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$2 Large Coffee @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


few days deals via the maccas app…$2 large coffee @maccas app

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  • "Barista Made" $2 Coffee.

    It's been over a month, I have never got Free Medium Coffee in the Hungry Jack's Shake N Win App. It looks like they've removed it from the Prizes, although I have observed that sometimes HJ temporarily stops issuing some prizes and they are back after some time. But it's been unusually long. Anyone else observed the same?

    So far managing with the NightOwl Free Coffee deals

    • Can confirm HJ coffee prize is still there. But now it requires $1 minimum spend, so I am now with 7-11 which gives freebies after every 6x $1 coffee.

      • The $1 minimum spend is only if you want to 'Redeem using the App'.
        If you choose 'Redeem at Cashier', you may use any of the HJ Shake N Win Prizes without any minimum spend.

    • Yeah. Happened with the free large drink as well. Came back probably 2 months later.

      • These days, Large Drink is the most common thing I get, each evening. Either the Free Large Drink, or one of the discounted Burgers ($4 Whopper, $3 Chicken Tendercrisp PeriPeri, and so on).

        Btw, I never observed the Large Drink going off, or maybe I dont recollect. Was happy with the Coffees back then :)

  • Made lovingly by a 15yo barista

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      Mine was made by a 16yo solicitor…

    • What's with fast food joints trying to be classy coffee shops? HJ went that way too. Preferred their machine made coffee they had before. With the teen barista you have to wait, wait… the coffee is cold and to me tastes crap. 7-11 all the way.

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      at my local, i frequently see a lady in her 60's or 70's. i rarely order a maccas coffee, but i like watching her zipping around the cafe area, expertly making drinks while i'm waiting for my order. seeing her smile as she goes about her job brightens up my day, too.

  • I only seem to have the $4 small coffee and 2 hash browns

  • Still can't get over the fact that they excluded all ice coffees from deals in early 2020 =(

  • I only got $2 medium coffee, never get the large size.

  • "25% off order over $15" for me.

  • i got the $5 cheese burger meal plus an extra cheese burger deal.

  • 15% off $10 spend

  • Create two maccas accounts and swap between them. The deals vary by account. For eg: my primary account has the big mac + free side offer but my secondary has this one.

  • Its a shame thier app never works and crashes my phone at checkout every time.. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but same problem..

    My app showing $1 sundae today.

    • yea some offers glitch the entire app and you cannot checkout till you reset the data and clear the cache, been like this for years.

  • 1 Hot cuppo from my Breville BS870 (Mrs made it) - saved $2 and burning my throat

  • I got the $3 medium coffee even at that price its too expensive should be $1 before I consider.

  • Lately I have been getting 10% off $10 spend or 20% off $15 spend.

  • Looks like maccas got rid of all the good rewards.
    I was hammering the $1 thickshakes, $1 coffees, $1 large sundaes, $1 large fries, $1 apple pie, $2.Big Macs, quarter pounders and breakfast muffins and the free toastie with a macchiato.

    All seem to be removed.

    Maccas bacon and egg muffins are so much better tasting than the hj’s one in my opinion.

    But, it’s been good, lost weight.

    Not too bothered if they never come back.

    • They are all crap now.

      I even have four accounts that I check everyday. The offers have been no good from approx second week of December.

      All I have got have been $2 coffee, 2 coffees for $4, 1 coffee and 2 hashbrowns for $4, $2 mcflurry or 15% off order.

      This is despite having four accounts, and the offers expiring and refreshing every three days.

  • On a side note, does anyone know where or if the monopoly second chance winners were published. I have been asking McDonald’s since before Christmas and getting nowhere. They were meant to be published in the Australian on 18th December, a copy of which I still have. Nothing..

    In fact regarding their app, I actually reported them to the ACCC as it was impossible to order their specials that required payment via the app.

    They also seem to never have paper in their self service terminals so you can’t get a receipt. I understand you need this receipt to enter their latest cash giveaway competition..

  • Last two weeks the deals have all been rubbish - $4 small coffee hash brown, wait another three days then small chips and drink with purchase of 10 nuggets (which I think was around $8) wait another three days then medium fries with classic burger (which again requires large minimum spend).