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[Waitlist] WAVLINK AC3200 Wi-Fi Router $98.99 (Was $139.99) Delivered @ Wavlink via Amazon AU


WAVLINK AC3200 Wi-Fi Router, Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Smart WiFi Router with LCD Screen Display, 4x4 MU-MIMO,Support Guest Network & Parental Control, VPN, 802.11ac WAVE 2, USB 3.0(iF Design Award Winner)

I just ordered one, i'm hoping this can catch the wifi signal (no ethernet downstairs) and pass the internet via ethernet to 4 devices :) cheaper than getting an ethernet port installed. 4hrs to go on special (will end 3pm today) - i'm not associated

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    Omg I thought it was a PS5 but it’s even better, it’s a PlashSpeed router

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    I thought I was seeing a black ver. PS5.


    How about this one https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/mercusys-h... ?
    Its actually cheaper


      This only mentions FTTC and FTTP. So not suitable for FTTN or HFC or satellite etc?
      Edit: must need the NCD.


        Nah the Halo works on HFC, FTTN and sat.


      Purchase the Halo if your internet speed is 100Mbps or less, 20 or less connected devices and your property is no bigger than 260m².


        Reviews on the Halo don't look encouraging… anyone able to vouch for it first hand?


          Halo is a cheap bare bones mesh from TP-Link. To cut the price under $100 you only get 2 100M ports, you can't control the Halo from your phone, less connected devices at once and less range out of the box. If that doesn't meet your requirements you are going to have to spend at least $50 to $100 more.


    Looks more like a phat PS3 than a PS5, lol.

    OP, wouldn't a couple of ethernet over powerline adapters work better for you?


      i tried PoE, it was so slow (usb2 equivalent speed).. i also bought an AC1900 dlink (looks like a pokeball), i get awesome 80dl/30up speeds over wifi but it needs drivers so i can't really fan off the wifi to xbox etc unless the win10 machine is on. this wavlink should do it :)

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    If you have two floors, the polarisation of omni antennas can be incredibly flat sometimes, so can be pretty bad at going up/down floors. A powerline/mesh may be a better option.


      poe is slow at my joint, i'm unfamiliar with mesh.

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        PoE is not slow. EoP and PoE are 2 different things.

        EoP = Ethernet over Power (powerline).
        PoE = Power over Ethernet.

        Netgear Orbi, TP-Link Deco, Nest wifi are some of the mesh products on the market.

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          thx Twix, i have 2 DLINK dhp-308AV they plug into the wall and have an ethernet port on each. must be the EoP.

          never thought the 2 terms were of different things, i thought they meant the same thing. errr

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            @Andre1973: Yeah the D-Link DHP-308AV is EoP (powerline).


    this seems to be a rebadged chinese brand Phicomm, which went out of business in 2018
    Phicomm K3

    good signals, ithere are ssues with liquified thermal compound paste.
    i am still using k3 since 2017, no issuesso far…


    Dont hope the signal gonna be good for this kind of shape router regardless the item description

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      back in 2017, k3 provided one of the best signal at its time.
      design of the wireless part is quite good.


    i'm hoping this can catch the wifi signal (no ethernet downstairs) and pass the internet via ethernet to 4 devices :) cheaper than getting an ethernet port installed

    OP, I don't fully understand. Are you using this as a repeater?


      sorry guys, i actually don't know the terminology for what i want but basically i'm after a switch which connects wirelessly to my nbn wifi (because there's no ethernet downstairs) - i tried internet via electricity plug, that was slow. i'm now reading there's poe and eop so i think i have the slow one.

      —- ethernet
      ))) wifi

      at the moment upstairs:

      NBN—-SWITCH—-(unplug/plug other devices as needed xbox360,ps3,nvidia shield)

      what i'd like:

      NBN—-SWITCH—-PC,HTPC,XBONE,PS3 (upstairs)
      NBN ) ) ) this wavlink—-HTPC2,xbox360,nvidia shield (downstairs)

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        Ok. It appears you are really looking for a repeater/range extender.

        This looks like it will do the job but there are more cost effective solutions.

        As others have mentioned, a mesh setup might also be another option.

        Either way, I'm a fan of this (understated) design though.


          thx, it looks cool and i like the lcd on top lol - it does look like the chinese version/copy? that someone posted

          i actually forgot my provider modem in the diagram but hopefully it will still work. i'll look into repeater/range extender or mesh if i have probs.

          NBN—-VODAFONE ) ) ) wavlink—-1,2,3


            @Andre1973: Configure the Wavlink as a repeater. A wireless switch can be done with mesh products and better performance.

            NBN—-Netgear Orbi—-Gigabit Ethernet Switch—-PC, HTPC, consoles.
            ) ) ) Netgear Orbi—-HTPC 2, Nvidia Shield, consoles.

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    Shows up as $108.99 on checkout, despite Amazon description saying "Save $10 at checkout."


    I actually use the $40 ax3 pro, with all the CCP comments i reckon that's still the best router I've used so far. 2.4ghz reach speed of 250mbps I am not sure what they did. And 1 router cover the entire house compare to archer I had before only ground floor was covered, and 2.4ghz was only reaching 50mbps.

    Instead of mesh I now have 1 router in the cupboard out of sight hooked up to UPS and no switching of wifi required . Haven't need to restart it from before the covid, and it runs close to 40 devices including constant streaming to 3 tablets and a TV. And the constant up-streaming of cctv to another country 24/7.