Comments / Feedback / Suggestions Thread 2021

Happy New Year! Here is another thread for submitting your comments, feedbacks and suggestions to the OzBargain website. No guarantee that we'll ever respond let alone implementing those suggestions, but send them in regardless.

See similar threads from 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

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    • Implemented, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Probably a very niche issue based on how I go about entering the competitions posted on this site, but anyway.

    I have noticed that despite the ability to filter out certain sites from showing in the "All Competitions" section, the rules set do not apply once you enter the "Closing Soon" section, nor is there a way to filter them there seperately. I block all the ones in all comps for example but when I go to the ending soon section they are all still there so I have to sort through them in the end anyway.
    Not that big of a deal but I thought I would mention it here in case it was something easily implemented.

  • One possible bug and a suggestion:

    1. My post titles tend to be 128 characters and client side validation works but after submission the last character gets chopped off, see my last post's revisions. Not sure where the bug lies, client side or server side, 127 or 128?

    2. Can the deal submission URL be updated to include Category? Posting the grocery specials every week it's the only field (other than Not Duplicate and the description) I have to manually select so would be good if that can be part of the URL too.


    • URL doesn't automatically mean that category. For example, Woolworths/Coles sell power boards, a deal for those would be under the Electrical category, not Groceries

      • +1

        I didn't word it properly, I was talking about the deal submission URL API, a new parameter for Category would be helpful.

        • We have now added edit[category] to the URL parameter for setting the deal category. Please refer the URL API page.

          • @scotty: Awesome thanks!

  • Just wanted to mention that this website doesn't automatically switch to the mobile version on Samsung Internet Browser so the text is quite small when browsing on a tablet.

    • Tablets are default to desktop sites, and only mobiles will use mobile templates. If you wish to force switch to mobile site, click on "Mobile Site" link in the footer.

  • Was anything changed with the notification pop up on browser? I am using MS Edge browser on Windows 10.

    Lately, whenever I open an unread notification in new tab, the notification pop up will close by itself. Then I have to go back to the bell icon, and open next unread notification in new tab. This issue doesn't happen with read notifications and the pop up stays open.

    • Unintended consequence when trying to fix another bug. I'll take a look.

    • A fix has been pushed up this morning.

      • Thanks scotty! The fix works :)

  • +1

    I think for amazon orders with a minimum order of >1, the posted price in the title should be the total minimum order price NOT the unit price. it is misleading to list the unit price as the primary price as that price cannot be acheived (that is, the buyer will spend at least 2x the posted price)

    • Do you have an example? We always add 'Min Order 3' or similar to the title, if not you can report it.

      e.g. 'Item Name $2 (Min Order 3)' opposed to '3 x Item Name $6' as it may give the false impression that you can only order 3, or at least some multiple of that.

  • Suggestion for a page for student deals only? Like the deals where you need .edu address

    • Yeah a category would be nice, but many of those you can use Course deals to get them

  • +1

    Will you consider make the right hand part from Ozbargain's front page e.g. Notice, New Deals, New Competitions optionally, to completely disappear?

    This had been bothering me for a long time and its like having a fat scroll bar on my window

    • no response? :c

      • That means no, we won't provide this kind of customisation.

  • +4

    Can we please start a pinned forum post for "Is 'XYZ' site legit?" Would stop some of the clog of those forum posts which last for a handful of comments, then disappear. Would give mods somewhere to merge it all into

    A digital rubbish bin, if you will ;)

    • Good idea, we'll do that this week.

  • Can we please have a leaderboard for statistics apart from Top 5. Such as average vote count, Amount of deals posted. Will really add some gamifying and competition.

  • +2

    L plate posters should only be allowed to post during mod's operating hours.

    I think this helps closing down spam/illegal (usually AU overnight) posts more quickly.

    • We already have similar measures / restrictions in place for overnight deal posts.

