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Free Jim Beam Black Double Serve: 500 x 4 Packs Every Friday


Every Friday until 26/02/21, Jim Beam are giving away 500 x 4 packs of their Black Double Serve. The product is free and so is delivery - T&C's are here: https://upgrade.jimbeampromotions.com.au/terms-and-condition...

The portal will open at 12:00am AEDST each Friday and close at 11:59pm AEDST on the same Friday (if you press the link outside of this time, the portal is closed and you cannot claim - you have to wait until FRIDAY). Looks like the T&C's have a limit on the total value of the promo, so is likely this will be Ozbargained quickly!


📝 To set a Reminder for deals that start in the future, click the " 🔔 Reminder" link to generate an event for Google Calendar or iCalendar.

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    • maybe this no membership needed.

  • -3

    bloody ozbargainers

  • +3

    lol all out?

  • +3

    ozbargained lol

    • ozbotted

      didnt even load

  • +3

    website down

  • +3

    Lol rip i wonder if anyone actually got in

  • +3

    Crashed Lol at 11:59

    • 11:57 itself actually.

    • +1

      It was fine at 11:54 and at 11:55 it went to the error ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. Hasn't loaded since.

  • The site is down. "This site can’t be reached"

  • ozddosed

  • +2

    Was it even up in the first place?

    • +2

      Not that I'm aware of and I got tix for an event that sold out within 20 secs last week.

  • +6

    damn that was quick, ive never wanted a jim beam so bad till now

  • +8

    Allocation exhausted by 12:00:10. Bots I reckon

  • +4

    Lol fake news category

  • +3

    All out..

    What a scam. Unobtainable deal.

  • Did anyone get them

  • +1

    Surely getting a free 4 pack of Jim Bean couldn't be this off the hook. Did anyone end up getting anything?

  • +3

    23:45 pm "Sorry, it looks like you have just missed out on getting a free Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack! You can try again next week."
    00:00 "This site can’t be reached" "can’t connect to the server at upgrade.jimbeampromotions.com.au"
    00:09 "Sorry, it looks like you have just missed out on getting a free Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack! You can try again next week."

    Unobtainable deal.

  • Couldnt even load the website - and there gone

  • -1


  • lol RIP to the site

  • looks like I missed out :/. Out of stock.

  • +1

    "Sorry, it looks like you have just missed out on getting a free Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack! You can try again next week."


    • +1

      Try 12:00:30

    • +1

      That was the message all along even yesterday

  • Waited for it to load and all gone already

  • +6

    Unobtainable deal at 11:30:01 ACDT

  • +3

    How tf is this fair legit a man like me never gets these deals

  • Still can't even load the site lol.

  • dodgy website

  • +2

    I am honestly so done, bots shouldn't exist. I didn't even see the form to fill in my info and it was gone.

  • -2


  • +3

    Got in literally on 12:00am to be greeted with 'Sorry you have just missed out'…. HOW IT'S BEEN 15 SECONDS

  • +5

    It's like they noticed this post and planned the outage themselves. I don't understand how anyone actually managed to claim one, let alone 500

    • Why would they do that?

    • Think you underestimate the sheer traffic OzBargain generates. 500 is nothing.

  • +4

    So who stayed up for a 4 pack of fizzy piss ?

  • Has anyone actually got one?
    Either bots or they haven't actually dropped them yet

  • +6

    Unobtainable deal.

  • +2

    Dodgy as.

  • +3

    Fake news

  • +2

    Did anyone actually get one? Guess we'll have to wait for another 167hrs 52mins and probably get the same message -_-

  • this is literally so sad ;-;

  • +3


  • I still can't get on the site this is just stupid at this point you set up this giveaway n know one can access it

  • Did anyone get one. Getting the missed out page now?

  • I guess it "starts" at midnight but doesn't really begin until later in the day, or they messed up the whole 12am midnight thing and it starts in 24 hours

    • It's been running since 01/01/2021.

  • +2

    The Negs have started coming in. Not sure if the site itself is dodgy or was it OzBargained by BOTs. Do also note that although the deal says it starts today (15-Jan, Friday), as per T&Cs this is actually on since 01-Jan, Friday.

    So two Fridays down, the BOTs might have done their homework programming.

  • Sad only got sorry come back next Friday & I litterly tried from 12.00am. I stayed up & couldve gone to bed as I see ill probably wont get through next Friday either.

    • +14

      Votes are for the deal, not the op

  • +3

    Didn’t even get to load a page for over 10 minutes, and then it says that I missed out.
    Don’t know about you all, but I am going to buy a protest bottle of Jack Daniels Old No. 7 just to spite them

  • Unobtainable deal.

  • Loaded when the 12 hit and it was already all claimed

  • +2

    Very much expected this to happen so I’m not disappointed.

    Now to enjoy the comments.

    • -5

      No you're a comment

  • +1

    Yep same as everyone else. Just a joke really. Crashes straight away and cant even get a four pack when I'm refreshing with 5 windows open before midnight through till 5 past and then "Sorry you missed out."

  • +2

    Downgraded my Friday night expectations.

    • +2

      Back to sniffing glue i guess

  • Sorry, it looks like you have just missed out on getting a free Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack! You can try again next week.

    Or head into your nearest bottle shop to pick up some Jim Beam Black Double Serve – available in both 4 and 10 packs.

  • -1

    Amount of link clicks jumped from 8000 to 13552 in 15 minutes…

  • +2

    11:59 site not Loading
    12:00:01 Sorry it looks like you have missed out.
    That’s a bad marketing promo.

    • +1

      Or a very good one. Their product has been seen by more people here than it ever would just sitting on the shelf at Dans

  • +2

    this post sucks!….. no deal!

  • +6

    ….At least I learnt how to set a reminder for my google calendar from ozb

    • Still trying?

      • +1

        I did it on Wed, but now I know for other future deals so heck that's one thing gained from all this lolol

        • Lol it is haha

  • +1

    Never gonna buy a jim beam ever again. Website is a hoax. Cant even get through. And 5 mins later all has been taken.. how is that even possible.

  • I think website is fake, fake promo

    I tried contact us to make commentary about them disappearing almost instantly after 12am, but I get errors

  • The reminder in the app was 94 minutes late, missed out.

    • Nah you didn't. Don't think anyone got one anyway

  • +1

    good thing i already won some free booze with the BWS app lol

    • +1


  • I just got a pack 🥳 Seems to work fine now

  • Its live right now! Just got one pack! Try now is you read this.

    I was reading through the comments and thought I'll click one last time after last nights 12:00am debacle. Good luck!

  • +1

    Just woke up and thought I’d check, I forgot last night.. and managed to get a 4-pack.. get on it folks!

  • +1

    Definitely available now

  • live now and managed to grabe one

  • Works now.

  • Yay :) Working!

    • I got a code sent but cant enter Got to be quick

  • Got one! What a roller coaster ride in the comments

  • yay

  • my partner was pretty disgusted with my Free BWS win of I can of Redbull, she will be even more so with my 4 pack of this when is arrives..

  • Got one, let's wait and see whether it's good to be true

  • Opened my browser this morning to see an option to put my phone number in and I "got" a 4pack, finally after trying for half hour last night! Fingers crossed.

  • Got a 4 pack!