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[TAS] $10 Welcome Voucher of The Passport to Hobart Participating Venues (Min Spend $20)


Download the Stamp Me App at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, register, then join Hello Hobart’s Passport to Hobart!

Get a $10 Welcome Voucher to be used at any of the Passport to Hobart participating venues (minimum spend is $20 to redeem voucher).

Continue your journey by collecting 5 stamps on your digital passport at participating venues to get a $20 Reward voucher.

Simply make a purchase of $20 or more to collect a stamp (maximum of one stamp per day).

note: after download the app in your phone, scan the qr code on the website to get the $10 voucher.

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    Can people in Melbourne travel to Hobart?

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    Actually has a good list of participating restaurants. I'll check it out. Thanks!

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      The list could have stopped at Anna Purna and it still would have been a good list, but yes agree the list is very decent!

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    I feel like I got scammed.

    there are certain rules to this promotion:

    1. some restaurants have minimum spending requirements, meaning, it's very unlikely for you to spend $10.5 and use $10 voucher. you gotta spend $20 to use it.

    2. if you are splitting bills, only one person gets the stamp or using a voucher

    3. you can't use the voucher and getting a stamp at the same time.

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      It's a pretty dumb promotion because it only lasts a month. Who is going to be spending $20+ at 5 places in order to redeem the 6th $20 voucher in that time period?
      I'll be using the $10 off tonight and grab a parmy for $14 and then deleting the app. Just treating it as $10 off my meal.

      Imagine all of the resources (tax payer money!) that went in to creating this website and project just to last a month and be barely advertised and used by people. At least the Make Yourself at Home travel vouchers were useful.

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        it's basically asking you to eat out by yourself at 5 designated places in a month, and spend more than $120 just to save $20.

        lmaof, no thanks.