Comments / Feedback / Suggestions Thread 2021

Happy New Year! Here is another thread for submitting your comments, feedbacks and suggestions to the OzBargain website. No guarantee that we'll ever respond let alone implementing those suggestions, but send them in regardless.

See similar threads from 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

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    May as well be first. Hi Scotty, and a HNY to you too :)

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    Keep up the good work!

  • Still waiting for there to be some indication you have already voted on a comment, on the vote button on mobile.

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    Feedback - I think the weekly discussion isn't really a discussion. They're questions with 1 worded answers and certainly does not spark any discussion

    Suggestion - come up with better thought provoking questions that spark curiosity, discussion, debate.. That would be what I'd like to see. Having a look at "hot discussions" section shows some good examples of topics asked by members.

    • Or let the members post the random discussions like we used to. Not a fan of System :)

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        We actually do this randomly on average once a week 😆

        Don’t have Insurance, don’t buy from a country, infringement, financial advice, rant, entitlement, OPs getting upset when s/he aren’t getting confirmation bias, etc

        But I think and agree, the random discussion should be based on a past weeks “hot discussions” - like some kinda post-mortem.

    • ok

    • They were originally created as a weekly thread for all the random offtopic rumbles throughout the week but it appears people rather post a new thread instead (and often regreted later). The questions aren't meant to be thought provoking in the first place — they were just conversation starters. For "serious" questions or pressing issues — post them in a separate thread.

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    Who's hoping we can resume OZB birthday meetups again?

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      Let’s try not to create an “OzBargain Cluster”…

    • Organise your own. I meetup with OzBargainers all the time ;)

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      I'll push Scotty to invest in some t-shirt cannons for next meetups. Free delivered pizza as well.

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    OzBargain is being taken over by rep Spam!
    Drop shipping is out, the new fad is importing then selling the shit for heavily marked up price$ $$$$

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  • -1

    1- Remove Max rating/day Limit for user star ratings
    2- Add "re/set to default" option for Personalized front page/new deals
    3- Option to hide/unhide our own deals or posts.

    • We'll discuss/consider 1 & 2.

      3 won't be possible/worthwhile.


      • +2

        No worries.
        Additional 1- make the stars visible next to names, for those who have it turned on.

        4- Add a vertical Line to first-level comments (similar to reddit)
        Some posts get so many comments; it's not obvious where original comments start, or just other replies to a single thread.

        5- A way to view the past Highlighted Discussion Topics.

        • +1
          1. Adopting the whole reddit thread formatting and sorting would be a great bonus.
    • Add "re/set to default" option for Personalized front page/new deals

      This has been rolled out this morning, you'll see a reset button at the bottom of the page in settings > edit > deals. Direct link for you

      Remove Max rating/day Limit for user star ratings

      Won't be implemented sorry, we need some limit for database entries.


  • Why ozb doesn't do own cashback program? Member logged in and the link just there to click to buy.

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    Make a new tag for RRP "deal", so I can filter them out. Just because people upvote doesn't mean it is discounted or a bargain.

    Don't mark RRP product as "long running deal". NAB straightup credit card is not a bargain - it is just a product! Move them to discussion forum.

    Also getting tired of mortgage brokers throwing their offers on here every so often. If a bank is offering cashback (e.g. ANZ), there is no need for every broker in town posting that as a deal of their own… UNLESS they offer better rates or incentive.

    Imagine seeing every single energy plan listed here as a deal, how clutter this place is Having said that, judging from that many "can has give me advise on best energy plan" forum post, I suppose it will cater the demographics here.

    • +1

      Have to disagree here.

      Some of RRP items are what people want, perhaps due to limited stock, and it builds hype, being more attractive and opens for discussion about the item and discussion about its value even more.

      The discussion part of the deals is what this forum is about. It provides open views from both perspectives about the "deal", and more other than not, leads to suggestions about other previous or current deals and helps one decide whether the deal is of value to them.

      If it was in seperate RRP categories it may be way down the list and not attract enough attention and discussion.

      You may not be interested in these RRP items and that's fine you don't have to click and keep scrolling.

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        If it was in seperate RRP categories it may be way down the list and not attract enough attention and discussion.

