000K specifically after oweban recommended it for shits and giggles. I.e. I just wanted a hotrod of a flashlight.

          When I walk down to the creek at night and switch to Turbo: boom! Light! It's fun.

          I don't carry it for EDC. I'm a bit worried about accidentally burning my pants with the D4V2 tbh. Zebralight SC64c LE is my general purpose torch.

          I removed the tailcap, held an 8awg wire in place through a UT210E clamp meter and measured around 18A on Turbo with a Vapcell S30 18650 cell. My 30Q cells hit around 14A and quickly drop to 6A.


          Sofirn IF25A SST40 4000K draws 20A on Turbo with a Vapcell T50 21700 cell. It bright, but it doesn't give off as much glare as the D4V2.

          • +1

            @Tim Mc: Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed insight mate, I really appreciate it.
            I was on r/flashlights recently and wanted to get my toes wet - I think I'll go for the D4V2, just because it's good to know that what it's capable of, and oddly in a weird way the danger being able to burn things adds to the appeal - even though my EDC will always be my phone tbh.
            COVID is making me appreciate new things haha.

            Cheers again mate!

  • Amazing what those tiny led can do…

  • BLF LT1 price has gone up… $4 more. It's a nice lantern.

    I ordered it for $93.99 in October using a $29 discount code from a previous deal despite being out of stock in Australian warehouses:

    It arrived from China within 8 days (4 business days).

    SC31 Pro is nice. But I'd recommend the IF25A instead. It's a bigger hotrod of a torch. It managed to pull 20.6A using a Vapcell T50 21700 cell. Stock Sofirn 21700 hit 18A on Turbo.

  • best torches a man can get

    But bahaha i love the "Lantern" hahaha its the Sofirn BLF SP36 with a fancy hat on haha

    whic FYI - will be a RIDICULOUSLY bright light. like. Ridiculous. U want the sun in your tent?? get this

    • +1

      The latern uses the same battery compartment but thats about it, everything else is a new design. It was created over a few years by a member of the budget light forum (BLF) specifically as a latern.

      So wont be quite as bright as you're thinking.

    • +1

      The SP36 is a 3 battery light, the LT1 takes 4 batteries.

  • I just wanna say that I bought this last time

    "Sofirn SP31 v2.0 Tactical Flashlight Ultra Bright Cree XPL HI LED Max 1200 Lumens, Features 5 Modes and Hidden Strobe SOS with Rechargeable 18650 Battery and USB Charger"

    and I love it. I doubt you can go wrong with any of these torches.

  • i should have never clicked on any of these links…and I am about to load the reddit link that was provided also

  • Damn SC31 unavailable. Guess I'll wait for the next deal. Thanks OP

    • Same.

      • Ended up just getting the SP36 lol.

  • +1

    Sp36 coming up at $115 now :(

  • +1

    Yep, SP36 and SC31 Pro out of AU stock. They get snapped up pretty quick!

  • +2

    I had a quick look online and found two cheaper through AliExpress but not sure if the wait time and issues with returns vs Amazon would be worth it.

    SC31 Pro $33.31 @ AliExpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001316732888.html?spm=a2g0o...
    BLF LT1 $86 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000238008009.html?spm=a2g0o...

    • +1

      Another good option is going direct to Sofirn's website, LT1 is currently $49.87 USD ($64.31 AUD) with free shipping. I have ordered a couple of times without issue. Shipping times for me have been under a week to up to a month.


    • +1

      Cheers, I grabbed one here as original link OOS on the LT1.

      $89 AUD for the one with batteries.

    • I ordered the SP36 from Aliexpress and it was delivered in 1.5-2 weeks.

    • My orders through Sofirn's website have taken a few weeks. AE seems to take a few more days on top of that.

      The AE refund process for lost items is annoying… I had to wait 105 days once for AE to refund an item from another seller.

      I ordered a BLF LT1 from Amazon AU with stock in a Chinese warehouse and it arrived within 4 business days (8 days).

      In terms of returns and refunds, Sofirn customer support is pretty good. Amazon Australia's refund process is also fairly straightforward.

      I ordered an SP40 from Amazon AU with stock in Australia. Unfortunately, it arrived with a faulty driver board. Turbo didn't work (it would start strobing and wouldn't turn off). I emailed Sofirn about the issue, with a video link and went to the post office to return the item. Sofirn replied while I was at the post office but I had already handed the item over… they verified that it was a faulty driver board. If I waited 30-60 minutes for their reply, I wouldn't have had to return the item. I could've fixed it or used it for parts and they would've sent a replacement flashlight.

      I ended up ordering the SP40 through AE. It was rejected from being exported from China. Sofirn sent out another flashlight when I told them about the Customs update saying that the item was being returned. When they received the original order back from Customs, they accidentally sent it again. I ended up with two SP40s. I gave one away for Christmas :-)

  • Flashlight deals are back! Signs the economy is improving…

    Any idea what battery this includes? (Rebrand of which? … Hope brand new)

    • Doesn't. These are cheaper and way more powerful and smaller and better designed. Pity they're sold out/price changed.

      • Looks like the local stock is gone. I’ve reached out and they will be doing another shipment shortly.

    • Sofirn is way better quality in my opinion.

  • +1

    Any dive torch deals?

    • +2

      Not sure what the code is yet… they'll probably send some more SD05 dive lights to an Amazon Australia warehouse soon'ish (email convo with rep). :-)

  • +1

    Sp36 anduril version is in stock, came down to $66.29 with the code.

  • +2

    Got my SP36 yesterday and bloody hell, tested it in my dark bathroom and the entire room lit up like it was day time.

  • Update, I’ve got mine working. Took it out for a walk and compared sp36 with sons Wuben brand 1200lm torch which was under $30.

    I’ve got to say it is bright, but only for a very short period on turbo then it starts fading from maybe 20 seconds and then it seemed only slightly or nobetter than my sons cheapo.

    I’m a little disappointed as it only seems really bright for short periods.

    For me the search continues for a truely bright edc torch that stays bright.

    • +1

      You may find an improvement to performance if you calibrate the temp sensor.

      It appears the torch also doesn't ramp back up once the temp drops. So you may be able to increase the brightness again manually.
      Of course you can avoid turbo and you will probably find it runs longer at a fairly bright level.

      I usually run the torch at 50% then go to turbo for brief periods as required.

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