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Creative Pebble V3 USB C Speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 - $59.95 Delivered @ Creative


Was looking for a small set of PC speakers for a minimal set up and settled on the Creative Pebble, as it seems to balance okay performance with understated aesthetics.

Local retailers (both online and retail) have the v2 of the speakers priced at $59.95. The v3 adds a slightly larger speaker as well as bluetooth so could also do duties as a stand alone speaker set so long as you can power it via a USB charger. As far as I could see, there aren't any local retailers that seem to stock the v3…so currently direct from Creative is the only place to get the updated speaker, at the same price as the lower model.

I do have a large hifi speakers hooked up via a DAC and an intergrated amp hook, but find it's overkill for simply wanting to watch youtube videos, news or even low level background music.

The edifier options seem quite popular with many on ozbargain. But the creative pebbles could fit a niche where desk space is at a bit of a premium, and not expecting or requiring too much of an audiophile experience.

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  • -3 votes

    Better off spending $40 more and getting the Edifier G2000

    • They look like a good option if you are happy with the edgier aesthetics and happy to spend $40 more. For my situation I will switch to my integrated amp if I want more power, so happy having a cheaper lower powered desktop option.

  • Can see it's cheaper in Centrecom… Not sure what version it is.


    • Yep, that would be the first version. No bluetooth, slightly shorter cable, slightly smaller speaker and less power. I almost bought these ones but went for the v3. But first version is a good deal for those those who don't care about these extra details.

      • re. bluetooth - do you have to manually switch to BT mode each time? Or can you be listening to something via cord then play something from your phone straight away?

        • I haven't received mine yet but can update you when I get it. Unless anyone else knows….

          I plan to use mine mainly via the USB output of my PC. And I was attracted to this product due to the size, aesthetics and slightly bigger speaker than previous versions with bluetooth as an added bonus.

        • I've had mine before xmas. To switch to BT there is a BT button next to the volume dial. Once you have pressed this it will go into BT mode. Connect your phone/device and it will play audio from that device only. Turn off BT, it will continue playing from the other input (i.e. for me I have my PC connected via USB to the speakers). One input active at a time.

          • @gst28: thanks for the clarification.

            manually switching to BT mode and back each time is a pain for speakers that are primarily used for TV or PC. I wish there was a way to let BT be the primary input.

            …or is this perhaps possible with other speakers or amps or something?

  • +1 vote

    Bought the 2.0 version last year. Very good value for the price.

  • I bought the V2 last week to use with Xbox Series S but the Series S doesn't provide enough juice via their USB ports.(The One SAD was excellent).


    Decent sound otherwise.

  • You could buy a literal sound bar for the same price, if you have the room. I get they are small and portable but the 8W output leads me to thinking cheap tinny crackly sound.

    • Yeah totally. In fact the Creative Air is at the same price, but looking at the specs the performance seems like it would be the same.


      Perhaps that's the real bargain for some as it's retailing at around $90.

      But you could easily buy a sound bar for half the price even. But for some the desktop real estate is at a premium.

      In any event, if anyone is buying this or low end sound bar and expecting audiophile miracles they'll be disappointed.

      • This one is a usb speaker, your one is powered by usb. Very big difference.

        • Yes a closer look at the specs on the stage air suggests a bit more powerful, although I wasn't trying to suggest they would be totally equivalent. My view on these cheap speaker type things is to assume cheap, but moderately unsatisfying sound.

          For me, form factor is more important than power. Even if I preferred the Air soundbar, I wouldn't be able to fit it on my teeny weeny desk. But each to their own.

  • I have the V2. Sound is via audio cable only (not via USB), the power is via USB.
    It's ok for me cos I plug the power into the back of my monitor, but would be annoying if I didn't have spare USB ports there.

  • +2 votes

    I have the V2, and I recently upgraded to the Edifier G2000. The G2000 definitely sound better than the V2, but the V2 aren't that bad at all. I had a specific use case for the G2000 (wanting an additional input on the speakers), but the V2s were fine for some low profile desktop speakers.

  • $44.84 on Amazon… if you are willing to wait a few weeks.