        Thats not what I've said. I've asked for a tag, so I can filter them on my feed. It will show up on yours just like any other deal.

        You may not be interested in these RRP items and that's fine you don't have to click and keep scrolling.

        Exactly, I want to skip those "deals".

        Hamza response on RRP being ambiguous complicates the labelling, that I agree being the case.

    • New tag for RRP "deal"

      Copy/paste a reply I gave to another member who previously asked us about this:

      I would say it's unlikely we'd introduce a RRP title tag as title tags are usually for things that are black and white, RRP can be ambiguous. We'd also have to decide what to do when RRP is $749.95 but a store is selling it for $749, or $748 or $745 etc. Yes it does happen and will we then get people saying it's not technically RRP and shouldn't be tagged as such and also what is the threshold for how much below RRP it is before we don't call it that?

      Also deals like ALDI or Kmart that are regular price, also get negged for being RRP when there is no RRP as such in many cases. Everyday low prices etc. is also not really the RRP.

      Edit: Removed additional/unrelated sentence.

      • I never dispute the use of voting system marks a product as good or bad deal. But standard product at usual pricing is hardly a bargain. But if RRP is ambiguous, then it would make the labelling difficult. I suppose OzBargain is more like OzValue.

        Then what would he helpful is the ability to hide individual post on my own feed. But judging from your comment above, won't be possible/worthwhile.

        Will put up with more mortgage brokers deals that are incomparable yayy!

        +1 vote to your reply

        • I never dispute the use of voting system marks a product as good or bad deal.

          Yes sorry, I removed that part just before you replied, as I realised after that it wasn't really relevant to your request.

          Then what would he helpful is the ability to hide individual post on my own feed.

          You can hide seeing future posts made by particular users or particular stores, amongst other things. See here.

          You could go here and look for the posts marked as 'third party' then click hide under any of their deal posts, to hide future posts from those mortgage brokers. You can also block seeing deals from stores you have no interest in.

          They will appear in My Account > Settings > Edit > Blocked

          Additionally, there are also some options in My Account > Settings > Edit > Deals to hide seeing particular things on the front page and/or new deals page (including expired deals, targeted deals, or only see deals from particular categories). For example if you had no interest in pets, you could choose to see deals from every category apart from pets.

          Finally, you can also hide deals by tags, see here for more info. This doesn't apply to the front page, only the new deals page at this stage.

  • -3

    Give us an option to disable these stupid buttons at the bottom of the page on mobile. I will never click them and they just cover content when trying to read.

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    Polls should have a specific field for the question which should be displayed prominently above the poll options. Too often the OP contains multiple questions and it can be unclear to which the poll pertains.

    • The question should have been in the title and/or at the end of the main post. However the main issue is with how many poll-starters failed to post their questions properly. Often we get

      • Irrelevanet title to the polls
      • Wall-of-text rant in the post with no clear question
      • Incomplete poll options

      I think I could conclude that many people just do not have the ability to write something in a structural and easy to understand way. I do not think a single extra field is going to sort it out.

  • I think this site can do better with Filter and Sort options..

  • Suggestion.

    Rather than highlight a deal for a limited time, put it back at the top of the new deals list and let it follow the same process of a new deal.

    • Rationale? Wouldn't it look out of place on a list of deals where people are expecting them to be in reverse chronological order (when looking at the posting dates)? Currently at the top of the page in a distinct section we know that those are deliberately highlighted. Or otherwise we'll have to style those highlighted deals differently so they stand out when mixed in the list of front-page deals — is that what you meant?

      • +1

        I’ll use an Epic freebie as an example.

        Generally, they are posted seven days in advance. On the day they are live (Friday), the deal is highlighted twice - once in the morning and then evening. If someone doesn’t check the front page during this time, they will miss it.

        What I’m suggesting is schedule the deal to appear as a new deal when it goes live. So the Epic deal will be live as a “new” deal from 3am and then just follow the normal new deal process. If it gets enough votes e.g number of votes at time it is live on new deals page plus 16 within first 30 minutes, the deal will go onto the front page and then gets moved down that page as other deals get onto front page.