    • +1

      Booooo. Who called the fun police?? Those Abu Dhabi and Dubai threads were EPIC! :D And you can't forget Mr. "Is it OK to pull a gelblaster on Eshays" thread? And now you want to cheat me of my Sunday morning "Quick. Mods are asleep. Let's shitpost…" festival of the laughs?

  • Any chance we can get a logo/icon on the main app page for deals posted by someone associated to the store? Maybe an A plate similar to the L plates on the website

  • +1

    Any chance we could have "Updated" deals a more stand out colour compared to "New"? It's hard to see what has changed as they're both orange.

    • +1

      I propose that:

      • New = Green
      • Updated = Amber/Orange
  • -2
    Merged from [Feature Request] Anonymous OP

    As everyone can only have one account, a useful feature imho would be to allow hiding the OPs username for a given topic since they can't make throwaways.

    • Maybe OzBargain is just not the place that you should post certain things that you do not wish to put your name next to it?

    • +2

      That's called Reddit.

    • Since this is going to cause moderation headaches are you prepared to pay for it?

      Or how is this feature risks being mitigated?

      Don't get me wrong I actually think this maybe a good feature - I know Facebook has defined a process for anonymous posting in groups in the last year or so. However moderators can see the identity of the poster.

      I speak for myself only.

    • Posts made by new users are already a divisive mess, let alone by someone completely anonymous.

  • +2

    Could we have a feature where you can subscribe to any deal that reaches a vote threshold?

    For example if I subscribed to deals which receive >1000 votes I might not have missed out on this. 😅

    • +2

      I was thinking something similar too.. or like if a deal reaches a certain amount of votes in a certain period of time then I would get an email about it to check it out

    • Thanks a a a,

      Currently the option in my account > settings > subscriptions > events is:

      Notify me when:
      A deal reaches +30 votes.

      We agree that there would be some use to having a higher subscription for those who just want to be alerted for 'extra popular' deals, we are thinking of creating an additional subscription option for 'Notify me when A deal reaches +100 votes' or similar for those who find receiving notifications for front page deals too much. Details still to be finalised but something should be coming in the near future.

      • Sounds great! Looking forward to it!

    • I might not have missed out on this. 😅

      DAMN !!!!!!!

      I missed that too…..

    • FYI: 20 Oct 2021 [New Feature]: New event notification for a deal reaching +100 Votes..

      Some may like to select that instead of the existing +30 votes option to only get alerts for 'extra popular' deals if you are finding the +30 votes to be too many notifications.

  • Suggestion:

    It would be nice to see your Last Updated/Clicks/Last Click details directly under the "Referral Links" section of a deal - two functions, make it easy to see if your link has ever been used and its easy to see if you have or haven't added referral details

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we hope to have something implemented in the near future to add some functions into the grey referral box that appears under the deal.

    • This should be added now — Last Updated / Clicks shown at the bottom of the grey box.

      • Cheers!

  • I dont think this is an option but would like to see it.

    Could there be an option to hide the side bars on the right on larger screens. For example on this page there is “New forum Topics” with a list of forums on the right side then blank space from the end until the bottom of the page, at this comment section.

    On the main page there is “Notice” “Ozbargain Tips” “New Deals” and so on. I think we've all seen those and know what I'm talking about.

    They don’t appear while on mobile but they do appear on larger displays like tablets and computers.

    My question would be, could there be an option in settings to change between mobile and desktop view? Switching between mobile and desktop view on Chrome on an iPad doesn't change the view.

  • Please fix the website so it doesn’t look like a hot mess when using Safari on the iPad mini 6

    • Not sure how to actually reproduce it without getting an iPad mini 6. Been testing on iPhone with iOS 14 & 15, request desktop site, and can't seem to be able to reproduce the issue.

      • The website is fine if you request desktop site, but looks like my screenshot when you don't. I've just set it so it always goes to desktop.

        • -1

          Is it an apple issue? Can you see if other iPad Mini 6 users have the same issue?

          • @brisdaz: How am I supposed to see if other iPad Mini 6 users have the same issue? :/

          • @brisdaz: Facebook groups, forums etc.

