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Artiss Home Office Chair Matrix Gaming Chair Black Recliner $116 (Free Delivery in-Cart) @ One Shop Kogan


Came across the above deal while looking for one for myself. I noticed that these were sold by a few different sellers and appear to be a generic Chinese brand. We have the "ErgoDuke Deluxe Low Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair" version and have been using it for about 3 months and so far it is been a great chair.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Yhc6mmdJC4

    Just gonna leave this here…

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      People who link to GN without any context is just jumping to conclusions. Do you also link to that AIO video when you see someone installing it 'wrongly'? It says both Office and Gaming chair. Is your brain running out of RAM now?

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      So what is a good ergonomic office chair to use, on a budget? Something that helps avoid back pain, rather than increase your K:D ratio.

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    From ebay:
    Most relevant reviews

    by shie_adri19 Sep, 2020

    Dont buy, get something better Bought this chair thinking it would be comfortable and decent quality due to price. Unfortunately not the case its a flimsy plastic design that doesn't feel all that sturdy and the foot rest is not usable as it bends after a couple of uses. But the the chair is not too bad to sit, it does provide ample back support but the cushion does not have much padding and after 1 hour you can feel the pain of sitting. Also it lacks in chair features you would expect. I do not recommend this save your pennys and go to a actual store and try before you buy.

    • Seems about right for Artiss, they seem to make very cheap but decent looking furniture. I have a bookshelf of theirs that was flatpacked and extremely cheap quality when being assembled. I worry for when I have to move it somewhere else.

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    This seems to be the normal price - seen at MyDeal and eBay plus other stores

    Plus every place seems to have resounding 1 star reviews.

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  • based on pricehipster it seems like few different sellers have marked these down within the last few days.

  • wonder if there are any good chairs at $100 mark, or perhaps all chairs at this price range are inevitably bad?

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      Businesses often dispose of very high quality chairs on Gumtree (WA, anyway) for great prices.

      • This! I managed to get a Steel Case Think, for only $100 from Gumtree (QLD). Had it for over 3 years and still zero problems.

    • I used an Ikea MILLBERGET for 6 years, 14 hours a day, armrests begun to crack and replacements were sent for free during warranty and fake leather peeled off after a few years but otherwise was still comfy and operational at 5 years, after that point the seat cushion was getting a bit flat.

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    I have the exact same chair, bought on eBay. I regretted within a week since the cushion became really flat, and the whole chair start making noise like it is going to fall apart anytime…

    My worst buy last year…

  • Lol.. Last time I bought some sh!!tty chair from Kogan ended up being a broken DESIGN more than anything else. The screw holes required don't exist on the metal baseplate for the back rest to bolt against.

    Made a vid on it to show Kogan.

    Total waste of my time and effort..

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