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Found on their website. I have purchased several times and can highly recommend the 1 kg and more packs of Fresh Salmon which I prepared for sushi and sashimi. Also the cold and hot smoked salmon. Very easy to deal with and professional, order comes packaged in a Styrofoam box packed with ice bags.

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Huon Aquaculture
Huon Aquaculture


  • They keep mysteriously catching on fire. I know where I'll be fishing for salmon. Hideaway Bay.

  • OP, when preparing the fresh salmon for sashimi, do you do anything special beforehand such as freeze to a certain temperature or something? Or do you just cut it up for sashimi as soon as you receive the fresh salmon order?

    Also, can this be done with the cold/hot salmon?

    I love sashimi but I’m always weary and rarely prepare it myself as I get paranoid due to parasites etc

    • I just put in the fridge as soon as it arrives and prepare it for dinner later the same day. You need to take the skin off and cut in slices across the grain. That is all I do. I use medium grain rice or special sushi rice. I have seen cold smoked salmon used in sushi and you could eat it like sashimi if you wish.

  • They keep around 26,000 salmon in one fishing pod up to 18 metres deep.

    • Good price but they require a $100 minimum and don't seem to ship outside of Victoria so not really comparable

    • How do you know it's better?

      I ordered from Huon online a few times, their salmon is fresh and indeed sashimi grade (just use it quickly after you open the vacuum pack).

      And Clamms is not really cheaper, with discount Huon comes lest than their listed price per kg. And every time I ordered, the "1kg" pack had more fish, usually 1.2kg-1.3kg.

      • Sorry which Huon salmon do you buy? I could see the premium grade but doesn't say it's safe to eat as sashimi.

        • I always ordered the 1 kg salmon in the packs. It does say Premium. Each time I have made sushi and sashimi and no one got sick. My husband has been to Japan dozens of times on business and commented on how fresh the salmon was.

        • You have to click the Read more https://shop.huonaqua.com.au/products/fresh-huon-salmon-fill...

          Premium sashimi grade salmon from Huon Salmon
          This fillet is Sashimi Grade but must be consumed as sashimi within 5 days from the date the fillet is packed, and must be consumed on the day the pack is opened. Fresh fillets older than 5 days’ post pack date must be fully cooked before they are consumed and provided that the product is still within the stated shelf life it must be consumed within 3 days once the pack is opened.

  • Does farmed salmon taste like ocean caught salmon ?
    I've tried farmed prawns a few times and they taste nothing like wild caught .

  • Before you buy some of their stuff, compare prices.

    e.g. 100gm smoked salmon is $8.50, Woolies selling the same thing (Huon brand premium smoked salmon) for $6.