        I’ve seen the Pepper sites use this process and it appears to work well. They do style it to make the deal stand out but I don’t think this is necessary. As for the posting date, I’m not sure this will matter to people since the deal is actually live when it goes back onto the new deals page.

        The main benefit is that people are less likely to miss it as it stays on the front page longer.

        • Our problem with posting deals way in advanced is that they get to grace the front page twice, which is why we only highlight the deals a limited amount of time as it has already had it's share of exposure when it hit the front page the first time — and people who care enough about it should have set a reminder.

          Or should we not allow upcoming deals on the front page?

          • +2

            @scotty: I think it should be on the front page when the deal is live, not when it is announced/reported.

            So then it should probably be something like this: if the post has a starting date other than today then -
            1) don’t move it to front page even if the vote count is >30
            2) add the post to new deals page when the start date is reached. The post will then follow the new post to front page process.

            This should apply to all deals posted in advance and not just the popular ones.

            I think this will also resolve the issue we had with the Epic holiday freebies.

            • @dealbot: Sure. We'll have to evaluate the feasibility of implementing that.

  • How about a new forum area: Help me make a decision?

    • A decision about what? (having answered that question, find the fitting category, no?)

      • Anything it seems, looking at the past posts. Would be like “Find me a a bargain”.

        Eg. Should an OP:
        * pay infringement
        * quit job
        * buy a car
        * buy a laptop
        * buy a phone
        * “invest” money
        * escalate to ACCC
        * stop using social media
        * etc.

        • I'd post each of these under their fitting category (e.g. Automotive, Computing, Mobile, General…).

  • +1

    See similar threads from 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017.

    Is there a compiled list of suggestions?

  • Negative vote, I think we don't need to leave a comment to vote a negative vote. Once we do that, the moderator just removed the negative comment then also remove the negative vote. In current settings, you never able to vote a negative vote.

  • +1

    Has the "unvote" function been removed/changed? Previously I remember you could click the vote button again (perhaps within a certain time?) to cancel a vote.

    eg. I voted for this deal accidentally a few minutes ago and can't seem to cancel it.

    • You can revoke your vote from the vote tab of any deal.

      • thanks! was the "click again to unvote" removed/altered or am I just misremembering?

        Feature request: add revoke button to the votes page on the user profile.

        • We didn't have a click again to unvote feature. As a side note, you can change your vote after you make it, if you accidentally vote the wrong way (deals or comments), however the ability will disappear after you have reloaded the page or 1 minute has passed. After that time you can only revoke it (from the votes tab in the deal post or under the comment).

          Will discuss that feature request, thanks.

  • Would it ever be possible to subscribe to all deals on one particular product but then filter deals based on price posted in title (e.g. do not show an account notification or email notification if the price is above a certain limit I have set)?

    Such a feature wouldn't be perfect (might miss some deals) but could still potentially solve the ambiguous RRP situation with users setting their own limit on what they are prepared to pay for each product they are interested in and remove the increasing amount of RRP clutter from the site if a user wants to do so.

  • As a newly diagnosed NDIS/NDIA participant, (as in disabled) I think some general information/discussion could be helpful in the public health sphere.
    I certainly do not wish to change the excellent work or direction of Scottys' website, which I already love.
    I don't wish to duplicate other websites out there, but I think other people may gain assistance by the experience of others.

    As an example the SA GOV just gave a new warning about mosquito borne diseases:

    So I went and bought a insect light from ALDI, but have since discovered octenol mosquito attractant is really what makes these lights effective.
    This is just an example and my experience is limited.
    Also I certainly don't want to make this OzBargainSA or some regional thing as I know how annoying that can be.

  • "In good faith" - Classifieds

    My proposal is that people should be given the time to respond in the Classifieds. JB Hifi cards are quite in demand. It'd be nice if the Classifieds had the same system which is operating at Overclockers AU, where the first buyer is given priority but also is committed to buying, not whoever's available is sold to that person. The following scenario has happened to me and i'm sure others a number of times.

