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BlitzWolf BW-VP6 LCD Projector US$179.99 (~A$233) Delivered @ Bangood


Apply coupon BGOPPJ88 at checkout. Ships from AU warehouse.

Great budget projector. Native 1080p, 500 ANSI lumens.

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R39wmq-JWSg
Budget Projector ranking from the same reviewer: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H_8ZMK4KdzH_vIBEWBf9...

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  • +1

    It says $236 AU when I click on the link.
    Edit: nevermind, didn't think about shipping. Total price for me after shipping and code was $234.

  • Is it 3d too??,

    • +1

      Red blue only

    • Youtube video says it is R/B

      • Can I use it as a tv in my room

        • +1

          Projector is not very good at daytime, you may not want a dark room all the time.

  • +4
  • +7

    Can get a larger discount using the code "10%ForNewBW" and paying in usd with a fee free card. I paid $223.51 a couple of days ago.

  • +3

    I have one and it's pretty good for the money.

    Picture quality is decent when there's no stray light coming into the room. Setting up was easy, it's HDMI input, so I just have a Chromecast plugged into it. There is decent keystone correction and the front foot is height adjustable, so it's not too fussy about where you place it. Audio quality is disappointing though, so get ready to shell out extra for some speakers.

    • +18

      Has anyone in history ever actually thought a projector would have good built-in sound?

      • +3

        or sound from any display in general.

        • +1

          I have a small Hisense TV mounted in my bedroom and it has decent 10w drivers in it, the sound is balanced, esp for a small bedroom.

    • Thanks for your feedback on the projector, I just put through an order.

      Would you be able to elaborate more on the keystone correction? I plan to put it on a side table next to my sofa so it'll be off center. Would I see any big picture quality degradation? At what projection size (inches) would you recommend to keep it under to mitigate this?

      • +1

        Mine is about 1 metre off centre, projected on a surface about 3.5 metres away… I'd say this is about as far to the side as it's acceptable. All four corners are decently in focus, but one of the two furthest corners shows visible distortion.

  • +2

    I bought this after reading a comment by someone here on OzB. Of course I did my research first after that. 1080p, bright and decent colours. And for its price, I think it's a good bang for your buck. Initially I was looking at the Anker mini projectors, but they're a bit more expensive, and only 480p afaik.

    Definitely needs to be hooked up to external audio. I have mine hooked up to a Chromecast with Google TV. Does the job in my small room. The fan is a bit audible if you're not listening to anything.

  • +1

    problem with blitzwolf lately i found that they just slap their brand into some generic products and price them higher.
    i mean, last time i was looking for blitzwolf VP2 projector, found many exact similar item on aliexpress, same specs etc, just without blitzwolf logo, and cheaper.

    • Link?

      • my research was months ago also from cheaper model i havent check this one as yet

  • +4

    Rare to see a 1080p native at this price, and if its really 500ansi , that's better than any of the sub $500 projectors going around as well too.

  • +1

    so if i put chromecast to the hdmi, i can stream youtube from my mobile phone, right? (and maybe even the whole screen android mirroring, maybe?)
    that case, the sound will come out from mobile or the projector ?

    • Yes. Sound will come from projector, same as if you were casting to a TV.

    • +2

      Yes you can stream youtube with a chromecast. The sound will come out of the projector. A chromecast doesn't directly stream from your mobile phone, your mobile phone merely tells the chromecast what to play (think of your phone as a smart remote control). Unless you are using android screen mirroring or something similar.

    • thanks.
      how about: any way we can play movies from NAS through local wifi?

      • +1

        Chromecast with Google TV + VLC player

      • If you have Chromecast you can probably do it thru that, otherwise Nvidia Shield/TV with PLEX? Probably easier to navigate everything on that rather than pushing content from your mobile

        • ah yeah i just realised even with the old chromecast pluged in the this projector,
          i can play movies from NAS on my phone with PLEX and then stream it to the projector

  • +1

    another question:
    can i put this projector on the floor (2.2m to the wall) but i want to have the projection from at least 1m above the floor on the wall ?

    • +1

      I doubt it - that's likely more in the range of what is called short throw projectors, which are intentionally made to be put fairly close to the wall.

