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Philips Air Fryer Premium XXL (White) $269.10 Pickup or Delivered @ David Jones


David Jones are currently having an extra 10% off reduced Philips appliances amongst other brands.

Amazon are currently selling this for $299 as are David Jones but the extra 10% off brings it down to $269.10, delivered.

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    how are they still in business?

    • +19

      By selling things

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        'its South African-based parent company Woolworths Holdings Ltd' - reckon you left out jobseeker payments

        • +2

          What does Jobseeker (unemployment benefit) has to do DJ and WHL (SA)? An unemployed person has no relationship with DJ or WHL other than as a consumer. Sorry, but I don't get your point.

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            @alvian: sorry meant job maker federal payments across the group…

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            @alvian: He meant jobkeeper

  • cancelling my amazon order for this now

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      Elon Musk thanks you!

  • Thanks OP. Picked one up.

  • Are they worth the money?

    Been considering it for a while

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      my first one from phillips lasted me 3-4 years before it karked it but i used it almost every day.

      Its so much more convenient and you barely use any oil.

      i got the XXL one with the digital touch screen and its made my life so much more easier.

      you can get a cheaper model one which i have heard people have no issues but with Phillips you will rarely have issues.

      The tray and basket are also dish washer safe so you barely have to put much effort into cleaning.

      • +1

        Thanks heaps ! I just pulled the trigger :)

        Do you find the XXL one does a lot of good ?

        We are a family of 4

        • +2

          Well i cook the following things often in it.

          chicken breast, steaks, whole chicken, fries, potatoes veggies, pork, lamb, etc.

          It saves so much time standing around cooking and not to mention cleaning compared to oil in a pan or the oven.

          Theres many recipes online so you shouldnt have any issues working out how to cook something in it.

          I have seen recipes of people baking even a cake in it.

    • It’s great for awhile. I like it because there is no mess during the cooking process (minimal smoke, no oil splatter and smell is kept to a minimum). But once you look at the amount of cleaning required (if you hand wash), it might deter you away. However if you just stick it into the dishwasher I think it’s good.

      Do keep the heating coil (on top portion within the inside) clean from oil and food. Otherwise it will create a lot of smoke. Philips do have a part called anti-splatter which is not included and they don’t seem to stock it too (last time I check). I think the anti-splatter cover will hinder the cooking process though.

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        I usually get some multipurpose wet wipes and clean the top coil after each cooking session and them a damp towel.

        I'd rather this process than cleaning a big oven.

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    Are these the same as the Kmart ones which get really hot at the base which is enough to crack stone benchtops?

    • +2

      there's a warning with these to place it on a heat resistant surface. I'd say to be safe out a chopping board or something

    • +3
      • haha, me too, perfect size for Kmart airtyer, can recommend!

        • +2

          although will take back Kmart fryer as non stick coating has gone in 6 months….

  • Wide load for a wide load

  • 3% cashback as well

    • +2

      Should be 1.5% going by the categories.

      • Yeah, $3.67 as tracked by cashrewards.

  • No more DJ discounted gift card available for sale either through RACQ or Suncorp, just saying, so this is properly the best price atm.

  • Thanks op, Ordered one : )

  • Cheers for the heads up, ordered

  • +1

    Thanks, ordered. Cancelled Amazon order :-)

  • Meh, wouldn't waste that much money on the old model with dumb analog timer, if you want to stick with philips get the one with digital timer. Otherwise spend your money elsewhere for a better specs for less than half the price.

    • +1

      If you can find better price for this spec please let us know, I am sure lots of people would jump at that. So far I could only find Philips has 2225 watts in their air fryers, i am referring to this drawer type which don't require preheat.

  • +1

    How does the quality of these compare to say the Ninja Dual Zone air fryer $239 @ Bing Lee - https://www.binglee.com.au/ninja-foodi-dual-zone-air-fryer-a... . I've had my eye on the Ninja model for a week. Dual zones and ability to sync end cook times looks attractive.

  • Thanks op, good price

    • +1

      Different size, different colour, digital controls and display.

  • Pull the trigger already just in case sold out.

    I have the same kind of question that everyone is talk about and hoping someone can provide an insight as I have zero exposure on air flyer.

    There are so many going so cheap in the market, namely the Aldi that everyone is raging about. As someone mentioned its almost half the price! If there that much difference?

  • I've had one of these for 6 months now https://www.kmart.com.au/product/3-in-1-air-fryer-oven/27548...

    I don't understand how a pull out bottom tray style can be better than this style of airfryer especially at half the price. The oven style is so simple to clean, you can fit a heap more in and you don't really have to toss and turn.

    What's the attraction to the drawer type fryer?

    • +1

      I always question this design as its basically an mini oven. Let's see if some experts can provide an insight.

      • Honestly, it comes with a rotisserie for a small chook or pork roast etc and a basket that rotates for chips/wedges. The potato chips you can do in the thing are amazing, no turning or anything. An hour ago I cooked one of those $20 lobsters from woolies from frozen and it was delicious.

        I have one neg for some reason. I just want to know why you would use a pull out basket style instead.

    • +1

      I had the Kmart one for about 9 months now and can notice some flaking is coming out so looking for non stick option now

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one through JB with price match.

  • Ordered shortly after this was posted, received an order cancellation email a few minutes ago. Sigh.

    • When did you place the order?

      • 10.38am WAST is when the confirmation email came through.

  • Damn just got an order cancelled email too 😐

  • Its showing back in stock now. Not sure why they are cancelling orders above

    • I've gone ahead and ordered again. Will see if it is cancelled again.

      Edit: Almost immediately cancelled.

      • Maybe no stock in WA

        VIC orders are coming through

  • Has anyone made an order and have had it shipped or order hasn’t been cancelled?

    • I got order tracing email yesterday noon.

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