            What does Apple say?

            Would be a shame for Ozbargain to find out that it's an apple problem - not doing following standards…..

            • @brisdaz: Yeah, I'm not going to go ask randoms on the internet or contact Apple about it. I have an interim solution I can work with.

            • @brisdaz: No problem. Interim solution/work is ok. At least you provided a good screenshot and easy steps to troubleshoot.

     is a site to push/shame browser makers to follow standards if you or anyone else reading gets keen.

              People expect websites to work regardless of the device or browser they are using. When a site works in one browser but not another, that is most likely a web compatibility bug that we want to know about.

  • Maybe look at doing something about the Comp Winner Badge, considering it hasn't been issued since 2019 😛

    I wonder if it could be automated with marking yourself as a winner on the competition? Or is it meant to go to monthly award winners? Or otherwise maybe scrap it entirely?

    • Yeah those are manually awarded, and I have forgotten to give it to recent winners. It's mainly for the bigger comps such as t-shirt design comp we had last year.

      I'll go through our recent comps and award them retroactively.

  • I notice there has been a style change with the comment votes. Any chance you could please style it differently if the user has voted on the comment, in mobile view? Eg green if they voted + and red if they voted -? This exists on desktop but not mobile :-(

    • Yeah I have already noted your previous request. This mornings change is for the dark mode so the vote buttons can be styled when the background is dark. I have also been thinking of moving the vote buttons to underneath the comments (similar to reddit) so it's easier to vote & indicate what you have voted on mobile devices.

      • I like how it is, the bottom might get messy if it gets more buttons. But on the other hand them there will be more width for the comment text, so that's a good thing.
        I had a brief thought of making a browser extension to style it how I think it should look but that achieved nothing as Firefox doesn't let you load extensions on iPhone 😡 (and neither do any other browsers on iPhone I believe).

  • +1

    How does the subscribe feature work on your own profile? I tried subbing to myself so I could track my own posts via email and have a record of it if it so I can search through my posts for something later on if I need to look back since you can't search for your own posts on here but I don't get any emails sent from any posts I make. I sub to another random user thinking oh maybe it only works if I sub to someone else and not yourself but it doesn't work on theirs either. So is this a broken feature?

    • Subscribing to users are only triggered when a new post is published, not comments.

      • Oh, that would explain it. Can you make one for comments too?

        • I guess not…

    • Have you tried manually changing it to the mobile site by clicking the link in the footer that says "Mobile Site"?

      • Thanks! That worked. But I never had to do that before as the site just went to the mobile one automatically 🤔

        • Does the issue still appear after you force close Chrome/reset your phone?

        • -3

          Hmmm resetting the phone for this seems a bit drastic! I always hate it when tech support asks me to reset phone or laptop as a troubleshooting step as the phone or laptop may not have full backup and even though one should have a backup unless you have professional IT support it could still take several hours to get back all the settings.

          Does it also have this issue when using a different browser, such as firefox for android?

          You can also try starting another user up -

          As for asking on randoms on the internet who do you think we are on ozbargain, if the account is under a month or two old?

            • +2

              @brisdaz: People often say reset when they mean reboot/restart. Android will cache programs in the background so force closing or turning off and on will clear it.

        • OzBargain runs on 2 sets of templates (desktop & mobile) as we don't do full responsive site (as some people insist to run desktop version on their mobile devices). However we only send out desktop site if

          • We detected the browser is a desktop or tablet browser, OR
          • User requested Desktop Site on their mobile browser, OR
          • Someone forced the desktop site by clicking on "Full Site" in the footer

          Possible that you've accidentally clicked on Full Site link in the footer?

          • +1


            Possible that you've accidentally clicked on Full Site link in the footer?

            Nope. Wasn’t even aware that was there until RichardL suggested to try it

  • When making a new forum post the Tag text field is not working. You can't click on it or type.

    Tested in Chrome/Edge on Desktop and Chrome on Android.

    • Pretty sure that was done on purpose, it's system generated

      • I don't make a lot of forum posts so I wouldn't know.

