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EHP Labs Oxysleep $44.78 + Delivery (up to $7.90) Multiple Flavours @ The Supplement Shop


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    Does this stuff even work? o-o

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      Its not as good as old formulas, because certain ingredients are now restricted. However, it's still a decent formula. It's a lil annoying you can't see what actually amount of each ingredient, I don't personally like or support blends.

      • Doesn't even have melatonin, which helps with regulating your body clock (circadian rhythm) which is in my sleep supp cyclorem. No deal imo.

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    Ensure that you are ready to go to sleep


    as you may immediately feel tired and sleepy.

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      Those are definitely valuable rules on something like Ambien or Stilnox, if you don't go to sleep right away shit gets weird lol.

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    Helps you sleep and burn fat at the same time? Righto.

    • They are highly related so…

      • So show me some evidence that this stuff works. I would need a fair bit to be convinced to spend $80 every 5/6 weeks. Can't say any of the 3 or 4 sleep specialists i've seen have recommended it or anything like it. I'm certainly happy to be convinced its not a load of bunk. Might even give it a go if it's not just a slick sales spiel full of fancy sounding "herbs" and a pretty poor attempt at sounding scientific. I mean does it promote REM sleep or "deep and restulful sleep"? Rem sleep isn't exactly deep or restful.. AND it regulates circadian rhythms? Is there anything this powder can't do? Will it give me cool dreams as well? Maybe with this weekends lotto numbers?

        • Oh I have no idea what's in this nor have I any interest looking into it. Or if it works or not.
          But sleep promotes fat burning, that is well known and just a google away :)

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    Don't know if you lost me at the Raspberry Ketones or African Wild Mango..

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    Show me the peer-reviewed, double-blind studies and I’ll believe it…