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Physical Rewards for Platinum Coins - Switch Game Case, Zelda Phone Ring, Yoshi Pens/Canvas Pouch + $7.95 Post @ MyNintendoStore


Nintendo have now launched the MyNintendoStore. This is the first time since the old store closed many years ago…

This means you can now use those coins you've been building up for physical rewards. Currently, there are only 4, and I suspect not everyone will like them. However, it is free if you have those Platinum coins sitting around, so you can go ahead and grab some if it floats your boat :)

500 coins - Nintendo Switch Game Case
500 coins - Legend of Zelda Smartphone Ring
300 coins - Yoshi Canvas Pouch
300 coins - Yoshi Pen Set

Also check out the cheap price on the NES controllers

Note: I posted these as separate deals as one costs money, the other costs Platinum Coins, it didn't seem right to combine them together, and if nothing else would have made for a gross, uninformative title.

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    • Easy Points:

      Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
      - Link to a Nintendo Account - 300 Points
      - Link to a Twitter account - 300 Points
      - Link to a Facebook account - 300 Points

      Fire Emblem Heroes
      - Link Fire Emblemâ„¢ Heroes to a Nintendo Account - 100 Points

      Super Mario Run
      - Link Super Mario Run to your Nintendo Account - 100 Points

      Nintendo services
      - Link your Nintendo Network ID to your Nintendo Account - 100 Points
      - Set promotional e-mails to "Receive from Nintendo" - 30 Points
      - Link your Facebook account to your Nintendo Account - 10 Points
      - Link your Google account to your Nintendo Account - 10 Points
      - Link your Twitter account to your Nintendo Account - 10 Points

      • I got to 9,999+ points at one point, RIP Miitomo and Pokemon Rumble Rush

        Also dumb Mario Kart Tour never got points/rewards.

      • thanks!

      • Thanks! But not sure why, it seems only "Regular Platinum Points" (non-mobile games) can be used in My Nintendo Store at the moment.
        Currently My Nintendo showing I have 400+ points in total, but in their store it only shows 150 points even after I refresh the page multiple times.

        • I just did the Animal Crossing Mission an hour ago, and used it to claim prizes.

        • Worked for me, maybe you are signed into a different account on the my nintendo store

        • Signed out from My Nintendo and cleared my browser's data, signed in again, showing all my points now.
          Thanks for help @RichardL and @feroleo

  • Post is $7.95, free if the order is over $80, max 3 rewards items per order.

    • Yep, best to earn enough points to get 3 items delivered at the same time.

      • Yeah.. Sure.. Looking at how to earn them, I'm not going to play their mobile games enough to do that. Or at all… Given I could be playing my switch instead. The ways to earn points is asinine - totally back to front!

  • They are actually pretty easy to get considering you get 30 for visiting the nintendo website and 30 more for visiting the eshop each week.

    • From link above:
      1) where does it say there's a reward for their website?
      2) it says the eshop applies to wii u and 3ds only. Is that wrong?

      • I'm assuming the mission list hasn't been updated. But I can confirm

        Completed: Sign in to your Nintendo Account on the official Nintendo website (weekly) - 30 Points

      • 1) It says in my coin logs. After visiting nintendo.com.au

        Collected for completing: Visit the official Nintendo website while signed in to your Nintendo Account (weekly)

        2) I'm not sure as my logs lists it as I got it today and I definitely haven't used my 3DS for a while.

  • Thanks for letting us know! Pity Nintendo launched it with mostly junk … I mean a Yoshi pen set !?

    • Nintendo have always done this. With the old program, the good stuff were snapped up in a blink of the eye, while all the crud was left there for ages before it closed down.

  • It's a step in the right direction, but max of 3 rewards (worth maybe a couple of bucks each) and $7.95 shipping is a turn off.

  • Its also worth noting Platinum Points have a 6 month expiry if you are planning to hoard them.

  • Thanks op, maxed out the coin and minimum items per a transaction. $8 is not bad for two game case and key ring imo, especially shipping to Tasmania :)

  • Leaves a bit to be desired.

  • If only the SNES controllers were $40 each instead of $39.95…

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks for letting everyone know OP! I picked up the Switch Game Card Case and the Phone Ring.

  • I tried adding to cart but it says item is not available?