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Free Jim Beam Black Double Serve: 500 x 4 Packs Every Friday


Every Friday until 26/02/21, Jim Beam are giving away 500 x 4 packs of their Black Double Serve. The product is free and so is delivery - T&C's are here: https://upgrade.jimbeampromotions.com.au/terms-and-condition...

The portal will open at 12:00am AEDST each Friday and close at 11:59pm AEDST on the same Friday (if you press the link outside of this time, the portal is closed and you cannot claim - you have to wait until FRIDAY). Looks like the T&C's have a limit on the total value of the promo, so is likely this will be Ozbargained quickly!


📝 To set a Reminder for deals that start in the future, click the " 🔔 Reminder" link to generate an event for Google Calendar or iCalendar.

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    Gone it says now :(

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    yep out of luck again

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    Wtf, last week I put a reminder for midnight but it didn't start until morning. This time I put a reminder for the morning and it ran at midnight.

    Is there an official time when it's "supposed" to be released, ie is it actually midnight and they stuffed up last week?

    • +1

      I don't think so. It wasn't released at midnight last night either. It was around 1am. So seems like it could go live at any time…

  • Congratulations!

    You have successfully claimed a free Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack.

    It will be sent to the following address

    • Congrats, what time did you go on the site?

  • +4

    Well. Received today, and it's not a box of rocks.. Cheers!

    • +1

      Me too, drinking one now.
      Fridays Monday has been saved!

    • Me too. I don't want to know how much sugar is in these, but goes down nicely ice cold on a hot day.

  • Well done. How did it come via courier or Australia Post? What if no one is home?

    • Australia Post

    • +4

      What if no one is home?

      Postie drinks it.

    • Postie here just left it on the front door step.

      • +1

        So easy to steal as its a Jim Beam branded box with a postage label attached. Dont think they are allowed to leave alcohol as its signature on delivery. But hey, its auspost.

        • +1

          Yes supposed to be carded.
          My postie leaves (almost) EVERYTHING for me in a safe spot, but will not leave alcohol, even if I answer the door bell remotely and tell him to leave it. I sometimes even pretend I am out the back in the shed and to leave it, but he just waits, so I have to tell him to just card it.

  • I still haven't received the box (Sydney) though I submitted the promo in the first Friday opened.
    I guess I would never get it, my local postie would enjoy that instead?

    • Same here. Not yet received. I reckon they will call as it says we have to show proof of age to take the delivery, right?

    • I got an additional text on Monday (ordered last Friday) requesting confirmation of address, but still no delivery. My other half has had no text since code.
      Doesn't bode well, considering many others confirming received <1 week after order - shame, I recall liking these.

  • mine arrived yesterday. driver just knocked on my door, he dropped it off and reversed out the driveway at speed. before i could get to the door and open it. no licence check.

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    New opening time


    Our free 4 packs have been flying out the door!

    Not long now until our next giveaway, starting Friday at 3:00pm. Make sure not to miss out! Click here to view our terms:

  • +9

    Our free 4 packs have been flying out the door!

    Not long now until our next giveaway, starting Friday at 3:00pm. Make sure not to miss out! Click here to view our terms:

    Our delicious Jim Beam Black Double Serve has two servings of premium extra aged Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon mixed with quality cola. It’s the perfect mix to upgrade your Friday drink!

    Tag us @JimBeamAU #jimbeamAU

    List of URLs for each week:
    Promotion weeks 1-4 (01/01/21-22/01/21):
    Promotion week 5 (29/01/21):
    Promotion week 6 (05/02/21):
    Promotion week 7 (12/02/21):
    Promotion week 8 (19/02/21):
    Promotion week 9 (26/02/21):

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    Yes, just saw! they have put up the time now. 3:00PM it is!
    changes calendar entry

    • Do you know if this going to be 3pm from now on, or it was just last Friday only?

      • +1

        Every Friday
        3:00 PM AEDT (NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)
        2:30 PM ACDT (SA)
        2:00PM AEST (QLD)
        1:30 PM ACST (NT)
        12 Noon AWST (WA)

        • Thanks @djoz.

