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24 Nuggets + 4 Dipping Sauces for $10 @ KFC via Mobile App


The direct link in the previous post on this deal is still working.

Expired due to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609273.

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  • How do they compare to maccas nuggets?

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      Maccas are tempura coated batter so it’s harder. KFC is softer?

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      Not worth it

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        You're right. McDonald's nuggets are not worth it.

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          Nah McDonalds nuggets has that crisp, KFC nuggets on the other hand are like saggy af

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            @DisabledUser179401: You must be lucky/unlucky. My McDonald's nuggets are made from dehydrated cardboard and my KFC nuggets are crisp and juicy.

          • @DisabledUser179401: Air fry them and they are good

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              @RSmith: Usually gone by the time I get home lol

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      For me KFC nuggets are always really soggy.

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        Pop them in the air Fryer at 180 for a couple of minutes or a wee bit longer till you get your desired crunch. Also, once you get them into the vehicle, open the box and let the steam escape. Keeping the box closed results in soggy chook when you get home.

    • KFC nuggets can be better but McDonalds nuggets are always 'good'.

    • I'm not sure how a company with 'Chicken' in their name can make chicken nuggets that are inferior to their competition, but they did it

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    username does not check out.

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      He's my brother

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        He’s my Epson.

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    This is terrible news for my new year resolution

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      Here comes your new year disillusion

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    Honest to god has anyone ever gotten an actual crispy KFC nugget

    • Ask em to cook it fresh, and don't feel bad about it.

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      KFC nuggets arent meant to be crispy…

      • what about crunchy?

        • yeah can't wait for that to happen.

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            @Kamsi: imagine a hot and spicy crunch lol

    • Got mine served fresh tonight, crisp and juicy. Far superior to Maccas.

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    I'm pretty sure KFC nuggets are technically 'better quality' from a meat perspective than Maccas, but I agree, doesn't necessarily mean they taste better.

    • I think both maccas and kfc has processed chicken meat in their nuggets.

      KFC markets they get fresh chuck every day and nothing is frozen, if that goes for their nuggets. Then yes, KFC would have better "quality" in their processed nuggets.

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        The nuggets come frozen and dropped straight into the deep fryer.

  • Used to be the deal of the gods, until they took away the sweet and sour sauce and replaced it with the disgusting new one.

    I will never get over this 😂

    • When did this happen?

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      So happy that there is someone out there that noticed this as well!

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    Am I the only one that likes the kfc nuggets, soggy and all?

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      I don't really like them but I do like those woolies chicken fries so go figure it.

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      Ye legit kfc is miles better

      Macca's taste like sand

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      They are always too soggy, but at least they have a lot of flavour unlike the maccas ones which these days a flavourless and cardboardy. Would go KFC nugs any day.

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      100%. The maccas nuggets have a good texture, but the KFC nugs flavour is leagues better.

  • Will KFC cook fresh if requested?

  • If I had a choice would go maccas over KFC. Mainly because KFC have terrible sauce options. Nothing beats the orginal maccas sweet n sour and BBQ but I can also get mcchicken or big mac sauce etc. But KFC aioli just taste like Mayo, no flavour, the supercharger is OK, but the sweet n sour and BBQ are just not good. I wish KFC had better sauce or I could get some of their twister sauce in a tub.. yumm!

    • But what if Maccas don't offer the 24 for $10 anymore? (or at least not my local Maccas)

      • +1

        They don't and that was the best deal ever and 4 different sauce tubs! At that point the nuggets were just a vessel to get the sauce in my mouth! Then price went up 20 for $12 :(

        • I was very disappointed when that promotion finished. It just isn't the same anymore when you can't get 24 and 4 sauces for $10.

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          Then price went up 20 for $12 :(

          Username checks out lol

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      I'm the opposite way for KFC, Maccas ridiculously don't have a sweet chilli sauce (or any other kind of just chilli), and that's what I like to dip my nugs in.

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    KFC Nuggets with supercharged sauce is the bomb for me.

    I used to love sweet and sour until they changed it. New one tastes like ass.

    • idk I don't like supercharged for nuggies, hard to explain it's more dry than the other ones. like i love supercharged sauce but for nuggies i like SS more, its weird i know haha. supercharged burgers are 10/10 but for sliders/nuggies i like the other sauces. pepermayo sliders are the bomb tho

    • New one is shocking!

  • nuggies hype

  • I can't seem to get it to work for me. The link launches the app but nothing related to the deal appears. I first tried with the app open and my store already selected and I then closed the app and used the link to launch the app.

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    Doesn’t work , every store i chose prompts unable to accept app order :(

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    Doesn't work anymore for me, neither does the 2 zingers for $5.95…

    • What!! Nooooooo, my safe go to for lunch on the run…. now to order fresh air :(

    • +1

      The 24 nuggets link works for me: https://streamable.com/9t2j8c

      The 2 for 1 Zinger link doesn't work anymore, though :(

      • Cheers, 10 nugs works now

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    Bring back 10 w wings and 10 nugs for $10 :)

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    My fave nuggies. Perfect if you have weak teeth/gums. They're soft to eat. And pretty tasty if not overdone.

    • I had issues with teeth/gum… i stopped eating and snacking constantly throughout the day and cut down the carbs. It worked for me. It might help you too mate.

  • Mommy won’t buy me nuggies, can only use my good boy points on tendies 😭 😤 😡

  • Lunch sorted

  • I can't find it on my App, anyone else have trouble or can assist in telling me where to find it? I'm on Android, QLD

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    Leave it here FYI. It's a bit hassle as KFC wants us to click link thru fb. Hope it helps


    • Great work "idiot proofing" it for everyone who can't follow instructions!

  • Wish that 10 strips for $10 was still valid. I also agree with another poster, I used to like the tenders better than the strips they have now..
    And sometimes those strips are TINY!

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