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Free Jim Beam Black Double Serve: 500 x 4 Packs Every Friday


Every Friday until 26/02/21, Jim Beam are giving away 500 x 4 packs of their Black Double Serve. The product is free and so is delivery - T&C's are here: https://upgrade.jimbeampromotions.com.au/terms-and-condition...

The portal will open at 12:00am AEDST each Friday and close at 11:59pm AEDST on the same Friday (if you press the link outside of this time, the portal is closed and you cannot claim - you have to wait until FRIDAY). Looks like the T&C's have a limit on the total value of the promo, so is likely this will be Ozbargained quickly!


📝 To set a Reminder for deals that start in the future, click the " 🔔 Reminder" link to generate an event for Google Calendar or iCalendar.

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  • Claimed. No issue with website.

  • Friday has been saved!

  • Still available, just claimed a pack 8am Adelaide time.

  • Claimed, just now.

  • Claimed. 0730 Bris time

  • All good here.

  • Claimed thanks op

  • claimed a pack @ 0825 Melbourne time

  • It's open now. Just claimed! 8:30AM. Need phone to verify. The website is hard to load, it might kept saying you missed, I had to reload twice.

  • says closed for me

  • Jus claim mine, thanks OP (I am in Sydney)

  • -1


  • +4

    Wow I had ridiculous luck with this one. About 12:15am my NBN had an outage and my Optus prepaid expired at midnight and I couldn’t be arsed doing the port over to my new half price Telstra sim kit so I just went to bed. Woke up NBN still out and and then I checked just before 7:30am and Safari automatically refreshed to the last page I looked at which was the form for this and straight away got one.

    Now I’ve used of my luck I’ll probably get hit by a car or get bitten by a brown snake later today.

  • Cheers OP

  • +1

    Just managed to claim a pack. Didn’t work on my iPad but it did work on my phone. Looks like they might be trickling out some 4 packs every few minutes to prevent website crashing like it did last night.

  • Refreshed about 50 times accross 2 devices. One single time got it to show me the phone number field. As soon as I entered my number it sent me back to the "sorry you've missed out screen!" No code, no nothing.

    The crusade continues…

  • -2

    Is it one per address?

  • asked me to put in my number and verify but never asks me for address or anything

  • Got past the first “everything is redeemed” screen after 50 odd tries and put in my mob no to verify and then it takes me back to the everything is redeemed screen. What a joke. Like they created the site to spite users.

  • This site can’t be reached
    upgrade.jimbeampromotions.com.au took too long to respond.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Running Windows Network Diagnostics

    • Getting the same timeout error on address confirmation as you.

    • Click refresh and wait and it should go through.

  • +1

    I just got texted again, to confirm my delivery address.

    On the bottom of the form it has a tick box which says:

    I confirm that the address I have provided is correct, and will be able to accept a delivery. I understand I will not be able to change this address if I am chosen as a winner. *

    I wasn’t aware that this was a competition?

  • Just received a text to confirm address and the order has been put through.

    • But do we need to refill those details?
      I tried and nothing moves after clicking SUBMIT.
      How about you?

  • Got it around 7 am Brisbane time :)

  • All gone

  • +4

    I missed it because I slept in from trying to get it after midnight 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • +1

    Didn't think this would happen or else would have jumped on! Dammit!

  • -3

    I honestly reckon that it was either bots causing a crash last night or it was done on purpose. FAKE DEAL!!!

  • The language on the website is deceptive. No one “just missed out”. It seems that that message occurs no matter if there is or isn’t more supply.

    Anyway, the promotion is more anti-promotion whereby it makes consumers less likely to purchase from company in the future.

  • +2

    Oh great here I am ready for the 12:00 timeslot…. until I realize the AM instead of PM 😪😭

  • kicks off now?

  • +1

    Wtf?! So I was up till past midnight trying this and then it goes live at some random time early this morning?!??