    • That's the V2, not V3

      • I saw that link that JV linked to, and after you ad postage (as it's ineligible for Prime for some reason) it brings it up to $60 or so.

        So, $60 for a 'lower' version and a longer wait!

        • (as it's ineligible for Prime for some reason)

          link says:

          FREE delivery: 3 - 5 Feb on Prime International orders over $49.00

  • This price is the normal price that has been maintained since its initial release, and has never been on sale since its launch.

    • Yep, although I couldn't find the v3 for sale anywhere in Australia. Do you have any links?

      I was thinking perhaps retailers could be holding back their v3 stock until they get rid of v2 stock? But that seems implausible.

  • Just bought these exact ones a few weeks ago as I needed something small to go on each side of my laptop (which is essentially my desktop as well) and fit underneath my monitor… and with bluetooth capabilities. They sound great for the price, just not much bass.. but I suppose can't really expect much bass from something so compact.

  • This might be the normal price. Their v1 price matches retail stores. Not sure why retail stores sell v2 for $10 more, but the price has always $49 on Creative store. There is also no indication of a "Sale" on the website.

    • I think you're right. However, I did a search for the v3 and couldn't actually find an Australian stockist at RRP or even a higher price. So perhaps while this isn't technically a bargain, it may still be useful to prevent others from getting the v2 at an inflated price.

  • .
    MSY have v2 for $38 (picture shows USB & audio cables)

  • Does it still have 3.5 mm aux input? From the table of Creative, it seems V3 lost the aux input.
    I want to find a small speaker for my small Kitchen TV, which does not require separately turnon (i.e. It is on whenever I turn on the TV.)

    Thank you.

    • It does appear to have 3.5mm input. If you scroll down to 'A Closer Look - Specifications' it lists:

      "Connector Type - 3.5 mm Analogue Stereo Connector, USB-C"

      The speakers seem designed for a near field set up, and given it's also quite low powered, I wonder whether it will be loud enough for a TV in a kitchen area? Someone who has the speakers already may be able to advise.

  • Do these work on the nintendo switch?

    I play with a monitor with no audio output and no option for audio input?
    So if I just put the USB A to C adapter in the dock USB port where it'll be covered up, it'll work?

    Looks very good only having one cord for both power and audio input compared to a messy setup with an aux input 3.5mm that you have to plug in and out when you want to dock and undock the switch.

  • This looks great, but how good are the "improved" 2.25 drivers in this model compared to the base original model that regularly sells for the $30-$35 mark?
    Pretty tempting considering my monitor (VX2705-2KP-mhd) has terrible speakers. Wonder if it's actually worth it compared to the base model pebble.

    • I'm pretty wary about making audio recommendations as perceptions of audio quality are so subjective. Having received my pebbles v3, I'd be inclined to think the sound difference between v1 and v3 based on the improved drivers and higher power load is probably pretty marginal at lower volumes.

      The v3 probably gives it more headroom and allows you to play them at higher volume - but the thing is, these don't sound particularly great at high volumes. That's not a criticism of the product, just acknowledging the physical limitations of this particular product.

      The base model will sound so much better than your monitor speakers. The v3 will prob give you a bit more power and also cable management is better as audio and power go through one USB connection, instead of separate USB for power and headphone jack.

      One thing that surprised me is how well these speakers hold up against a speaker I thought of as a PC sound benchmark. I recently got to listen to a friend's Audio Engine a2s.


      Definitely more powerful, and more bass, but it didn't have much greater clarity or definition than the humble Pebbles. I was pretty surprised by how underwhelming the a2s sounded compared to the Pebbles.

      The qualifier to all of this is that I'm used to running my PC audio through an integrated amp into high quality, larger passive hifi bookshelf speakers (i,e a $1,000+ set up). Neither the pebble or audio engine come close to the sound quality you can achieve with a half decent amp with good speakers. Even a cheap t-amp is pretty good. Having said that, the form factor of the pebble is pretty good and for casual youtube videos, quiet music listening, it's a pretty good and smart looking solution for $30-60.