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Xiaomi Mijia Electric Inflator Pump US$33.09 (~A$42.83) Delivered @ DHgate


Not quite as good as the Amazon deal, however $15 cheaper than AliExpress/eBay currently, so still a great deal nonetheless.

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  • Does anyone know how good these are at inflating car tyres?

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      I just use it to top up when needed. One tyre 33psi to 35psi about 4-5 mins. And it actually pump it to 36psi.also after 2 types light flashing red already battery recharge needed.

      • Thanks, great and honest information.
        I might give this one a miss.

  • +5

    Great product for bicycle tyres and topping up car tyres. Not saying it cannot, it just takes a while. This is a high-pressure and low flow pump.

    If you are looking for a tyre pump for 4wd, in which case inflating all 4 tyres after off-roading, this is not for you. But it is great for general around the house tasks and keeps all of your tyres up to their pressures.

    It comes with adapters for 2 different bike valves and balls(basketball, football, etc.)

    • hehe. I initially misread that as popping car tyres and was like - woah that's powerful!!

      I have one and use it to inflate balls. Have never tried on a car tyre so this is good to know. thanks

  • How about inflating the small kids inflatable type splash pool things?

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      no good for two reasons. 1, it will take a while(10min+ depending on the toy). 2, it does not have the right nozzle, so you have to somehow hold the 2 things together, which means it wont work.

      I tried mine to inflate a swimming donut (adult size), and it was hopeless.

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      Just go Ozito one, comes with real warranty and cheaper too


      • I think the attraction with this is that's it battery powered, whereas the Ozito is 240v mains powered

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    Nice review here testing it with balls and bike and car tyres - https://youtu.be/KiaJi-QTQ4M

    0-35 psi car tyre took 16 mins to fill.

  • can find it for around this price on aliexpress

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      I checked before posting, $55 including GST is the cheapest I could find. There was one listing for $46 + GST which stated free shipping, but once in cart added $14 shipping.

  • From what I see in the pics, this doesn't have a tip for bigger valves in inflatables like mattresses or boats, SUP boards, kayaks. Too bad.

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    Almost ordered but the '11 March - 27 May' delivery estimate is not great :(

  • Does it come with an attachment for Presta valves for road bikes?

    • Can confirm it includes a Presta valve adaptor in the box. I have this pump and use it regularly on my road bike. Highly recommended!

  • Awesome product, didnt think it would be so easy to use. Great on scooters

  • Only just thinking this morning that I need one but the postage on this one is 2 to 4 months!

    • if you need this quicker try Kogan or ebay or Amazon(fastest shipping) for ~$20-$40 more

      • Yeah, might wait for another sale. There will be another.

  • +1

    These were made for Scooters. Good Deal, Thanks OP.
    No Power Required and Fully portable to fit in my backpack

  • Note, does NOT work well with Presta valves despite the adapter.

    Do not buy for Presta. The screw on will unscrew the entire valve core.

  • I was given one as a gift and used for the first time last weekend. Had a flat tire with my Fortuner and I was able to top it up from 8psi to 30psi in 20min. Good enough to safely drive the car to the tyre shop. Small but powerful.

  • 8-85 days for delivery.. uh wot

  • is this swedish made?

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