    So I was looking for JB Hifi gifts cards. Someone contacted me offering theirs at ~7:30am. The seller generally took about an hour to respond and i respond a couple of minutes afterwards. I agree and ask for payid details @ 11:09am and I'm checking regularly for an answer, nothing comes. 16:14 comes by and i'm unable to check ozbargain but the seller replies, perhaps the reason for the delayed response was because he/she had the same problem (work or whatever doesn't really matter), but i wasn't given the same courtesy and they sell an hour later @ 17:16.

    It should be in good faith that the person who has agreed to purchase the item should be given an appropriate amount of time to respond and deal with the sale. I get it if it's scumtree but this has been quite frustrating of late.

    • +3

      First to pay gets it. People flake too often to wait all day for them to decide if they want something.

  • +2

    Can we get a joke posts thread for the removed joke bargain posts to be be added.

    similar to the insufficient Quantity Deals thread.

  • +1

    Can we please have the following:

    1. Extensions of list of blocked comments from 50 to 100;

    2. Possibility to add users to the blocked list for messages without first having received a message from them. At the moment it is only possible to block someone from messaging you after they have sent you at least one message (unless I just do not see the function or am doing it wrong which is entirely possible).
      I think it would be great if one could just add the username to the blocked list without the need to receive a message from them first.

    Thank you.

  • I'd like a way to answer "thank you!" to Marvin (system bot)'s messages when a moderator acts on reports and has been helpful, without having to start a whole TWAM thread.

  • Can the competitions exclusions filter be updated to include an option like 'Requires photo/video submission'?

    • We can consider that, are you/others finding there are quite a few comps that require that?


  • Using affiliate revenue (logged-in users) for community-driven OzBargain site development

    On 04/01/2021 - 20:11
    AustriaBargain wrote about enabling affiliate links for logged-users (with their consent/permission) to raise money for charity.

    I made a slight modification to that idea and suggested it be used for Ozbargain site development instead.

    Could it be to fund developer/s to implement features voted on by the community like mentioning users that have been asked for multiple times by multiple users over several years?

    More people are self-interested rather then altruistic especially on a site like ozbargain.

    Reposting as it may be missed as the last suggestion of the 2020 year

    • Scotty will likely add the option to enable affiliate links for logged in users, in the near future, for the few that would want to use this feature.

      We may use that revenue, for app outsourced app development or charity, but all site development is not something that others will do, nor is funding an issue. In regards to tagging users, there are issues with regarding its implementation, use and potential for abuse which need to be overcome, it's not an issue with funding. In regards to classified trade ratings, that is low priority. Our classifieds is designed to be a place where long time members can sell unwanted goods, it's not supposed to compete with eBay/Gumtree etc. so we aren't looking to expand too much on that.


      • Thanks for responding finally to my outstanding requests from the last year or so.

        • @brisdaz

          Good news

          • @hamza23: And cheers for following up. I do understand as moderators you are busy.

  • +1

    I recently started losing hope after entering so many competitions posted here and never winning.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to get some sort of marker next to user’s names who have been verified as winners of comps posted on OzB.

    Maybe a star or something that shows up permanently next to their name whenever they post or comment?

    Seeing the occasional star (or whatever) around the place would help people keep the faith that it DOES happen from time to time.

    Thanks for reading.

    • Hi HeelTaker,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We'll discuss/consider. Perhaps we can mention/advertise the OzBargain winners Page somewhere.

  • +1

    A URL shortner suggestion for eBay links.

    So that this mess of a URL:

    Automatically suggests to turn the URL into:

    An automatic suggested title ending for Mwave, Wireless1 and Centre Com deals. Like the + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU suggestion.

    Corsair Case $120 + Delivery ($0 with $79 Spend/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Centre Com or + Delivery ($0 with $79 Spend/ VIC Pickup) @ Centre Com

    Corsair Case $120 + Delivery ($0 with mVIP/ Sydney Pickup) @ Mwave

    Corsair Case $120 + Delivery ($0 with $200 Spend) @ Wireless1

  • If we vote on a topic that gets removed can we please get our negs and positive votes back? You could just reverse all votes at the time a topic gets nuked.

  • Wondering if it would be possible to get a " Made in ___ " for items that are posted.

    That way you can see if something is made in Aus to support local or made in China if you don't support genocide etc.