          Can I ask where are you getting these info?

  • +1

    never received any email confirmation re tracking or delivery address etc… but received the box from aus post this morn! cheers

  • Got the tracking email today, 29-Jan for my order placed on last Friday, 22-Jan. Expected to arrive by 2-Feb.

  • +1

    Site Crash comments start in 3 … 2 …. 1 …

  • It worked for once

  • woohoo finally got one after forgetting every thurs night


    You’ve upgraded your Friday drink!

    A confirmation email has been sent to you.
    Your Jim Beam Black Double Serve 4 pack will be delivered in the next 2-10 days.

  • +1

    Lol. Its the old link that is still working. not the new ones in the T&Cs.

  • Thanks, finally managed to grab one!

  • Hooray, got one finally. Glad they changed it to daytime!

  • Finally got one! Thanks OP!

  • amazing it didn't crash on us lol

    • Looks like the BOTs are working on the New Link whereas the old link silently started working.,

      • i had one tab with old link pre-loaded, and another tab with new link ;)

  • +1

    which link

  • Are they all out? I was like 30 seconds too late it appears

  • Typed in my code, then clicked verify and it said, too late and took me back to the main page. :(

    Means I lost my chance!

    • +1

      Mine crashed last week so just tried today with my same mobile number and said already redeemed. Wonder if yours will do the same :( Frustrating!

  • Got one! Thanks, OP!

  • +2

    The new links in the t&c's don't work. Just got Rick roll'd by Jim beam

  • weird can't seem to get it to work..

  • -1

    The links didn't work for me

  • Got a sample. Woohoo!

  • Wow, just scored one!! Thought I had no chance loading the page at 3:04PM, but low and behold it loaded immediately and got the sms within seconds!

    Was almost too easy hahahha

  • Links didn't work for me either. Got codes through deal link in this post but then codes didn't verify.

  • What are the propper links

  • Where do I put my one time code in? Website is blank but when I refresh a new one is sent?

    Edit: I just kept refreshing and I got my chance and claimed a pack!! Thanks OP!!

  • +1

    Got the page to load and received code but nothing after that…
    Now everything loads the main page.

    I need a drink.

  • I'm so confused. Which page is it? Probably out now, but still says it will start at 3pm (ie it doesn't say that it is finished)

    Sidenote: I saw new time this morning but messed up as usual and put the reminder at 2.45pm, forgetting timezones (it's 2.20 in brisbane now).

    EDIT: suddenly managed to get to the page where I input my number. Got code. But then just the normal page and no where to input the code.. Is there a direct link to the second page I can try?

    EDIT: after refreshing a few times, I managed to get to the next page. But then it says "Verification code incorrect, please try again.". Pff. Probably sold out, but come on. How hard would it be to give a message that said that instead.

    EDIT: resend my code gives "OOPS! YOU HAVE ALREADY REDEEMED USING THAT PHONE NUMBER.". How could I have redeemed when I haven't gotten a chance to put in my address? What a mess of a promotion.

    • This. Me. Exactly.

  • Got the code, but yeah, nothing else loaded, just goes back to the promo page.

    Poorly designed page

  • The "new link" for "this week" now simply redirects to the old link.
    Lol….. I just cant stop….

  • I tried again with second number and got the code again but still the first page is being thrown back at me. If I resend, I get another code but still the first page is displayed.
    This sucks. My own number has been flagged as used without fulfillment, and if I lose this tab then the second number will as well.

  • This website is so poorly designed that I first tried 3 weeks ago where the weblink doesn't even load at 12am.

    Just tried again and took about 30 minutes for the link to finally get to the page to prompt me enter my mobile. Just as I entered the verification code the website went back to the original page : ( Now it indicates my number is being used whilst I didn't even manage to proceed to the next page. How user friendly!

    Have tried other free promotion before - this one never fails to disappoint!

  • +1

    Mine crashed last week with the page saying EEK ! So I tried today at 3pm with my same mobile number and said already redeemed :( So those with that issue this week yours will likely say you have already redeemed if you try again next week Sorry know it is frustrating and unfair especially since people were still claiming them after me last Friday.