  • Ha.. I misread and thought it was 12pm! (more logical time for activation of promotion than at midnight).

    • +1

      Don't worry, it didn't even open at 12am midnight last night, myself and a lot of other people were up trying and it didn't open until early this morning (6 or 7am) it looks like..

  • bugger

  • +1

    It makes sense the 'contact us' link is broken as well

  • Managed to get one this morning, cheers OP!

  • Huh, I thought this opened at midnight tonight, as in a few hours from now..

    I'm terribly confused now as to when it actually goes live each week.

    • +1

      Late Thursday night, you need to stay up. But even that didn't work, the site went down and was only back up in the wee hours of the morning.

      • Incorrect, the website was only down for a couple of minutes last night but the form to enter your number wasn't there until this morning.

    • +1

      Same here, big fail on my part

  • Just got an email with tracking "Congratulations we are sending you a 4 pack of Jim Beam Black Double Serve to the address provided by you:"

  • Just got an email now with an AusPost tracking number.

  • Just received a notification from Australia post app that a shipment from Jim Beam is being prepared 😊

  • Received shipping details too.

  • Fingers crossed for tonight

    • Yea, me too! Waited up last week only for the site to crash.

  • +4


  • +1

    Aaaaaaand its down!

  • Broken again

  • nothing again

  • of course its down hahaha

  • waste of time again sigh

  • +6

    Im starting to think it's better to wait until 7:30 am when the intern gets into the office to fix the site

  • Says Sorry you've missed out but I think this was just the brief BOTs stint. Nothing is sold out yet. Looks like it might start anytime tonight.

    • No bots, just shitty website and unclear promotion times

      • They've underestimated OzBargain.

        • Nvm, I misread your original comment as 'bots got to it first' - I'm too tired rn, but my point still stands

  • +2

    no point staying up till late.

  • +2

    Still hasn't been made available again, been refreshing since before 12am.

  • +1

    Let me know when y'all stop trying so then I'll have a go. :D

  • +1

    Less than 3 minutes —- either down or missed out.

  • Website won't load for me.

  • +1

    Koyomi did their giveaway way better

  • Quarter past, never saw the landing page, just took me to expired from midnight. Maybe I'll try again in the morning.

  • +1

    I think they're sleeping too. And its not that great a website. So much like last Friday, it will open up 8:00AM AEDT - my guess that is.

  • +1

    Kept getting the "Sorry" page or just timed out.
    Useless website/ promo.

  • Not working…

  • +2

    Available now at 1am

  • It just worked for me, I missed out last week. Mobile number required, they send you a verification PIN to confirm. Bogan fuel in the post!

  • Claimed at 1:05am

  • -1

    1 claim per mobile number..if you have claimed last week..cant claim agaim with same mob number

    • I claimed last week as well. I tried swapping the 0 for +61 and it sends out a new code, but I can't get the site to accept that code.

  • Working now

  • Claimed at 1:08am

  • Working at 1:14am

  • Mine said eek? what does that mean?

    • Means it stuffed up and you missed out - same thing happened to me 10mins ago.
      Got EEK after submitting final step on my phone. Worked fine for missus on the laptop…
      Tried the +61 instead of 0 trick and got to verification stage but keep getting 'verification code incorrect'

      • worse part is now it thinks mobile number is used so can't even do next weeks!

      • I just got a text message today to confirm my address after my 'eek' entry. wonder what's happening? Did you?

        • Yep came through eventually and delivered last week. Faith in the system restored

  • Got one on 1.25am. Had to put another number (can't use the same one as I used last week).

    • How come yours worked after mine? I thought it ran out.

      • Not sure tbh. Try to open it on a new window or something?

  • Grabbed one! Thanks OP!

  • Managed to grab one at 1.35am! Thanks OP!

  • Just got one finally!

    • but negged the deal?

      • I've revoked the neg, was from last week when the deal was unobtainable.

  • when was date of birth a field? was it on the same screen as details?

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