    • +1

      So 99% of products then? Nearly all food deals are going to contain ingredients from overseas. Perhaps just ignoring deals you don't like or using the block feature?

      • nah, im more interested in my suggestion

  • How do you view and/or edit search alerts ? why it's hard for me to find. Monday morning perhaps :)

  • Which ever staff member is responsible for this post is the best. That is all.

  • +1

    Seen a great deal of discount unique code requests that inadvertently result in spamming threats.

    Maybe consider introducing feature "mark code request"/ mark code request received" with simple status icon similar to new comment icon?

  • Merged from Set Reminders from The New Deals Page

    We have been getting a lot more future deals recently.

    Would it be possible to add a feature to set reminders from the New Deals page by clicking on the start or end date without opening the deal?

  • Would be nice to have an option to exclude certain brands from the feeds (home page, popular deals etc.) e.g. I deleted my cashrewards account (due to very bad customer service) and would like not to see their deals anymore.

    • You can go to any deal, click on "Hide" under the main post, and click on the checkbox "Hide deals from <store name>".

      • Thanks Scot. It works. It wasn't obvious. I never paid attention to this link.
        Maybe you guys could improve the visibility - move it higher on the page and/or turn it to a button or a "switch" (toggle).

        Thank you

  • +2


    New users (<5 posts) cannot post a store/affiliated/associated deal for an Amazon-AU store.

    There seems to be more and more deals posted everyday from Amazon stores that are just reselling or re-badging cheap stuff from Alibaba/Aliexpress. It's VERY rare that these prices are actual bargains, and I believe they use Oz-b's halo effect to sell overpriced products to people who trust the platform. Eventually these junk "deals" will outnumber actual bargains.

    At least with the rule change, members will have to contribute 5 proper deals before dragging down the feed with adverts.

  • Sometimes clicking on a notification doesn't clear it and you have to click mark all as read. I can't see what the difference is between ones that clear and ones that don't. If you want to try to fix it the link for the notification I have currently that won't clear by clicking on it is and I'm using Safari on iOS.

    • Clearing the notification should be triggered before the browser navigating to the link. Maybe there are timing issues with Safari on iOS which I'll have to investigate.

      OzBargain notification backend does need an overhaul, to be more similar to the messaging system on various OS, which would solve quite a few notification related issues. That's quite a bit of work later down the track.

  • I've been following the Telstra discounted pixel 5 and 4a with 5g discounted phones with keen interest.

    I note Officeworks and JB hi-fi haven't been consistent with their promises of price matching or price beating of 5%.

    Also they haven't priced matched Telstra like they usually do to prevent the extra loss.

    I'm interested in discussing that in a more private and secure environment perhaps with members older then a few years or have done a certain number of deals.

    Is that possible now or planned?

  • I get this warning when attempting to post deals that I'm not associated with after submitting a rep post. It doesn't prevent me from sharing the deal however.

    Third-party posting limit has been reached.
    Posting limit: 1/24 hours
    Please see your posting history for more information.
    Please use the Talk with a Moderator forum if you have any enquiry.

    • This should be fixed as of last week, let us know if there are still issues.

      • Still shows up for me when trying to submit a new deal.

        • Sorry for the confusion. That is supposed to be appearing, as you submitted a rep deal in the past 24 hours, just so you know that you can't post another one (without needing to actually put the URL in). The wording will be fixed up though in the near future so it doesn't just state third party.

          • +1

            @hamza23: Ahhh I see that makes more sense now.

  • With 2fa can you set the input field to numbers so it's easy to enter on mobile?

    • This has been implemented (for others who were following this).


  • +1

    in the comments I see a lot of the same questions being asked over & over again.
    and answered over and over again.
    seems like a waste?

    especially in the really popular deals, like the S21 thread right now.

    not sure how it could be fixed/improved though…

    just a matter of searching in the thread first

    • Message the op or report the deal so comments can be pinned and/or description added to.

  • Does anyone remember the forum post about a person who went to the UK with no money for a working holiday. Or was that whirlpool.

    • +1

      Whirlpool. Only 14 years ago. I remember that thread. Great read.

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