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Premium Pizza $7 (Pick up) @ Domino's via App


Large Premium Pizza $7 (Pick up)

Today's (Tuesday) App only deal. Repeat of this deal. Usually $10.90 via discount code.

There is a banner on the main screen where you can add the $7 premium pizza to your order. See Picture.

Premium Pizza Menu.

Expires 1159pm 12/1 local time. Maximum 1 per order.

Edit: Use code 682076 if you can't see the banner. Make sure you are using the Domino's app, not the Domino's offers app

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  • can we do half and half ?

    • +10

      Size is already half😂😂

      • Can we do quarter and quarter?

      • +1

        Im so glad they're franchised. My local dominos is still larger than pizza hut.

        But i do miss my eagle boys.

    • There's a $6.95 deal currently that you can do half 'n half premium (and valid until 1st of Feb).

      • +1

        Would you mind sharing the code or the deal. Tha

        • +2

          I was about to post it earlier, but they're now charging an extra $2 for any of the basic (usually free) crusts lol. Seems they caught on. Would have been a repeat of this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591771

          For anyone still interested, codes are 684647 (before 3pm) and 763791 (after 3pm).

      • They charge $2 for half n half now

  • I've been eating this since the weekend. When do I stop!

    • +4

      You must be taking crumb size bites.

  • Should it be in the app already? Just checked my app, not there?

    • I've just added the code into the deal incase you can't see the banner on your app.

      Use code 682076 if you can't see the banner. Make sure you are using the Domino's app, not the Domino's offers app

      • Thanks, that fixed it.

  • Expires 1159pm 11/1 local time

    12/1 or 11/1? Tuesday deal?

    • My bad, fixed

      • thanks - this is ultra important.. LUNCH TIME SORTED! thank you!!

  • +2

    Wow..it seems the offer is valid for any number of Premium Pizzas costing $7 for each Pizza

    • Nice.

  • +1

    So on a dollar-by-dollar comparison only, this Domino's deals works out a better deal than 2x Pizza Hut pizzas (2 For 1 Tuesdays) by 95c then. ($14.95 Pizza Hut vs $14 Dominos). Plus a greater range of pizzas… Thanks OP!

    • how do they compare size wise?

    • -3

      There’s still Pizza huts around?

      • Genuine question. I honestly thought they all closed up.. I just looked it up anyway and there's only 1 in the whole of Newcastle/lake Mac/Nelson Region now.

    • If both are equal in terms of quality of ingredients, quantity of toppings on their pizza and the large size is the same than yeah dollar to dollar it arguably works out better with the dominos pizza in this deal. However looking at the energy listed for the pizzas can give you a rough idea of size and the amount of toppings each chain is using on their pizzas. Dominos pizzas versus the Pizza Hut ones, typical large dominos premium pizzas range between ~4000kj upto not quite 6000kj, where Pizza Hut premium pizzas range between ~7000 on the low side to over 9000kj. This suggests you are getting more topping and bigger pizzas with pizzahut? So perhaps per a bang for buck bases the pizzahut deal is better. However if you just wanted one pizza the dominos deal would suit you better.

      • Whats the Pizzahut Deal?

      • -2

        Doesn't really work that way as apart from cheese most toppings have a lower kj per 100 than the base itself. This suggests to me that you're simply getting more bread. IMHO the topping to base ratio is vital to a good pizza & is just one of the reasons I rate Pizza Hut pizzas as the worst available. I'm really at a loss at how they are still in business with so many other options available.

        • +1

          It doesn’t suggest to you that perhaps pizzahut uses a bigger base? Domino’s used to have similar energy figures on their older pizzas, but then they decided to reduce the large size down to 8 inches. I guess pizzahut haven’t adapted and copy the successful strategy yet.

          • -1

            @Ronnnie: Quite possibly but given you get roughly 95% base to 5% topping I'll always opt for anything else than Pizza Hut no matter the size difference.

        • +1

          more base…. so a bigger pizza?

  • 'Premuim Pizza' Good one, Domino's!

  • Thanks OP, managed to score youtube Premium earlier and now Premium pizza

  • Awesome, got two! Dinner for the family sorted!

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