  • -2

    I got code on mobile (via TXT), but where to use it? how to claim it?

    • Just put it in website, might have to try a different browser. Took a few tries for it to work

      • problem is, once I enter mobile num, after clicking next, the old/original page comes up.
        so I dont know where to enter that code. any idea?

        • That happened to me too. That's because it went out of stock just as you received the code. No chance to get it again sorry!

          • @lordra: That's not at all what happened. It might be out of stock, but it didn't go out of stock between phone number and code. It's been doing that all day.

            • @fruxo: I hope so. Let's try again next week see what happens.

  • +1

    I got fooled by the no time zone mention dammit!. Brisbane time I tried at 3pm but it would of been 2pm local it released. Missed out again.

  • Congratulations, you've Upgraded Your Friday Drink with Jim Beam.

  • -2

    Given up hope by this point, terrible website

  • "Apologies your pack was damaged by Australia Post.
    We are pleased to advise another 4 pack of Jim Beam Black Double Serve is on its way"

    Hahaha, oh man.

    • +1

      Maybe drank by postie

    • Whoa! Really? Lol.

    • Lol wtf. Bet the postie help himself to it.

  • Anybody got a shipping confirmation since the one last week? I got a confirmation email after entering but nothing since

    • nothing here either

      • Okay sweet good to know I'm not the only one! Cheers

        • Have you received anything yet from the Jan 29 giveaway?

          The email they sent from is bad and bounces back. I tried to message through Insta and it says they don’t accept DMs and the email address they give looks sus.

          No delivery and co further communication. Not looking good.

          • @Orqq: I haven't as well.

          • +1

            @Orqq: Still nothing! So frustrating.

            • +1

              @Syred: So no reply or notification from them…..


              Just now I got an AusPost notification that I have a package coming from Jim Beam!

              Finally! :)

              • @Orqq: I got the 22nd one and haven't received anything :(

                So theres no way to contact Jim Beam

                • @HairyChickens: Someone has posted an email address in the thread here you could try. There is also a dodgy looking email on their Insta.

              • @Orqq: Mine arrived today!

    • Nothing either on confimation email for entering

  • +1

    The T&Cs have been updated to remove the URLs and there’s no indication of when this will become available tomorrow. Which Facebook page is related to this promo? I did not find one that mentions this promo in past weeks.
    I suggest subscribing to new replies to this page.

  • +4

    Get set guys, for tomorrow, 05-Feb-2021:
    3:00 PM AEDT (NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)
    2:30 PM ACDT (SA)
    2:00PM AEST (QLD)
    1:30 PM ACST (NT)
    12 Noon AWST (WA)

    • +1

      Has this time changed considering this has been removed from the T and C’s?

      • Yeah, just noticed, no idea whatsoever. Dodgy!
        How can "T&Cs" keep changing? :-)

  • +4

    Only one (1) claim is permitted per mobile phone number per valid email address, as well as a maximum of (3) claims per delivery address during the Promotional Period.

    for those who were wondering ;)

    • -6

      For those of you who do manage to get a mobile code and into the portal where you put your details in, I found that I could put the details in, submit and go into the next page and press back onto the old browser and put new details in (so don't close that browser window). Managed to get 2 delivered to different addresses for my one mobile code. Still waiting on Aus Post details from last weeks 3 from another mobile code :D

      Seems that new details have to have a different email address.

  • is this for real, i have liked the jim beam page

  • +2

    I think I give up. They've changed it every single week. Whoever is in charge of this promotion…

    Anyway, for anyone that saved the urls from last week and are waiting for 3pm, read the new t&cs

    "Visit Jim Beam social media profiles on Facebook and/or Instagram to obtain the relevant promotional URL link (within the promotional post or story) for the particular Claim Period. For clarity, the promotional post will be published at any time during each Friday of the Promotional Period"

  • +5

    its live now at 1pm aedst, go go go!

    edit: new link announced via their instagram story


    • Cheers!

      • @1.11PM it is still available.