      • i see. yeah the issue is we have a table top of 90cm height in front of the wall on so the projection needs to be above the table.

    • +1
      • ah i already have something like this for a laptop. so basically the issue with my setting is the projector height, right? need to increase it so it can project picture at 1m above ground?
        the 2.2m distance from projector to wall is sufficient enough to get maybe 55" screen size?

      • Great idea, I had my projector sitting on some boxes but this is much nicer.

  • If u looking for a cheap and decent projector, I would recommend this one, Aun F30
    Or Aun m18, similar spec, just different input and output.

    I Bought it from Aliexpress 2 years ago, still running well. Not sure about Banggood tho after the last product I bought from them took like nearly 3 months to arrive.

  • Still can't get my head around a projector at this price throwing up a good quality picture… technology, huh?

    • +2

      Can't expected too much from this price range, not the best if u compare to $1k+ ones, but it's good enough for a little home cinema.

    • +2

      The picture is ok but not great. A bit worse than my 15 year old panasonic 720p projector that died. But I put this one in the playroom and the kids love just coz the picture is big so it satisfies them.

      • +1

        Worse than my 15 year old panasonic 720p projector ?
        How much did that cost?

        • XGA (1024x768) is 720p+… technically. Just 4:3 instead of 16:9.

          SVGA and XGA projectors were pretty common and affordable 15 years ago.

        • About $2000

  • Wouldn't VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector be better?

    • Doubt it, the Vankyo is only 800x480

    • I am not sure about this one, but I am referring to my Aun F30up. I did research about Vankyo before but I chose Aun instead. Can't remember why tho coz it was 2 years ago

  • -2

    Geez, 500 lumens. What can this do?

  • +1

    Is the bulb user-replaceable? Where to buy and how much is the replacement bulb?


    • +3

      LED, no bulbs or lamps

  • Can anyone suggest, How does the below QKK one from a previous deal ranks when compared to this Blitzwolf model ?
    What are the major differences ?

    • +1

      Read the specs… Q is 720p native and half the lumens and image quality not as good

    • +1

      I purchased the QKK one a few days back for a moonlight cinema in our back yard. Its decent for $85. The fan noise is quite noisy but the volume output of the unit is actually really loud so you can easily drown it out. Quality is also decent for a back yard cinema type setup. Projecting from about 3m back onto a white brick wall. My only gripe so far is that the keystone is terrible so if am aiming it from the ground up about 2m high on a wall its not very rectangular.

      • Thanks for your response. I bought the QKK few days back and waiting for its delivery.
        I understand for the price its good value, but after reading your feedback I am unsure if I should have gone for a better one.

  • I found the banggood website coupon code is quite dodge. E.g. for this product, the price was showing as AU$236.11, but after I applied the coupon, it was changed to AU$249.23, then with discount applied, it comes down to AU$234.39.

    • Yep. I used "10%ForNewBW" found here

      Came down to $229.41 after first being raised to like $250

    • yeah it has been at this price for a while now. been watching this for a few days - not sure whether to pull the trigger or just buy a nicer second hand one off gumtree.

  • Any recommendations for reasonably priced speakers to go with this?

    It says the max size is 200 inches diagonal - people that have this, what's the quality like at full size?

    • if you put chromecast in there, maybe you can link it with google mini speaker nest or multiple nests?

  • how's the noise for anyone that has this? Noisy?

    • Fan noise is noticeable but not too bad. Puts out a bit of heat and the room gets noticeably warmer. Although only been using it since Xmas and its been hot in Perth.

  • It’s not letting me buy one.. either put my email down for arrival notice or add to wishlist 😑

    Has anyone been able to purchase one from this deal yet?

  • Sold out at AU store and China is $300 aus shipped - do bang good usually restock or is this deal done?

    I reported sold out.

  • +1

    Got me looking at 4K short throw projectors now… damn you ozbargin! :P

    • +1

      It's easy to drift like that - keep in mind how often you're going to use it and what for, eg. if you require it for watching hi-res films daily or once every 2-4 weeks…

  • Banggood website is terrible. I cant delete from cart.

