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Google Nest Audio $129 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Google Nest Audio Chalk colour only discounted $149 down to $129. Works out to be 2 for $258, so cheaper than the 2 for $268 deal if you're after a set to use for stereo pair / multiple rooms.. Don't forget discounted gift cards or Price Beat at Officeworks if you don't have access to discounted GC's.

Edit: looks like they’ve changed the price for charcoal as well to $129.

Also both OW and Bunnings were quick to change their prices this morning so no good for price beat.

Edit 2: Harvey Norman selling for $128 so another potential price match - I managed to get them from Bunnings but be quick.

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  • Bunnings is another price match option. Potentially $117 if they honour their 10% price match guarantee.

  • Can this be a good alternative to a soundbar?

  • Look up review vs sonos… clear buy would be sonos.

    • I looked up reviews because I couldn't find any store samples to listen to. Ended up still buying a pair of nest audio when they were on sale for $99 each and found them to be much better than what the reviewers were saying. Some were complaining about lack of bass which I didn't find. Have only heard the Sonos once but a pair of nest audio imo is better as it fills out the room better than a single Sonos for a similar price.

      For anyone needing something to listen to, I find these similar sounding to the nest hub max which has store samples in many place. Downside to store sample is the open environment doesnt really sell it well.

    • How exactly is it a clear buy when the cost of one Sonos One is more than the cost of buying two Nest Audio?

      Also, many of us already own a lot of Google Home and Nest products which would integrate better with the Nest Audio over the Sonos.

    • @Bennie And with your $129 that you decided not to spend on the Google Nest Audio,
      you can now use this money to buy a quarter of a Sonos speaker!!

      • Sonos:
        Support Airplay
        support alexa and google assisant
        Able to use as surround sound if you have the soundbar down the track.
        User interface is also much better.

        I love google product but for this speaker, it does not offer much.

        I spend abit more and get sonos instead, more flexibility.

        • Yes, but for 299? vs 129? I'm sorry but considering you'll more than likely be sending stuff from spotify (Sonos one doesn't have Hi-res audio so Tidal can't even stream at CD Bitrates) the price difference just negates any sound quality you gain from a single speaker. Taking into consideration you can buy a second speaker for $40ish less than a single Sonos one, and gain stereo audio which is definitely what you need for some sound separation and imaging, the Nest Audio is the very clear buy for most people, if they have the space.
          I'm gonna say if you're just buying one and you have the cash to waste on non hi-res audio then go ahead and buy the Sonos. I'll stick with my bookshelf/home theatre speaker set up to spend that sort of money (and then some) on.

        • This is all quite moot, Bennie….

          • Airplay assumes you’re using an iOS device where as the google nest audio and all the other google home/nest products play nicely with both iOS and Android.
          • Alexa… who cares? Lol. (No hate to those who actually use it, but it’s not as widely used as Google and Siri/HomeKit
          • Only able to use surround sound IF you have a Sonos soundbar which is even more coin that you’d have to shell out. And those Sonos soundbars are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.
          • As for UI, I have not used the Sonos One to speak on their UI but is there really anything wrong with Google’s UI for their smart products? It’s one of the most user friendly and easy to use interfaces I’ve used.

  • All stores have changed the price to $129……..

    Except Harvey Norman, for $128.

    This means you can still claim the 10% price match at bunnings who have it listed at $129. Brings it to $115.20.

    Alternatively, $108 with latitude Pay (new customer now, existing customers on the 21st).