        • We have disabled tagging in forum posts (people don't tag properly). You can however still fill in a related store, if the post is about a particular merchant or site.

  • +1

    Can we enable GIF responses with GIPHY or something in the comments?

    • That was very popular on 1/4/16.

      You can use emojis but I think GIPHY/images in comments would be problematic, we got a taste of it that day in 2016.

  • I accidentally negged someones comment. Couldnt find a way to change it to a plus (which is what i actually wanted to do) . I could revoke it but was unable to plus it after that cos it said i had already plussed or minused. Never used to be like that :-(

    • Within the first minute after you have voted a comment, you can click on + or - to change the vote — provided that you have not reloaded the page.

      Never used to be like that :-(

      The ability to change vote has been around since Nov 2015. Inability to vote again after the vote has been revoked — it has always been the case.

      • Within the first minute after you have voted a comment, you can click on + or - to change the vote — provided that you have not reloaded the page.

        Doesn’t work for me Scotty, iPhone with Chrome :-(

        • Well. Comment voting is designed a bit differently on the mobile site. We'll have to bring the mobile site to be more inline with the desktop one & add that vote-changing ability.

          • +1

            @scotty: Keep up the great work :-)

            • @WreckTangle: You can now change your vote on the mobile site, if you accidentally click - then you can change it to + and vice versa.

              Like the desktop site, you can only do it within the first minute, provided that you have not refreshed/reloaded the page.

  • +1

    Has the notification system been changed again? Or is it broken? I'm not getting notifications that people have replied to my comments, despite being subscribed to the post for new replies. I've not changed any settings in years.

    • They seem to be working now. Got a massive amount come though.

    • Something changed for me. I subscribed for "new comments" to your Poco X3 post after it had already lots of comments. I received a notification email for every single comment (even before I subscribed) at around 5am. I also got some email notifications to other threads I've subscribed too for comments that were posted many many hours before the notification came. Normally I could blame my email provider (yahoo) for the delay. But it doesn't explain why I got notifications for the comments before I subscribed.

  • Link to ProductReview

    How does that work? doesn't have a link to it's associated product review webpage….

    • We have to manually associate the ProductReview store page with the OzBargain page, so there will be quite a few that are missing.

      For the eTax one however, it appears the system can't find it when I search and there is no listing ID I can see to link it manually. Will get someone to take a look at it in the near future.

  • click/tap to "copy link to clipboard"

    Was there an announcement of the new click/tap to copy comment link to clipboard - it means I can no longer use a Firefox markdown extension to copy the date and time.

    Can it also be implemented as javascript/link?

    Is this a user designed feature?

    Previously a long press or right click copy also works so not sure why?

  • Is there a way to flag accounts who are gaming the referral system (creating several ozb accounts to increase their own referral count) - I'm pretty sure there are people who did this as I tested a referral system and within 10 clicks the same referrer came up twice or more on a 700+ pool. This might one reason some people who use referrals don't get the benefit promised because a limit is reached on the referrer's side.

    • Which referral would that be?

      Same referral link entered twice will actually trigger a ghost account report for the moderators, so we are already aware of likely infringements. However a "700+ pool" might not always have 700 available to be picked from, as we deprioritise the accounts that have not logged in for more than a month. Moreover, the OP of the deal has his/her referral link between 10% to 50% of chance to be picked — which would affect the probability as well.

      • I see good to know. It might have been the OP's link then. But 50% chance is very high? How does that work?

        • In our current setup OP would have 5x as much chance to be picked as any other users in the pool. However if the pool only has 2 other users, OP could effectively have 71.4% chance vs 14.3% chance for each of 2 other users. In this case we are capping OP's maximum probability to 50%.

          On the other hand if the pool has 700 other active users so without a lower bound, OP would only get ~0.71% of chance (vs 0.14% for other users). We bump up the minimum probability to 10% to make it worthwhile to be the original poster of the deal.

          In your case it would be likely to be 10% rather than 50%.

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