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FC MXBB Rubiks Cube $8.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ FC MXBB Amazon AU


Limited time deal. Ends in a few fours from the time of this posting.


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Is this a significant improvement over the crappy official Rubix branded ones? I have a couple but never got into speed cubing / had a good quality smooth cube

    • I have a few MoYu ones. They are pretty good compared to the official branded ones.

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      The official brand is 2nd worst ever. The only thing worse than the Rubik's branded ones are the super cheap no name tiny ones with the keyring that you get for 50c.

      At this point I can confidently say that any Chinese branded cube is heads and shoulders above Rubik's brand. I know the term "night and day" gets thrown around a lot, because people like to exaggerate, but this is a case where the Rubik's brand is actually so bad, that night and day is the best expression to describe the difference.

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    I think anything is better than the original Rubik’s cube. Got my son a GAN for Christmas which is very smooth, tho considerably more expensive than this at about $65

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      Agree that Rubik's brand is rubbish. I got a 5x5 Rubik's as a gift and it was so hard to turn. Ended up snapping a corner off during a solve after a few days.

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    Thanks, grabbed one
    Any hints for someone that's never done these?

    • Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to solve them layer by layer

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      Try and see how much you can complete without resorting to the internet. Then when you're ready, look at the beginner method of solving. You can learn to complete a cube in a day sub 5mins.

      If you get adventurous with your times, I'd say start with Jessica Friedrich method then however you want after that. Just to start.

      After buying 4 Rubik's brand cubes, I finally bought a Moth cube and yes, Rubik's cube branded cubes are ass. Even the cheap $4 magnetic Chinese cubes are leagues better. Smoother and not as rigid on the turns.

  • GANs and MoYu are probably the best options. Don't rush to buy the latest models of those though. They are very high level modifications for sub 7 second solves.

  • Start with a 3C from - A$3.60.

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    Bought the very original Rubik's Cube in 1985. It was actually pretty good.