  • +1

    I got this one a few days ago, input lag isn't amazing (fine for desktop use and casual games, but anything needing reactions won't work) and it also isn't smooth at 60Hz. Setting your display output to to 50Hz fixes the stuttering but not the lag. I was hoping that this would be resolved using VGA but unfortunately VGA is stuck at 4:3 and can't handle the full resolution of the projector, with a bit of colour trails. Could just be a meh VGA cable, I haven't tested with other ones.

    Speakers are surprisingly loud, much better than inbuilt monitor speakers I've had but still aren't amazing quality.

    Very bright, good colours, overall I'm happy if you don't want to use it for gaming.

    Let me know if anyone has questions, although out of stock now though :'(

    • So movies/tv shows would be all right?

      • Yep absolutely, as long as it's set to 50hz.

    • I’ve gotten vga to run at 1080p on an old dell laptop so it’s should work fine

  • Looks like the reduced price is gone. Now showing 262AUD, after adding "10%ForNewBW" code. The final price including shipping is almost $305AUD.

  • can you mount this on a standard projector ceiling bracket?

    i cant find any pics of the underside

    • https://imgur.com/a/oa3aaRg

      The four feet can be screwed off. Looks pretty study and like 4 hole mount points, but I don't have a mount to confirm for you unfortunately.

  • Whats the next best step up from this? Eg $400-500 mark

    • Following too

    • If you are happy to go second hand, there are quite a few Epson and other brand name projectors around that mark on marketplace with not too many lamp hours.

  • Stupid question.

    Ive never seen or used something like this before, what do you guys project onto just a wall or do you need like a purpose built pulldown projector screen thing for it.

    • A projector screen would be better than a wall.

    • I am doing it on empty beige wall. Still ok.
      Screen would bring out more colour i guess but dont feel the necessity yet.

  • Surprisingly my best 2020 bang for buck purchase was this.
    Every family member loves it very much. Can't find any fault really.

    From my research, I'd avoid any projector with lower native res than 1080p if I want to read subtitles.
    Also unless it will be centre placed avoid those with analogue(dial) keystone correction.

  • I bought this projector in November for $250. It’s kinda meh.. it has issues with not being smooth at 60hz and screen tearing. I would not recommend it.

  • Back in stock!

    • Not aus stock and more exy/shipping time

  • How noisey do people find the fan/running of this projector?

    • As loud as free standing air purifier in my room.
      Noise is there but smooth hum…. and only noticable when no sound is playing.
      Never found it annoying.

  • Anyone got update on the shipping? I ordered a projector Friday night, still in processing. AU warehouse.

    • well saturday and sunday are weekend in australia… so……

      • lol, forgot logistics doesn't work over the weekend in AU.

        • +1

          we live in the best country dont forget that.. everything is slow….. relax…. centerlink is there for us….. even the tiger swims….

  • I’ll buy one if anyone changes their mind in Melbourne

  • Purchased mine on the 8th from the CN warehouse, I've never ordered anything on banggood before. But does anyone know how long it'll take to get to Brisbane on average if I spent the extra $ for express shipping? Also wondering what a normal banggood shipping order looks like on the app, so I know what to expect, hit the UAE yesterday on the 10th

  • +3

    Mine arrived today, was shipped via Armarex (Fastway), ordered midday last Friday. Set it up about 3m away from a slightly yellow wall results in about 100inch projection.

    - bright
    - 1080
    - sharp almost all across the screen, left edge of mine seems to have a fuzzy border, but I think projector is just at a slight angle and is out of the focus field
    - very simple
    - 18month manufacturer warranty (for what that's worth)
    - 40,000hour light source life (claimed)

    - fan noise, less obnoxious than the QKK from Amazon, and not much more audible than any standard projector I've experienced. Fan noise is unavoidable with a projector, this one is 'acceptable'.
    - remote is fairly directional
    - no optical zoom

    Definitely worth the ~$140 extra over the $80-$100 projectors.

    • nice, I am stilling waiting for mine. Ordered last Friday night.

  • +1

    Hey guys ordered on the 7th just contacted Banggood and they said they are waiting for stock that should arrive in 12 business days 😭

    • +1

      Lousy experience especially when stated as in stock at time of checkout.

      • -1

        I know right hopefully we can complain to get a voucher or something?

  • +1

    Just noticed that the VP9 is the VP6 with built-in Android TV. Hope the rep will post a deal for it soon.


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