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Lodge L8SK3 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle $26.70 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


One of OzBargain’s favourite frying pan deals is back on.

Slightly cheaper than:
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575316 (28.25)
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572309 (27.49)

Thanks to previous posts for description:
-Unparalleled In Heat retention & Even Heating
-Seasoned & Ready To Use
-Brutally Tough For Decades Of Cooking
-Made In America Since 1952
-At Home In The Oven, On The Stove, On The Grill Or Over The Campfire
-Easy Hand wash, Dry Promptly & Rub With Cooking Oil

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  • I placed an order and cancelled it after watching youtube videos. This thing is complicated to cook with and keep clean. Lol.
    Any noob out there, please watch how to cook with cast iron skillet before buying.

    • Your choice, but after a few tries I can assure you it's NOT complicated at all, all it is… it's just different to other pans, read my comments above. In the long run you'll even save money, because they'll last forever. PLUS they're healthier, because you won't end up with nonstick chemicals in your food. I even scratch with knives and forks around in my pan, no problemo.

    • Its really not.

  • Looks like the reversible grill plate is also discounted, $53.66 with free prime delivery


  • How long should I soak this thing before putting it in the dishwasher?

  • Actually that is a good idea…anyone in Wahroonga, Waitara or Hornsby want one?

  • I've got both the Lodge and Aldi versions of this and things get really hot the Lodge maintains its shape 100% whereas the Aldi tends to get slightly convex on the base - not what you want on a glass cooktop.

  • I bought a pair of these in Nov last year and they did not come with the helper handles :/

  • Order Summary
    Items: $26.70
    Delivery: $31.10
    Order Total: $57.80
    Order Totals include GST.See details.

    That delivery charge~~

    • The thing weighs a good 4 to 5 kgs, maybe more. I got mine of a free delivery promo for Amazon and paid $20 (during some sale) and sent from America. Im almost certain Amazon made no money on that considering sending a 5kg item from America aint cheap

    • Cheaper for you to buy two and get free delivery (if you have Prime).

  • I'm a noob at this, but have enjoyed cooking with the Lodge iron skillet.
    I washed them with water after cooking.
    Didn't know I wasn't supposed to (based on many comments above).

    Since I already washed it approx 10 times with water. Should I reseason it, and start practicing the salt, oil, paper cleaning described above?

    • Washing with water is fine so long as it doesn't stay wet. You will want to put it back on the stove to evaporate any leftover water after washing.

      Reseason if you start seeing some issues with the seasoning/rust. Otherwise just keep cooking and she'll be right. Our grandparents used these things and they didn't care/know about stuff like that.

      That being said laziness gets the better of me most times and I'm alright with just wiping it off with a paper towel after using so long as the skillet is not too messy.

      • if u just wipe it clean with a paper towel, what about the oil and left over food fragments?

        • Fragments or burned crust will stick to the paper, if there's too many or too much oil, I'd tilt the pan and scrape the leftovers into the garbage can.
          @Royale, I've washed mine ~20 times before I switched to the non-water method I saw a professional chef doing on telly,
          I did not reseason, but be patient, it'll take you 10-20 times cooking until you achieve the maximum non-stickyness.

      • Thank you so much chuckoy and elwircho.
        Yes, luckily I did always dry it with paper towel or clothes, and than oil it before storing.
        Will start with non-washing and see how I go.

    • Grandad here.

      "Don't wash with water" is a myth. I've done my forty-year or so old pan with soapy water since new. Once you've owned one for years, oil penetrates and they become fairly rust proof.

      If food does happen to bake on I will even clean it with soapy steel wool but they do need they do need a rub over with a tiny bit of cooking oil if you do that. Not a bath! Just enough rubbed over to see there is the thinnest film of oil on the metal then rub that off thoroughly with a paper towel.

      When new, if you find yourself not using it for a while, occasionally check the surface for rust. If it appears just oil it a little, as above but remember to wash lightly before use to get rid of the rust. next time you cook, make sure it is good and hot so the tiny traces of oil act to season the pan.

      They retain heat better than any other pan when food is added, cast iron is unbeatable for browning meat.

  • Anyone ordering in Sydney - Hills Shire. I don't have prime for AU and delivery is killing me.

  • Anyone near Cranbourne Victoria want to buy one from me if I get two for free shipping?

  • I'm in Brisbane.. have ordered two. If anyone is interested in the 2nd one, let me know.

    • i'd grab one for sure man, i'm in holland park but can travel

      • unfortunately someone else pm'd me about 10mins earlier… but send me a message anyway. If they don't collect it from me in early Feb, I'll let you know.

  • Hi

    Based in Alexandria 2015 (Sydney). Just ordered 2. Anyone from the area who needs one please PM me.


  • Anyone want to get one near Frankston or Cranbourne Victoria? Please PM me

  • Anyone near Knox City shopping centre to share one with me? I have prime and can purchase!

  • Anyone in Ballarat/Geelong interested?

  • Anyone in Melbourne CBD interested to share one?

  • Anyone in Sydney Eastwood area interested?

  • Thought I'd finally sign up for Prime then get two…paid for Prime annnnnd…..sold out

  • Can you use these for induction stove tops?

  • crap missed out!

  • Out of Stock at that price

  • FFS I always miss this deal

  • I bought this about 2 years ago. Returned it as the handle was too short and too horizontal. I bought the 12" Victoria skillet instead as the handle is longer and a little higher. I find this is much better balanced. I also bought the 10" Victoria square grill pan at the same. I use this the most.

    • yeah, the Victoria 12inch handle was good. but the handle broke off recently when dropped so i have just ordered a lodge 12 inch so be interested in seeing how they compare.

  • Ordered 2 and I live in wolli creek Sydney

    • I don't have one but K-Mart sells cast iron pans for $12
      Dimensions/Size: 4.8cm (H) x 36cm (W) x 27cm (D) / 1.9-inch (H) x 1.2ft. (W) x 10.6-inch (D)

      At the price and if you don't use gas rings, check it on a glass surface to make sure it isn't wonky before taking it to the register.

    • Happy to take one of you and I live in the Inner West! Let me know :)

  • With Amazon Prime International free delivery, if you order from a second international store it will be free from 2 orders, you can then cancel the extra order and the single item will stay free delivery.

    Ive been doing it for a year now without issue, sometimes things as low as $10 from USA.

  • Damn sold out??

  • I got my order and one of the pans had a hole it in. near the bottom.